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dunde Uploader Dec 23, 2009, 07:55:35 pm 12 10
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1  enhanced ModuleSystem 1.15x's process_*.py (v0.92) Oct 28, 2012 0.61 2,409 5.0 / 5.0 12,328 30.2 KB 7
2  The Vision LE 1.003 bug fix (03/23/2012) Mar 23, 2012 0.91 3,517 Unrated 3,606 1.03 MB 2
3  The Vision LE v1.003 Mar 11, 2012 2.89 11,373 4.9 / 5.0 12,291 48.07 MB 8
4  Heraldic Horse using WSE Jan 31, 2012 0.31 1,176 Unrated 2,359 2.61 MB 0
5  TestDrive Dec 26, 2011 0.11 415 Unrated 1,440 4.17 MB 0
6  Custom Banner (Module System + Resources) Dec 25, 2011 0.27 1,058 4.7 / 5.0 5,672 1.16 MB 0
7  Low Walk Demo Movie Dec 18, 2011 0.36 1,390 Unrated 3,117 5.16 MB 0
8  Crouching Demo Movie Dec 17, 2011 0.28 1,101 Unrated 1,500 5.83 MB 0
9  The Vision LE Demo Movie Oct 28, 2011 0.14 550 Unrated 1,454 5.94 MB 0
10  1 on 1 Tournament Minimod Oct 01, 2011 0.3 1,192 Unrated 4,057 1.22 MB 0
11  1v1 Tournament Minimod v.02 Source Code Oct 01, 2011 0.22 857 Unrated 1,709 918.3 KB 0
12  MnB Modding Companion : alternative MS Editor Mar 09, 2011 1.1 4,715 4.7 / 5.0 16,621 531 KB 9
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 Better Horses for Warband (v 0.1 beta)  » posted under Better Horses for Warband on Oct 27, 2012, 11:01:22 pm
Do you still continue this project? I do rig the tail so it won't clip with the legs again. Thanks for sharing the horse. I'd like to use it on my mods.
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 Re: The Vision LE v1.003 (v 1.003)  » posted under The Vision LE v1.003 on Mar 31, 2012, 05:25:15 pm
Shapik wrote:
I have a problem when trying to start game with this module. Everything loads fine and when it shows Finished Loading the game crashes. I've found some suspicious looking entries in rgl_log but I'm not sure what does it mean. Can you help me ?

Here are the entries from rgl_log:

Unrecognized Module_info directive = network_compatible . Skipping.
Unrecognized Module_info directive = hide_other_mod_servers . Skipping.
Unrecognized Module_info directive = ground_weapon_collision . Skipping.
Unrecognized Module_info directive = use_missile_damage_type . Skipping.
Unrecognized Module_info directive = allow_unset_script_params . Skipping.

} //Processing Ini File Finished
Loading Music...
Loading Textures...
Finished Loading Textures...
L8 Format is unsupported
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME PRESENTATION CODE: prsnt_game_multiplayer_admin_panel
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME PRESENTATION CODE: prsnt_game_profile_banner_selection
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_set_multiplayer_mission_end
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_get_console_command
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_check_party_sees_party
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_get_mission_template_name
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_receive_network_message
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_get_multiplayer_server_option_for_mission_template
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_multiplayer_server_option_for_mission_template_to_string
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_multiplayer_get_game_type_mission_template
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_get_multiplayer_game_type_enum
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_receive_url_response
WARNING: UNABLE TO MAP GAME SCRIPT CODE: game_multiplayer_event_duel_offered
That's normal rgl_log.
Unrecognized Module_info directive things are WSE related. The messages will never been shown if we use WSEloader. But even without WSE, the messages won't crash the game. THe WARNING : UNABLE TO MAP * things are normal too. I removed all multi-player related scripts and presentations. Even native have the warning message too about prsnt_game_start. So the warning messages won't crash the game either.
I receive some start up crash reports, but I never experience the crash on my system. It should be something else. Try to use another configurations like disable edit mode, or load texture on demand.
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 Re: The Vision LE 1.003 bug fix (v 1.003fix)  » posted under The Vision LE 1.003 bug fix (03/23/2012) on Mar 23, 2012, 09:54:25 am
WindZor1993 wrote:
Hi, Great Mod

I'm loving play the mod but i've found some bugs...

I can't loot any village or besiege any castle or city, its pretty annoying since i've tried everything...
Please help me

Please redownload the bug fix. Thanks for reporting this.
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 Re: The Vision LE v1.003 (v 1.003)  » posted under The Vision LE v1.003 on Mar 12, 2012, 10:24:39 am
NeloAngelo wrote:
It looks great but I have problem...
when I launch the game crash and pop-up window : RGL ERROR get_object failed for texture: noner
I reinstall MB warband and download again this mod but the problem isn't solved :cry:

I'm sorry for my english
This mod has no use of texture named noner, so there's no in the package. I don't know why your Warband need the texture for this mod.
I can't replicate the error on my PC too, so I'm sorry I can't help about it.
Mahmoud wrote:
Please For Give Me But I Don't Know What Is Mount&Blade Module System
or Where Is That Place Plz Tell Me
Module System is a set of py files that then compiled to be txt files of Mount and Blade mods. You can find the references you need at Taleworlds forum :,175893.msg4224074.html#msg4224074
Mahmoud wrote:
Where Can I Put These Files
Just extract and overwrite your module system's process_*.py. If you havent have module system yet, you can download it from
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 For Dunde (v )  » posted under For Dunde on Jan 11, 2012, 12:55:21 am
downloaded. I'll take a look at this after work
DatrixTSW wrote:
Is there a module system for the original Mount and blade?
You can download Module System 1.011 for original Mount and Blade at
It's a tool to edit Module System for both Original Mount and Blade and Warband.
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 Elephant (v )  » posted under Elephant on Oct 26, 2011, 06:30:19 pm
Beautiful. May I use it, please?
bahestur123 wrote:
hey dunde, are you from indonesia?
Yes, I am.
fameblue wrote:
what path should i use if i have steam??????????? :-? :-? :-?
Which paths?
Module System Path is where you save your module system's py files.
Target Dir is where you save your compiled module.
..\steams\steamapps\common\mountbladewarband\modules\<your module folder>

If you start modding from clean module system, the <your module folder> should be created by copying native folder.


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