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Sabratha Regular User Sep 29, 2009, 09:25:57 am 0 4
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 Arnor 1409 bugfix 2 (v .2a)  » posted under Arnor 1409 bugfix 2 on Sep 29, 2009, 10:27:09 am
Sebbe107 wrote:
No offense (I like your mod, so I am not being mean) but you are the king of bugs. :P
Cut him some slack, at least he keeps working on it and releasing bugfixes.
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 Rus: 13 Century (v Beta 0.401)  » posted under Rus: XIII Century ver. 0.620 on Sep 29, 2009, 10:13:49 am
It seems to be the most polished and detailed beta I've ever seen in M&B. The detail of the items and weapons is wonderfull, especially the Rus ones. Great new hair and character skins. Good job on those.

Right now it is missing some things - historical banners, lords in proper clothing (most polish lords use steppe outfits), but this is to be expected in a beta.

Overall: Great job, once you finish it, its boud to be a fantastic mod.
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 Flora Enhancement Mod (v 1.2)  » posted under Flora Enhancement Mod on Sep 29, 2009, 10:09:36 am
Its a very nice mod, good job.
SPQR wrote:
lol.. thanks. Yes, I will keep working on it. I know it is unfinished but I am doing the best I can. Right now it is only me working on it. I am glad you like it. Let me know how the quests run. :)
I love the idea of an imperial-era Roman mod, however like you said - there is a lot to iron out.

One bug is (or is it a joke/estaer egg?) is the bird helmet, it doesn't fit the head of the characters, it doesn't align correctly. Not sure if you know about this or not.
Another bug, somethimes if you try to enter the marketplace, it produces a crash. Here is the exact error message:
"unable to find mesh corinthian_lvl_14d".

I'll post about more bugs if I find them while playing. Keep up the good work!

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