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spookytooth Regular User Nov 14, 2009, 06:41:45 am 0 4
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 Blood and Steel 1.05 (v 1.05)  » posted under Blood and Steel 1.251 on Jul 28, 2010, 07:11:07 am
I really like this mod - grateful thanks for all your hard work. ;-)

As a player who likes cavalry armies, it came as a shock how tough some of the enemy infantry can be - especially the halberdiers, pikemen and two-handed swordsmen! I'm now (realistically) having to re-think my tactics LOL. Infantry are no longer speed-bumps! Great stuff.

My only criticism is with the female warriors (no sexism intended!). It's just that they appear so often when I'm recruiting in the taverns, and it's hard to play without them (again no sexism intended! :-D ). I just wish there was an editor so I could substitute them for shall we say more traditional warriors.

I did come across one glitch though in a siege of Halmar cos the siege ladders ended up too high for the walls, and the attackers ended stacking up right at the top with just an odd man falling off the top every now and then (was he pushed? >:) ). My character ended up embarassingly being all alone on the battlements because I jumped off - I was leading the attack of course!

Great mod, and thanks again.

BTW the new armour/weapons are brilliant - not so sure about the fantasy stuff but hey ho each to their own B-)
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 1257 AD Middle Europe Music Patch (v 1.0)  » posted under 1257 AD Middle Europe Music Patch on Jul 14, 2010, 12:39:47 pm

Please dont think I want to take anything from the fantastic music that Krles make - I love every track that's been included with this patch. I just wondered if anyone had heard of an English group called Misericordia that perform mediaeval and renaissance music. Here's a link to their website:

If you just take a bit of time to listen to some of the sample pieces taken from their cds - especially as they are full songs and not clips, I think you will be impressed.

I have one of their cds, but plan on getting more.

Again, grateful thanks for this music patch. I just wish I knew how to convert some of Misericordia's music into ogg files so I could get them into Warband (for own use of course!).

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 1257 AD Middle Europe Music Patch (v 1.0)  » posted under 1257 AD Middle Europe Music Patch on May 26, 2010, 05:32:56 pm
Thanks so much for this selection of music - there are some really great pieces in amongst the tracks. Great work!
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 OSP - Sallet by Percus (v 1.0)  » posted under OSP - Sallet by Percus on Nov 14, 2009, 06:49:05 am
This is a great looking helmet! I've added it to the Hundred Years War mod, but I can't see it in the market. I've got both files in the right place, and the module file in the HYW directory already reads

scan_module_textures = 1
scan_module_sounds = 0

Anyone any ideas where I'm going wrong?

I've also waited for a few days for it to appear, but still nothing.


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