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darklordofspawn Regular User Oct 24, 2009, 11:34:22 pm 0 4
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 Re: 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.7)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Apr 19, 2010, 06:08:22 pm
othr wrote:

There is a hotfix for the crazy speed.

I realized there isn't a link to the hotfix here but only on the taleworlds forums.
It would help if you stuck one here :)
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 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.7)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Apr 19, 2010, 08:47:55 am
I can easily see this mod being one of the best mods.
Of course its still early and need lots of fixes and perhaps new content?

The graphics are GREAT!, but.... i realized in the 1st main mission where i have to destroy the bandits hide out the valley looked nice, but when you got out of there and got to see a top view, the edges of the valley were really sharp, there was no smooth edges, kinda looked like a rushed job im guessing some other parts of maps might be like that?
Also, some of the shrubs look a bit messed up, some of them have random textures revolved around them in triangular shapes. So i think there would still be a little more work required in the graphics, but its still great for a mod in early development :-).

The arena is a bit bugged lol, units starting at the top of the roofs.

In some battles the overview of where you, the enemies and your troops are on the map is a bit bugged, my troops and the enemies were showing in the correct spot, but my character was shown at the bottom left corner on the map over view and didn't move(but the game play was fine)(this was during a random battle with looters).
My game crashed as soon as it loaded a battle with 4 looters. EDIT: There's more problems with the battle overview. Enemies and troops appear all over on the overview map, even tho there aren't any.

Entering Towns or taverns or arenas ect are a bit bugged( sometimes only some items and characters load and there's no ground,walls ect.

The sounds are GREAT along with the music.

Its a shame i can't see how much EXP i get, what damage i do, what my shot difficulty is, what my casualties are ect.

Combat is much more realistic and comfortable than the original M&B WB

Sometimes when i start the game, there is no music.

Everyone on the world map moves incredibly fast...idk if they are supposed to, but its quite annoying, at least i think so.

+ i hope the combat is going to be a more faster like in Expanded gameplay3(fast horses, faster weapons swings for some weapons.)

Edit: This was all from just 10 minutes of playing the game.
i am running M&B WB V1.105

Edit: i just realized that the majority of the map bugs were because i chose at the start to "fight for no-one"
this time i chose Fight for Hungary and now there aren't as many bugs.

Keep up the great work!!
Thanks for donating your spare time in2 making this fantastic mod :-)

Im fighting for HUNGARY my native blood :pint:
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 Expanded Gameplay III v0.95e (v 0.95e)  » posted under Expanded Gameplay III v0.95e on Nov 14, 2009, 06:10:03 am
best mod ever!!!!
cant wait for the next 1 Chel
keep up the fantastic work
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 Revenge of the Berserk v0.95 (v 0.95 final)  » posted under Revenge of the Berserk v0.97 on Oct 24, 2009, 11:38:05 pm
yeh whats with the dl speed man
i remember i downloaded expanded gameplay in 30min and that was around 350MB
my speed atm with this file is 6-29kb and its gonna take me 6hrs

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