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Murabit Regular User Mar 07, 2010, 02:03:28 pm 0 10
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 Battle for Hindustan (v 0.83)  » posted under Battle for Hindustan on Mar 13, 2010, 04:31:17 pm
Actually even if you give away castles, yes they hold the village that belongs to it, but after a short time it be returned to your fiefs..
Im looking forward for the next release.
Will i be able then to play on with the saved game of this version??
Cause if not i`ll wait!!
Keep the great work.
PS: I only leave feedbacks on the mods i like :hammer:
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 Battle for Hindustan (v 0.83)  » posted under Battle for Hindustan on Mar 13, 2010, 06:45:06 am
Played it for some time now and its a mod with great potential.
Very various trops (even if the infrantry is limited), great gear weapons and items. Great feature that you can rule your own Kingdom.
Its not my field of interests historically, so i dont know how accure the map is, but the kingdoms seem so shattered all over the map and as i like perfection its hard to creat an Kingdom (with perfect borders) without starting war with at least 3 factions at once :lol:
Also it contains some unique features, like granting fiefs to the Heros in your party..problem is, if you grant them villages (and Lords which has switched to you fom other factions as well) they dont keep it, after a while its sayd they dont hold any fiefs and the villages belong to you (even if you try to grant them the same fief over and over) and whats even worse, if you grant them a castle they dont recruit a garison at all (but they keep it as their fief), so after 60 days i realised that my kingdom has 4 castles and 3 of them has no garison :shock:
The only castle with troops where the one i "bought" along with a other factions Lord for some 8 thousand Rupiie :-o
And as i had some 30% of my troops in my suppolse to be only own fief ( a town) and had to keep an strong party to accompany me i couldnt off course fill the castles for them as well.
Thats the only thing that should really be solved, that they keep their fiefs even if its a village and that they recruit troops on their own.
As the patch for looting Firearms is released, when ive looted and i did A LOT!! I never looted any real armour except one single helmet and 2 pieces of armour among some lets say 1500 pieces i looted as a whole. Armour you loot only comes in form of turbans or peasant clothes and the same goes for horses i looted one single horse so far, weapons you loot more then enough.
Other than that its a great mod and defenetly worth playing.
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 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. (v v2.0)  » posted under 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. on Mar 10, 2010, 09:43:35 am
@xyp : Only a few? Battle Bohemians..they drop like flies untill they arrieve :hammer: .
Ok..we can agree on that, its a bit different tactic needed and they a little 2 strong.
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 Re: 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. (v v2.0)  » posted under 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. on Mar 09, 2010, 12:52:35 pm
Murabit wrote:
xyp wrote:

I'm not sure we can say it's exagerated. The game is much more realistic and what fallows - exciting. Yeah, it's harder to conquer a castle or town, but do you think it was easy to stay alive on any battlefield? Someone must be defeated. Archers weren't just guys who lived to be killed by the other guys with swords. I think battles are much more interesting now.

Well, maybe u have a point here but still the archers are the strongest unit, not even a hit from a knight makes that much damage (if not charged by lance..i guess).
So compared to the other units and all the other mods..i still think its exagerated :-|
By the way, when you place your archers in open battle behind your infrantry the archers shoot at least half the oppose army down before they even arrieve..guess thats why almost all the partys include a huge number of archers.
Nevertheless as i said, nice mod.
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 Five Kingdoms Beta (Crusade) (v )  » posted under Five Kingdoms Beta (Crusade) on Mar 07, 2010, 03:41:45 pm
Its the type of mod i LOVE, really but..
Most of the Seljuk Lords are as good as naked, no armour no weapons no nothing, hopefully the names of some lord and their equipment will be replaced.
What are Mamluks doing in the troop trees? That wasnt their time yet, they were called Ghulams then, and please replace the female hats with real helmets and Hellbierds werent in use then either.
The Crusaders armys consist off almost 100% Knights, this is ridiculous!
Way to many order knights while the other factions troops are comparatively weak as hell.
From an army of lets say 10.000 were max some 500 knights anything else is unrealistic and killing the fun cause after 2 battles i dont feel like charging on some 70 knights againg without any real help from my allies.
Im waiting on the final version, hopefully a more realistic one cause the idea is lovely.
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 Europe 1200 Mod (v 2.32)  » posted under Europe 1200 Mod on Mar 07, 2010, 03:28:48 pm
I have played this mod for some time now and cant report ANY bugs :-D
Seems like the plate shields which are carried by the english light cavalry as examble arent working, cause they show up as loot but havent seen anyone carryn them and i cant equip them either.
Could it be that helmets are forgotten?? Cause most the soldiers dont wear any and i really mean most of them (except lords and knights).
How come i have defeated the Papal States and they still excist without occupying anything and without having an army???
Nice mod after all.
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 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) (v 0.8)  » posted under 1866 Version 0.8 (X-Mas Release) on Mar 07, 2010, 03:16:43 pm
Hmm, i never had any bugs except when hunting deers, im always on my own doesnt matter how many members i have in my party and error codes pour over my screen :lol:
Only bothering thing is, that after some battles, the whole movement slows down sooooo rapidly no matter if in the next battle or on the map, even the buildings on the map turn all black (maybe its caused by my old computer) :shock:
Dont know why so many complain about the accuracy, i hit headshots with a New Remington Colt (accuracy 79) from a difficultly range of 10 or 9, rifle works even better, rarely misses.
Great mod and something really different from all the others, much props.
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 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. (v v2.0)  » posted under 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. on Mar 07, 2010, 03:06:47 pm
Very nice work!
The mod is working good without major bugs but once after the enemys party was crushed, it was shown on the map that one unit was left, so when you attack you stay alone on the battlefield with your troops and some error shows, had to repeat attacking some 4 times untill the not excisting unit was killed :-?
The partys of all factions keep stucked when they pass rivers, you can see them all over the map :lol:
Thing bothered me the most is the extremely strong archers, if you be hitted by 3 arrows by max. you are dead, no matter what. So you cant even dear to take part in conquering a castle or town, the archers strength is exagerated.
The rest is really good.
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 Rus: 13 Century (v Beta 0.401)  » posted under Rus: XIII Century ver. 0.620 on Mar 07, 2010, 02:57:41 pm
This is so far the mod where i would say, they have put their ass into it!
Great great work, its all new, u could almost say its a whole new game.
If you like huge battles, this would serve you.
Precise historical correct equipment for each faction.
For me, i dont have the nerves to conquer back one single castle over and over (they quickly retake all you have conquered or you faction conquered and only move in masses).
A bit anoying is that each factions troops are named in their own language, so it takes some time untill you can recognise weak and strong troops of your enemys party to know if to attack with an outnumbred party or to run but still great work, best i have seen so far !!
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 Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on Mar 07, 2010, 02:47:11 pm
I gave it a try and it has made good and bad impression on me.
Good Stuff: First of all the map, its the largest i have ever played on, impressively nice work which includes as good as the whole map we know from Medieval Total War.
Factions are Great, i guess theres is at least one faction for everyone.

What made me stop playn it for now at least is:
On the world map i move in slow motion (does anyone else has this problem?), this becomes annoying with time, very!
Some lords have non matching equipment with their factions, maybe it doesnt bather many, but it bathers me and it reduces in my oppinion the rate of the mod.
If you want to make an historical accurate mod then its great, but more research please, Cumans rule Damascus? Turks rule Jerusalem? At 1080 the coastal strip as far as Jerusalem was held by the Fatimids (Egypt called in the mod). Damascus by the Seljuks (Turks in the mod) as for Anatolia as it had many local dynasties as well as northern Syria, its ok to put them all under Seljuk rule. But place the Cumans where they belong ;-)
Castille has Knights of Santiago? They were found almost a hundred years after the time of the mod. in 1171.
I just think being precise makes the mod worths the work, cause little things can blow the whole fun.
Things like Breastplates and Black Helmets, Polearms and Jousting lances next to Doubleblade Axes and Katanas and two handed swords should be replaced as they dont match the time or the place, it just ruins the fun.
So more work on the armour and weapons please.
All (except the first) may be little issues, but if those would be solved, i may give it 5 stars.
Thats so far, wont rate it yet.

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