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thrakkemarn Uploader Sep 14, 2009, 02:09:35 pm 7 9
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1  Patch for Camelot Beta Dec 12, 2009 0.45 2,131 4.0 / 5.0 7,625 547.3 KB 5
2  Camelot - A King Arthur Mod for Mount&Blade Dec 11, 2009 2.46 11,626 3.6 / 5.0 38,253 65.38 MB 27
3  Camelot source code Dec 09, 2009 0.1 469 Unrated 2,944 550.7 KB 0
4  Quickfix for DW daggers in Ranger's Apprentice Oct 05, 2009 0.23 1,070 5.0 / 5.0 2,443 21.3 KB 0
5  RCM for SoD 4.5 pre-Alpha Oct 04, 2009 0.15 734 Unrated 4,081 45.6 KB 0
6  RCM for Sod 4.1 Oct 04, 2009 0.2 966 Unrated 3,537 45 KB 0
7  RCM port for EG3 Sep 16, 2009 0.19 909 2.8 / 5.0 3,999 46.2 KB 0
Please go here for the answers and solutions to questions and bugs:
b4dm4n wrote:
It have lot of bugs troops with invisible armor,and it crashed after the battle with the lady of lake.And i cant spend my skill points on ironflesh.

Yes I apologize, this seems to be an issue happening to lots of people - but not everyone oddly enough. Please, try redownloading the file - I have uploaded a newer version.
Glad you like it! Please, make sure to download the latest patch though folks:
IP: logged
 Re: Patch for Camelot Alpha (v patch v0.20 alpha)  » posted under Patch for Camelot Beta on Nov 18, 2009, 06:39:03 pm
R.Knight wrote:
man when r u gonna make it a public?

Hopefully pretty soon. You can always head to for more info!
Sagitarius wrote:
When can we expect this mod? I am a big fan of King Arthur, I'll tell you just that all my characters in the game called Arthur. Can you tell me the date of release? If you do not know the exact release date, then at least the approximate date? :-D

There is no fixed release date, although I am working towards a public beta which will be out soon, I hope. Hey, if you want to see it go faster you can always help out, or if you want to test out the alpha head over to
Great! Can always use more help. Just head over here, and send me a PM or email, my username is thrakkemarn
See, that's why the password is there in the first place, because people don't read. Internet illiteracy is a major issue! :roll:

Click the link above, ask on the forums, I'll send you the password.
Napolean wrote:
did anyone else get a rgl error?

I'd recommend heading to the forums, I'm not gonna address problems here.
sethaniel wrote:
No, I have yet to play your mod, but I spy with my little eye some excellent writing and great features, all from your youtube preview ofcourse. M&B mods desperately needs a storyline to keep me interested in the long run, and this definitely has the potential to deliver.

Well thanks. Always appreciate feedback!

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