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Evans Regular User Dec 08, 2009, 04:39:46 am 0 4
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 Native Improved (warband mod) (v )  » posted under Native Improved (warband mod) on Apr 25, 2010, 05:39:00 am
Nice mod, but do you have *.py source available for that?
I like your tweaks and I would love to keep them, but few things need correcting:
- amount of denars generated from fiefs should be doubled (they are not enought to support garrisons, which is ridiculous)
- tax inefficiency should be down from 70% to 20% (makes little sense to conquer and invest in new territories if they are not going to pay back)
- amount of morale lost per recruited prisoner should be down to 1 per 1 (having 150 elite knights loose 60 morale for recruting 20 peasants to tend their horses does not makes any sense to me)
- at least two new mercenary units should be added before trp_mercenary_end (yours mod is a good base for other mods, but if people need to put their own mercs to native *.py all your changes will be lost)
- I agree that betting 10000 gold in the tournament lets you win too much. I think that maximum bet should be 2000.
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 Calradia at War (v 1.6)  » posted under Calradia at War on Dec 13, 2009, 08:06:51 am
More issues found in 1.6

- It seems like building palisade anywhere is affecting buildings everywhere, as no settlement seems to be able to complete its buildings.
- AI is no longer able to capture the castle. When the siege is commenced, defenders are down to like 0 troops, AI siege continue.
- Perfomer upgrade path is broken. At certain point instead of upgrading to ministrel it upgrades to palladin.
- Dueling a friendly lord gives change to relation with him two times. When the player wins, relation is increased by 1 and decreased by 2.
- Conquering the city does not work correctly. All outlying villages that belong to that city are not given to the player, but change its status to "no owner".
- Building the palisade around the camp does not seem to work.
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 Calradia at War (v 1.6)  » posted under Calradia at War on Dec 12, 2009, 05:10:22 am
I got this mod a week ago and I can say that I see it's potential :green:

There are however problems in the latest 1.6 release.

1.) Raiding the village does not work. Just like said above
2.) Building the palisade does not work either. After selecting this option there is some trash text about casualties in management window, it is never completed.
3.) Raiding the bandit city spawns a caravan with prisoners. This caravan reaches the player's settlement, but it does nothing - prisoners disappear
4.) Sailing may cause your ship to end up in the middle of the land.
5.) You cant hire the lords. I owned almost entire Kherghit Khanate lands, and the message said "territory too low".
6.) *important* There is no ReadMe.TXT included. I was forced to guess a lot of new things, and I am still not certain what to do about for example Freeholm settlement. I own it but I can't upgrade it (how?)
7.) Speaking with lord inside the castle hall and challenging him to the duel is bugged. If you challenge the lord, then speak with guards at the doors, you will duel these guards once you leave the hall.
8.) Some units with the same names do upgrade differently or not upgrade at all. See bandits and peasants.
9.) Swarms of 2-4 sized parties of peasants are spawned on the main map. These do migrate, but overally since the debug messages are ON, info about them spams the log file. Maybe an author should consider turning off debug messages and make these parties be 4-8 sized but half as common?
10.) Mock siege for Freeholm does not work (as well as any inquisition etc). When entering the battle player is spawned at edge of the map, where he cannot move but hope that battle will be victorious.
11.) When talking with your troops, the messages "tell me about yourself" and "Nothing. keep Moving" are displayed twice.

Hope You will keep up the good work on this mod.

oh, and btw here are two suggestions:
- let us buy prisoners from other parties
- let us trade goods with caravans
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 War for Calradia (v 1.1 - UPDATED)  » posted under War for Calradia on Dec 08, 2009, 04:49:21 am
I have found two bugs about this otherwise very nice mod.

1. When the player tries to attack farmers from his own kingdom, he looses relations with city and village, however he cannot attack. There are lines of red letter about "wrong faction" or something on the screen, and player can choose only "leave"

2. When conquering a town or castle, the ownership of all the villages from your faction changes automatically to Player Character. This is especially annoying when player has many lords and villages conquered and divided between the lords. castles and towns do not change onwership, but villages do.

A feature I am missing the most is some kind of "Lords overview", that would show you which lord own which fiefs, as well as the ability to recruit regular farmers and peasant women from taverns.

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