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Lazarou Uploader Dec 23, 2009, 07:56:17 am 8 8
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1  Papa's Community Animations Sep 12, 2011 0.41 1,541 Unrated 18,397 7.8 KB 0
2  Basic scene for animating for M&B in XSI Mod Tool Mar 07, 2011 0.07 292 Unrated 2,515 230.6 KB 0
3  Combat Animation Enhancement Mod by Papa Lazarou Nov 14, 2010 13.75 56,312 4.3 / 5.0 81,139 22.55 MB 23
4  Two-handed Swords Trailer for CAE Nov 14, 2010 0.3 1,208 Unrated 22,330 5.06 MB 3
5  Archery Trailer for CAE Nov 01, 2010 0.25 999 Unrated 11,566 4.88 MB 0
6  First Release Trailer for CAE Oct 22, 2010 0.26 1,046 Unrated 15,692 7.23 MB 1
7  Spear & Shield Trailer for CAE Oct 22, 2010 0.22 891 Unrated 11,751 7.3 MB 0
8  Polearms Trailer for CAE Oct 22, 2010 0.15 625 Unrated 8,704 5.32 MB 0
Seifer Firehart wrote:
Sorry about that. I think a good idea would be to fill the holes in animations of holstering weapons (if possible) and to make them twice faster or even more cause character is waving sword like if he was dying from exhaustion.
That's alright.

I had considered improving animations for drawing and sheathing weapons, but it became a bit too complicated and I moved on to other projects.

My mod has made no significant changes to attack rates, other than for archery. Some melee weapon classes were slowed very slightly (i.e., from a duration of .65 seconds to a duration of .71 seconds or something), to prevent the characters from moving inhumanly fast. I expect the mod you're playing (SnD's Polished Native) slowed the attack speeds itself.
Seifer Firehart wrote:
:?: :!: What is this? This animations are a lot worse than default. They're slow like hell. How to uninstall them from the SnD's Polished Native?
The attack rates are the same as in Native, except for archery for which the rate has been halved. To uninstall, you can copy the actions.txt file from the Native module folder and paste it over the actions.txt file in the other module folder. This process will not work if the other mod has fiddled with animations (other than CAE). If that's the case, you'll have to ask the developers of the mod in question about the uninstall process.

You could show a bit of tact next time, when you're asking the creator of the animations how to uninstall them!
AzTec wrote:
hey could you do a single mod for your archery aniamtion please !! that would be great thanks! :-D
If you follow the link in the download information, you can find instructions for that in the thread on TaleWorlds.
VoodooChild wrote:
I downloaded this "addon" or mod. Then i dragged all the files to my Native folder. Now when i play, i have no money and im no longer Swadian vassal. Any cures to my problem?
None that I know of, unfortunately.

Installation and plug-in instructions can be found in the mod's thread on TaleWorlds.
Dimak22 wrote:
I'm sorry... what "drop-down menu" are you talking about???
The drop-down menu for selecting modules. It's in the launcher for the game (the window that opens when you double click on the Warband icon).
Nik_Mac wrote:
Onehanded thrust of spear and sword is using the same animation - is this correct and is this should be?
Yes, that's correct. All of these animations may change in future versions - right now I'm seeing what people think of the low thrust for swords. I might end up with a high thrust for straight swords and a low thrust (copied from spears) for curved swords.

Raumung wrote:
Me and my friend really enjoy your mod and can't wait to see the end product.
Thanks! Glad to hear it.

Lazzzyboy wrote:
These animations can be put on other modifications?

Sorry,i`m super noob
No problem, and yes they can. You'll find instructions for putting the animations in other modules in my thread (,134185.0.html).

If you're getting errors, you should update to version 1.131 of Warband.

Pretty sure the patch will take you to 1.131, even though it says 1.126.
Yeah thanks for reporting that. I've reuploaded the file and it should be working now :-P

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