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MiLkInC Regular User Sep 04, 2009, 09:09:12 am 0 7
This mod is best for my play style. Just two things that bother me.
First is, when you capture and get castle or city, one of your npc is selected to be manager, can you make special npc ?
Second is, when i give my npc a village or castle, they become vassals, but relationship goes down rly fast and i just give 2 villages to 2 npcs (Lezalit first, second Borcha) and relationship with Lezalit deteriord from 84 to 31.
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 Crusaders mod (new texture surcoat) (v beta)  » posted under Crusaders mod (new texture surcoat) on Jun 06, 2010, 04:43:47 pm
Stop making new posts man, just make one. You have now like 5 posts about this mod !
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 Crusaders mod (beta version) (v beta)  » posted under Crusaders mod (beta version) on May 29, 2010, 03:13:32 pm
Warband works better ^^ Install both games and you wont have problems
Ok just got some wird error while playing (i took Saranids claimant) and after first conquer or their castle, i decided to give castle to her, after that i get 6 rows error missing file and some numbers ... will try again to make screenshot.
+1 good mod. Keep the good work !
WUHU gogogo, i love stories of King Arthur. Well nice features from video. BTW Excalibur is 2h sword :D Great job on naval battles -> inlove when i saw them. Also recruiting #1

Dont forget you can make knights of round table :) that would be awesome.
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 The Eagle and The Radiant Cross (v C3 0.3c)  » posted under The Eagle and The Radiant Cross on Oct 10, 2009, 04:09:33 am
All towns are fixed now ? Cuz i wont play if i cant go and capture all cityes, castles and villages.

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