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AlexandrucelMare Uploader Sep 24, 2009, 03:19:42 am 4 10
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1  Hotfix 1.0 for Terra Aeterna 0. 50 Apr 28, 2011 0.39 1,582 Unrated 6,726 430.9 KB 0
2  Terra Aeterna v. 0.50 BETA Apr 03, 2011 2.82 11,577 4.3 / 5.0 22,975 333.19 MB 12
3  Terra Aeterna backup source Dec 03, 2010 0.04 188 Unrated 1,798 6.69 MB 0
4  Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA Jul 31, 2010 2.54 11,291 4.8 / 5.0 30,683 156.51 MB 25
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 Re: Terra Aeterna v. 0.50 BETA (v 0. 50 Beta)  » posted under Terra Aeterna v. 0.50 BETA on May 04, 2011, 02:15:25 pm
Kixmy wrote:
I just read the lore, rated this 5/5, starting to download! I feel in love in your lore, although it has a lot with the human lore, still its unique! I dont know what else to say then best luck to you dude! Hope you get more people to help you! :) The only thing i can help you is with lore...i love to write lores! Again, you have my full support i can only wish i could support you more! Take your time, you know what they say: "Better ever, then never!" :)

Glad you liked the story. I tried to write the story as realistically as possible, while still keeping a fantasy tone... There is still much to write on the background story, dialogues for NPC`s and maybe a background plot if i will be able to bring the mod that farr :). If you want to contribute to the story, you are free to do so... with this mod i have created a new world, to which anybody is able and encouraged to contribute :).
djslayer2009 wrote:
Ok downloaded and tried it(so far just aquired some troops and fought some bandits)but i can say it's one of the best.I would help you finish the mod but i'm not that skilled with moding.I tried myself to make a mod but i just managed to add new troops but when i saw how much work is i gave up.Can't wait to see the final version.


Thank you for the support, and for the screenshots. Its nice to see fellow Romanians overhere. :-)

Truth is that making a mod is very hard... especially if you have no experience in coding. Much errors due appear, and there is very time consuming to code in all factions, troops, items, and also to see that they are balanced :). Terra Aeterna was made initially to insert a fantasy Romanian-inspired faction into Warband, then it later grew into what it is today. I just hope that with some little help this mod could grow and become among the great ones for Warband, and i have already some promises of help from the Taleworlds Romanian community and not just from them. :-)
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 Re: Terra Aeterna v. 0.50 BETA (v 0. 50 Beta)  » posted under Terra Aeterna v. 0.50 BETA on Apr 13, 2011, 05:45:32 pm
three.corners wrote:

Your first terra aeterna was the first mod i tried.
It had really big promise.
I used your module and added many stuff from other mods that i liked.
I picked terra as the base because the map was excellent and the factions were complete unique.

Your second one is even better. Even more items and the map is full now.
I like your module very much.
I am not a proffesional modder(whatever the term is)
But i have much experience with importing items into other modules , animations and editing troops.
I got from all of my fun trying to make the module i really like with your first terra aeterna as my base of course!

I would like to be able to help you in any way.
Do you still have plans to continue this module?

Best wishes with that book your writing.

My friend,
Thank you very much for all the support,

I am in need of help to make even more new units and to add more diversity into the factions. All help is welcome, that is why in the mod folder i have attached also the module system source.

I am willing to continue this module. but the speed at which i will work depends on the real life issues and on the help i receive. Truth is, that it is hard to make a mod all alone...

You can contact me on a personal message here, on on Talewords forum to discuss more,
with much respect,
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 MATRIARCH 0.3 RISING OF RIBHINN (v 0.3)  » posted under MATRIARCH 0.3 RISING OF RIBHINN on Sep 04, 2010, 04:41:39 am
Good Job,
I kindly ask from you if it is possible to use in my mod some of your female armors from the mod,
Credits will be given, off course :-)

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 Re: Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA (v 0.30 Beta)  » posted under Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA on Aug 11, 2010, 05:25:11 am
sorinstef79 wrote:
te rog...poti sa faci un mod cu Vestul Salbatic pentru Warband? esti tare omule... :-D

Sorin,multumesc pentru comment. :-)
Un mod cu Vestul Salbatic deja exista in versiune multiplayer pentru Warband, vezi aici:,120665.0.html
Vor scoate si o versiune single player cat de curand.
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 Re: Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA (v 0.30 Beta)  » posted under Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA on Aug 08, 2010, 08:24:17 am
vyron wrote:
Congratulation, such a nice mod! I just found few minor bugs, the bridges on the world map are not follow the direction & u can't pass the river through the bridge between the Arzawa Empire & the Sarranid Sultanate. :-)

Vyron, map has unfortunately some problems as you already discovered.
But they will be fixed in the next release ;-)
thank for feedback
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 Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA (v 0.30 Beta)  » posted under Terra Aeterna 0.30 BETA on Aug 03, 2010, 05:03:34 am
Version 0.30 is out, most of the bugs should be fixed ! ;-)
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 Medieval Balkans (v v1.011)  » posted under Medieval Balkans on Sep 24, 2009, 03:36:55 am
Salut, si eu am in proiect deocamdata doua moduri, unul fantasy si unul care vreau sa fie istoric, perioada lui Mihai Viteazul

Stiu sa fac harta, trupe, sa schimb nume la lorzi, tari, orase, ma descurc cat de cat cu facutul scenelor noi, etc. Daca cineva e interesat sa conlucram, pls contact pe mess la [email protected] (o sa raspund mai greu ca am probleme cu netul).
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 Battle For Life (v 1.0)  » posted under Battle For Life on Sep 24, 2009, 03:30:41 am
Am vrut si eu sa fac un mod cu tarile romane (deocamdata lucrez la unul fantasy ca sa imi testez calitatile de modificator si cand il termin pe acela ma voi ocupa, sper, si de asta).

Propun sa facem mod despre Tarile Romane, eu stiu sa fac harta, stiu sa fac trupe, sa schimb numele lorzilor, tarilor, oraselor, sa inserez materiale noi in joc (din OSP, altfel habar nu am sa modelez). Habar nu am insa python, deci nu pot sa adaug mai mult de cele 5 tari deja existente in joc, etc.

Daca cineva e interesat, sa imi lase mesaj (voi raspunde poate mai greu, am probleme cu netul, dar oricum, ar fi nevoie de cineva care sa il testeze si de cineva care sa stie python pentru poveste si pentru quest-uri noi, eventual.

A very good mod, but sincerely, i also think that Ottomans are way to underpowered. Normally they would be much stronger than any Balkan nation army at these time (they would have crushed these rebbelions easyly if it would have not been the Great Powers, especially Russia...).

Map lots of more work, it looks preety empty now. Also, many things missing - Where are the Bulgarians ? :roll:
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 Custom mod addon #1 (v final)  » posted under Custom mod addon #1 on Sep 24, 2009, 03:22:34 am
One of the greatest tools ever made for beginners
I never even thinked of making a mod before, now in a matter of days i made something which is turning into an total modification.

many thanks !


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