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Dimos Uploader Jan 06, 2010, 06:53:11 am 2 9
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1  Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] Dec 15, 2010 2.83 8,458 4.8 / 5.0 20,553 205.4 MB 16
2  Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 Feb 12, 2010 3.79 12,469 5.0 / 5.0 22,219 212.24 MB 18
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 Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] (v 0,25)  » posted under Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] on Aug 10, 2011, 02:17:04 pm
Any questions, problems, opinions will be discused on exilian, the official hosting forum of this mod. So anyone who might need help please subscribe here: , .

Anwsers will be given there. Thanks, Dimos
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 Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] (v 0,25)  » posted under Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] on Jan 07, 2011, 09:50:40 pm
Should this be added in the next version?
-Also Join our forums if you want this mod rolling. If not, well we can simply step aside-
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 Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] (v 0,25)  » posted under Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] on Dec 22, 2010, 05:54:30 pm
clickstyle: Hello my friend. First of all I would say that I am really happy that you have reasons worthy of playing my / our mod. I see your point on all issues and I think future versions will completely fix the problems you mentioned. I can also tell you that the fixed dialogues are the religious ones, more or less and some other minor stuff in the conversations field.

I can tell you that we will work on theese issues; both Jubal [scripts] and me [scenes / dialogues / -mapping-] . Hope those [omnipresent: the curse of modders] BUGS do not spoil the FUN ;-)

Befenismor: Well my friend, listen! Neither Dimos nor any other team member of Europe 1080 will join any other mod project about medieval Europe. Europe 1080 is the oldest existing mod about the european middle ages that's still in development and it still updates its versions. It has tons of unique features, scripted by mr genius -Jubal- , tons of scenes by me and xGhost4000x , a large map, by me and andeg, tons of new items, most textured by me and a large enough base of fans that play it worldwide. Europe 1080 is and always will be the BEST europe mod!

To all: Hoy mates wanna join exilian? Good comments there make good mods here! :-P
comment last edited by Dimos on Dec 22, 2010, 05:58:18 pm
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 Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] (v 0,25)  » posted under Europe 1080 0,25 [for 1.010/1.011] on Dec 15, 2010, 10:32:28 am
Nice mod but you could add much more though...and I love the religion factor and work on the leaders and architecture and textures..
good luck!

Hello my friend. Version 0.3 will have more stuff. I just had to post this version for the gamer's pleasure! Yeah, glad you like some of our innovations; and mind you, different religion gives you access to diffferent guilds / locations and allows you to recruit different monks / priests or mullahs...
Ну что же,счаз возьмём,скачаем,поиграем и заценим)
По описание крутонахбл)

Γειά και χαρά! Speaking in ones language is really good, but you have many peers to do so, don't you? Tell me your thoughts in English please

To all: Please subscribe in the mod's official forums. My thanks to our wonderful moding team and especially to Jubal and Silverwolf... Version 0.2 surpassed 6000 downloads and I'm grateful for this. :-P
comment last edited by Dimos on Dec 15, 2010, 10:33:50 am
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 Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on May 06, 2010, 01:45:11 pm
Looks pretty interesting....
I never saw these good things like sea fight, many factions, secret places in one mod until now, i cant wait until its downloaded, sadly its very slow.
Anyway i wanna ask if there is a faction Kingdom of Hungary, if not then please put it in he next release.

Yes, we have Kingdom of Hungary inside. It's a big file so it will take some time to be downloaded!

I gave it a try and it has made good and bad impression on me.
Good Stuff: First of all the map, its the largest i have ever played on, impressively nice work which includes as good as the whole map we know from Medieval Total War.
Factions are Great, i guess theres is at least one faction for everyone.

What made me stop playn it for now at least is:
On the world map i move in slow motion (does anyone else has this problem?), this becomes annoying with time, very!
Some lords have non matching equipment with their factions, maybe it doesnt bather many, but it bathers me and it reduces in my oppinion the rate of the mod.
If you want to make an historical accurate mod then its great, but more research please, Cumans rule Damascus? Turks rule Jerusalem? At 1080 the coastal strip as far as Jerusalem was held by the Fatimids (Egypt called in the mod). Damascus by the Seljuks (Turks in the mod) as for Anatolia as it had many local dynasties as well as northern Syria, its ok to put them all under Seljuk rule. But place the Cumans where they belong
Castille has Knights of Santiago? They were found almost a hundred years after the time of the mod. in 1171.
I just think being precise makes the mod worths the work, cause little things can blow the whole fun.
Things like Breastplates and Black Helmets, Polearms and Jousting lances next to Doubleblade Axes and Katanas and two handed swords should be replaced as they dont match the time or the place, it just ruins the fun.
So more work on the armour and weapons please.
All (except the first) may be little issues, but if those would be solved, i may give it 5 stars.
Thats so far, wont rate it yet.

First of all, thanks for sharing your opinion. Some of theese will be fixed in my next planned vesrion, the 0,25 one, which is supposed to be a ''polished'' 0,2 . In one week I have my final exams so that -I suppose- will cause some delay in modding Europe 1080. The rest will be definately solved along many other bugs I found in version 0,3. The mod is still in the beggining so I hope it is fun to play and it gives you some thrill all around.
Epic mod dude !!! btw I love Greek mythology and culture !! Dimos I salute you "γενικός"

Thank you very much my friend! I think you meant ''στρατηγός'' though, since this is the word for Military General in Greek! Join us at exilian, I'll be glad to have you there!

Download right know couse there is sea battles and 5 stars rated

Yay, you made my day, mate! Thanks a lot! Go and slaughter some sea pirates now sire!
how can i join a guild?

The assasins' guild through a ''kill the enemies of the assasins'' guest and the Templar ''Chapter house'' through swearing alligiance to the Catholic Church in the monasteries of Catholic doctrine. The thieves guild is still imposible to be joined, since it's unfinished. BTW, other jobs and new quests can be found in the mod, if you search thouroughly!
after about 30 mins fo gameplay when i enter a big battle half way through it crashes ia sume its my come but im running a intel core duo 3.4 with 6 gb ram and a radeon 6700 graphics card on a vista operating system i should have no plorlem running this game at all but i hav e had it crash on me about 4 times any sugestions

Hmmm, suspicious. I think there are 2 reasons for that... either you PC is not ok -something that seams inpossible- or you have not downloaded the mod properly and some scripting files were messed up. You can re-download, but keep in mind that Europe 1080 is a ''Big Stuff'' , I mean it requires a good PC System to be runned properly. You can try to reduce the battle sizer as a solution and run the game in DirectX 9 . Even I have problems in around day 200 or so. I mean it has millions of parties on the map, tons of factions, features, items and gameplay mechanics.

To all: Join us at exilian, the mod needs anybodys suggestions and ideas in it's way to perfection! <- that's the link to our sub-forum, so please join us there!
comment last edited by Dimos on May 06, 2010, 05:02:59 pm
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 Re: Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on Feb 19, 2010, 06:54:50 am
musketer wrote:
dimos are you greek? i am too, thats why! nice mod man! kali doulia maga! :-P B-)

Opa, kalos ton ton patrioti! xaxa ... Bes kai sto exilian re an thes!

Join us at exilian!
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 Re: Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on Feb 18, 2010, 01:38:25 pm
Sanan wrote:
How to name your own Faction? Got some problems with that... I don't want my faction to be named "Unexisting String!" Pretty annoying actually.

I would like to have an answer soon.

If you want the answer I recomend that you join exilian and ask it there, ok? I will not tell it any more... For all your questions join us at exilian, ok? :green:
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 Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on Feb 17, 2010, 03:18:27 pm
delete wrote:
Looks interesting, I'm downloading it now. But b4 i play its time to eat :-D :-D :-D

Yeah, mate eating comes always first! So have you played? Come over the official forums and comment, ok? :-P
data662 wrote:
Since it's not on Taleworlds forums I might stop by. Taleworlds hates me for some gay shit.

My PC can run the game fine. Maybe I need more ram or something. I have 3 gig of ram running Windows XP. Processor is 1 core 3.4 or something around there.

I remember leaving the pirate base in Southern Realms and the game did not crash. Maybe it's the mod. I will try and find out.

Yeah, but remember that SR uses a smaller map and its old versions -at least- have less new textures and less complex troops [than Europe 1080]... :hammer:

Also, I just saw that you got banned on TW, so please join exilian. will you? :-)

Thanks to all of you who downloaded and to all of you who like the mod... I need some support on that to continue though so I recomend that all you people will join us at exilian, OK?
comment last edited by Dimos on Feb 17, 2010, 03:20:19 pm
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 Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 (v 0.2 BETA)  » posted under Europe 1080 - Version 0.2 on Feb 14, 2010, 06:25:14 am
Sagitarius wrote:
Ok guys, I have a serious problem. When I start to download, somewhere on half report error. What should I do? :cry:

-It crashes because of your computer... nothing wrong with the mod... :-P
-I have added that proficiency because I was planning to have Greek Fire Xeirosifones ( ''hand-pipes'' ) ... I should have removed it though... :oops:
data662 wrote:
The mod crashes when I leave the pirate base.
Why do I have fire arm proficiency?

-Definately re-download, and don't forget to comment on the mod's official forums... Please I need anybody's opinion so as the mod will be impooved! :-)
comment last edited by Dimos on Feb 14, 2010, 06:27:51 am

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