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MN121MN Regular User Sep 14, 2009, 05:50:58 am 0 12
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 Re: "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v (v 1.0)  » posted under "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v 1.0 on Feb 22, 2012, 10:24:40 pm
EzhotTheDominator wrote:
MN121MN wrote:
EzhotTheDominator wrote:
Can U add my country kingdom sir???I'm from Indonesia :D
Finaly I can play my own continent history
Thanks for created this mod
I really love it!!!! 10000 thumbs up for you :green:

We definitely see Aceh and Kalimantan, and the mod to travel by ship is already available...
Down under anyone?
sorry for my bad speech sir :green:

That' OK. I'm Indonesian too..
I would love to upload it to piratebay, it's just that I forgot my account's password...
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 Re: "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v (v 1.0)  » posted under "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v 1.0 on Jan 27, 2012, 09:12:12 pm
EzhotTheDominator wrote:
Can U add my country kingdom sir???I'm from Indonesia :D
Finaly I can play my own continent history
Thanks for created this mod
I really love it!!!! 10000 thumbs up for you :green:

We definitely see Aceh and Kalimantan, and the mod to travel by ship is already available...
Down under anyone?
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 Re: Nusantara Kingdom (v 1.0 Beta)  » posted under Nusantara Kingdom on Jan 24, 2012, 08:46:27 am
saipoon wrote:
MN121MN wrote:
Ada juga y penggemar Warband di sini?
Good job bro, promosi negara kita....
banyak kok gan orang indo disini :D

O y bro, cara nginstallnya bagaimana? Saya sedang pakai Warband v1.143 tapi masih bingung dengan cara installnya (mungkin lebih diperjelas dikit)(g jalan2 gara manface_young not find (RGL))
Kalo menjadi BetaTester itu tugasnya apa?
Codingnya pake apa bro? (saya mungkin punya teman yang tertarik)
comment last edited by MN121MN on Jan 24, 2012, 08:46:56 am
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 Nusantara Kingdom (v 1.0 Beta)  » posted under Nusantara Kingdom on Jan 23, 2012, 02:04:00 am
Ada juga y penggemar Warband di sini?
Good job bro, promosi negara kita....
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 "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v (v 1.0)  » posted under "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" v 1.0 on Jan 23, 2012, 02:03:07 am
Why am I the only one whose version fails to load the textures?
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 Kampf um Adalman (v Version I)  » posted under Kampf um Adalman on Oct 13, 2009, 05:39:07 am
Ist es mit der englischen Sprache?
Dark companions gathered in the old castle ruins of Calradia gegrndet and a brotherhood of the Free, the Freybrderorden. They gather under one banner and to bow the knee to any Knig. This course will see under the Freybrdern nothing more than robber barons and murderers. As you will arrange for you with them? Will you hunt them yourself or even join them?

Become a robber baron, play the life of an outlaw:
Join The Freybrderorden, obtain the common banner of Freybrderordens and experience an exciting and fast life as hated by all the robber barons. Live by the motto: the more enemies, much honor.
Zendar, the secret base of the robber barons is a market town in which the robber barons turn their goods, fight a duel with Sldnern in the arena or information obtained fr Raubzge worthwhile.
Dueling you in Zendars arena with Xerina, Dranton or Kradus. Are you going to beat them and enjoy a high reputation, they release may be superiority of joining your troop.

or will Menschenjger:
In Zendar and in the salt mines can now hire Menschenjger. Go to the full berarbeiteten Menschenjgern to hunt and sell your prisoners at Sklavenhndler. These offer you, depending on the prisoner after Strke different prices.
You will meet other Menschenjgertrupps, but keep you wary of them, they are also on the hunt for the prisoners. They now sell their prisoners once a day. Attracted by the success of new troops to the Chief Menschenjgern and fr each sold prisoners Menschenjgertrupps get the experience to retrain their army. You will read the success of the Meschenjger may submit to their Truppenstrke and their elite troops.

Build Your purposely Knigreich:
erect or your own Knigreich, conquer a castle or a city and erklre yourself to Knig. Your Knigreich is named after your name (if applicable before erstrmung a castle or city of the player's name to the name of the Thy kingdom is said to have change,) then switch back to the real player names.
Manage your empire, you can not Frsten fiefs (landless Frsten) recruit from other groups and promise them a fief in your Knigreich. Forgive your Frsten fief or take it to them again, as it
You like.
Close Friedensvertrge or you verbnde with Knig against a common enemy.
Your castles and of itself, incl to recruit troops, you decide at the character creation in which country you've been born and your castles and are recruited from this culture, incl.
Geschftige watch the bustle of your farmers and caravans.

The tournaments:
Decide on the character creation if you want to have the normal, or tournaments Infanterieturnie in your game.
In normal tournaments have Bogenschzen Aditional one melee weapon to better self-defense.
But you Whlst Infantry tournaments then the tournament experience without the horses, Bogenschtzen or spear thrower. Kmpfe man against man in melee combat with swords, Zweihandschwert or ax.
You can now even if you're sneaking into a city to visit the arena. Thus, the black knight of the Freybrder may submit information about upcoming Truniere.
There are now much more organized tournaments in Calradia. You will be notified once a city is about to host a new tournament. If it gefllt you go with a small troop of shield servants across the country
as a tournament!

You can Register now hiding from hostile towns in the area. Ride into town and whle "hidden Wldern you in the front of the city." Your squad will split up and hide. Fr You are the troops of your enemies are not visible and the time passes rather quickly than normal, but not as fast as if you HLST rest. Manachmal is a merchant of the road, decide whether you want to attack him and his escort, or rather want to go. Remember that you have only a few in Mnner Rufreichtweite and ready to attack and escort the merchant is schlagkrftig. It can happen that you will discover from farmers in the area of the city. It will take a short time to have your Mnner rallied, as long as you're Angreiffbar! In any case, incl are then warned and it will hide a short time you will no longer be mglich you in their environment.

The political groups and Frsten:
Are you tired of gegenberzustehen only against armies of recruits or poorly trained troops? It now has an end. Kmpfe against an enemy force of high-class Shuttle available with them.
The days of kamikaze attacks by mounted Frsten end. The AI of the enemy's behavior Frsten (not bandits or caravans) in a pitched battle has totally gendert themselves. Experience a more organized enemy than you've ever seen it in native.
But caution, the Battlesize is set in battle twice in sieges. The heist at a Battlesize of, for example 100 You are standing in the field to the enemy as if the givenness Battlesize wre set to 200. In sieges it corresponds to the set 100th Thus, omitted one stndiges umherstellen of Battlesize.

Realistic Combat Model:
Volucris has berarbeitet the RCM fr RaubritterCalradias. The "Realistic Combat Model" offers you a vllig new combat experience. It makes the attempt to disarm and Rstungen make as realistic as mglich too. Propose a wooden sign with a heavy blow of a battle ax or two, put an effective missile weapons than before. The RCM is optional, in the main directory of RaubritterCalradias you find RCMswapper.bat the batch file. With a double click on the file, a selection screen with the choice whether you want to use or maintain, the RCM Native. A back-and-switch is Spielstandkompatibel, so you can experiment a little.

new illustrations by Robino, the robber barons banner GooseBite:
The new logo, a verndertes wooden shield, a vernderte ax and a lot more has eingefgt Robino in RaubritterCalradias thus contributing to the enhancement of graphical RaubritterCalradias.
The robber baron's banner is from GooseBite.

Build into your Drfern the so-called economic aid. If the economy is built using the village gets a konomieschub. You can help build the business as often as your budget allows, or you want to. The farmers appreciate your Bemhen for their welfare and economic assistance to you in any more attention. Build Schools in your towns, the more you will Bevlkerung INABILITY MGEN.
The Fhigkeit "designer" has now substantially from Strker. Distribute the Fhigkeit a few points may submit and you will see how quickly buildings to be erected.
The spawnverhalten of the bandits was gendert and Auftrge from Gildemeister were completely berarbeitet.
At the start of the game you can change the number of bandit groups auswhlen want to appear on the map.

Extract the. Rar file and copy the folder "RaubritterCalradias" in the "Modules" folder of Mount & Blade
ffne language.txt with a text editor in the main directory of Mount & Blade file
ndere the entry of "s" to "de" to "robber barons Calradias play" in German. This mod includes bersetzungskorrektur von Bismarck.
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 Kampf um Adalman (v Version I)(English Translation)(Rough)  » posted under Kampf um Adalman on Oct 05, 2009, 04:40:04 am
"Land in sight," to this statement have all been waiting for. The entire crew of the ship is in joyful excitement. Now all hardships of the past days and months, forget it. All are motivated by a new, fertile land, open up, and may submit fhren a life of peace and development work. The teams consist of wooden sailing ships to grssten greater part of farmers because of fierce warriors. Knig Frodi sinks into his chair, a good pillow gefttertes LSST him sit comfortable on it. It is a Schner day, the sun shines and the sea is calm. Now they have discovered the country, it is a day full Glckes and hope. Knig Frodi takes a deep breath and reminded himself. The last months have brought so much suffering and privation. The home which he had zurcklassen located in the far north, he can still smell the air and the grass, through which he has romped in his childhood. The winters were hard, but the wrmende fire and the exciting stories that have been erzhlt by his uncle made these tough times berstehen always good. They had rarely suffer hunger in his childhood, nature gave her everything they needed, she and her tribe to survive. It was a Schne childhood with little deprivation. But that should change soon. Storm surges erschtterten his home, Daduchus valuable farming land was berschwemmt. The first winter came up to the people of his tribe, where the ancients watched the race with a worried expression on the cold and fruitless time of year. When he was herrangereift, he was gewhlt to Anfhrer his tribe. It is the tribe with the name "Adalman. Among all other Stmmen this has a specific task. The sons of this tribe are trained in martial arts since childhood. When war and emergency ber is herreinbrechen the Nordstmme the Anfhrer the "Adalman" in a Thing for Knig ber gewhlt all Stmme. This has schtzen the sole task of Nordstmme and shield. Vordert As the sea ever fiercer valuable farmland, and the Stmme always enjoyed a rising number of cradles, a decision had to be taken as the people should continue to be ernhrt. There was a great Thing, on which all were invited Nordstmme. There, it was decided that the strksten Stmme should go on tour and open up new land. At that firm reported the Stmme the "Suevi", "Wulf", "White Eagle", "Hohenstein", "Hallrich", "Norling" and the "Gauts. They all put themselves under the banner of the House of "Adalman" and was named Frodi Knig.
So they sailed off at that time full of joyful hope and expectation in the abdomen. The journey was difficult and more than once he doubted the success of the enterprise.
"Land in sight," shouted the lookout once again filled with joy about his sighting herraus the message, as if to mssen berzeugen the last doubters yet.

Under the banner of Adalman the country is rapidly colonized and named after the Schtzer and protector of Nordstmme. According to ancient tradition, the country will "Adalman" equitably distributed among the Stmmen and released from the Knig of his duties. Knig Frodi lives as head of his tribe to live in peace and joy. He no longer needs with dignity, as the Stmme fall into quarrels and fights. Wars are spreading and again followed by hunger and stealing from it. In this time of war landfall whlt the tribe Adalman a strong warrior and experienced Kmpfer to his head, Hupling Rotabard. This resolves possible war against the other Stmme against krzlich be positioned to fhren Alliance. Several years of struggle and the war created via Rotabard succeeds in defeating the last wiederstrebenden tribe. Rotabard grndet the kingdom Adalman and LSST are khren the Knig of the empire. He breaks with tradition and appoint its master and Knigshaus Shuttle available to the hereditary monarchy in his kingdom. Knig Rotabard may be a man of the sword is nher as the book, but he ruled the kingdom in peace and prosperity, and even revered by the people as being rich.

Many years elapse from the Stmmen are Frstentmer, from Drfern, incl. Two of Handelsstdte may submit purchase their Unabhngiger and erklren as Free, incl. The Frsten strive for ever more power and possession, which stndige foreign quarrels among Frsten. Knig Jarlman climbs the tron, but he Bank performs a power is almost none. Officially, he is the Knig of the empire, but the Frsten can not interfere in their decisions for a long time. You fhren war with each other and close their own brchige Alliance. The chapters are no longer rulers but at best intermediary among Frsten. This uncertain time sphlt also lots of shady mob up. Bandit suspect its chance of robber barons are spreading and have taken Seeruber possession of the Ksten. Send invaders at the bleeding Empire berfall to. That being rich is no longer worth the cowhide on which it was written.

So now, dear wanderer, so it is now in Knigreich Adalman. Will you succeed in this country traversed by war and death you build a good future? We will see it ...
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 Southern Realms - New Version (v 0.87 beta)  » posted under Southern Realms - New Version on Oct 05, 2009, 04:36:01 am
How do you download this in Moziila Firefox :-? :-? :-? ? I've clicked the Download button :-? and tried to use "Right-click => Save Link As" :-? but nothing happened :-? :-? :-? . And the files I downloaded from the Save Link As are not usable. :-? :-? :-?
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 Calradia, the 16th Century (v 1.00)  » posted under Calradia, the 16th Century on Oct 01, 2009, 06:36:14 am
Hey, I've tried playing it, but the program keep saying that a few "files" are not found. Why?

PS : I've not tried looking at the native module .ini files yet, so maybe, but I still am not sure.
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 Help  » posted under The new world on Sep 14, 2009, 10:02:38 am
:-? It won't start. Some problem with missing resource files. What's wrong? Can anyone help? :-? :-)
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   » posted under Gun Thunder on Sep 14, 2009, 10:01:27 am
Same here with altninja, there is something missing in the resource file, but I haven't figured it out yet. By the way, my version is 1.10

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