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Brubar Regular User Aug 23, 2009, 08:09:05 pm 0 15
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 Re: Europe 1200 - Public Beta 3 (v Beta 3)  » posted under Europe 1200 - Public Beta 3 on Apr 27, 2011, 02:43:45 pm
TeaandCrumpets wrote:
Any way of using Polished Landscapes with this mod?
you can but the landscapes only have northern territories meshes (trees, land, etc)
so if you play in Spain for expample, you'll have northern trees, which is not realistic, but its more enjoyable for your eyes ;)
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 Age of Change v1.21 (v 1.21)  » posted under Age of Change v1.21 on Sep 19, 2010, 01:24:21 am
I just want to know if there are new companions in this mod? Other than the native's ones...I'm a bit tired of always having the same companions in different mods...

Looks really nice mod, thanks to you guys!
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 Building Models (v )  » posted under Building Models on Sep 19, 2010, 01:08:43 am
I'm a bit curious... if this is meant for 1257 AD mod, have you made some mosques? Or Pagan altars? That could be interesting...
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 Anno Domini 1257 (v 0.95pre10)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Sep 13, 2010, 07:32:11 pm
It's me again, I forgot something i thought was REALLY important.

It's a suggestion again, but i thought it was pretty weird that there are christian churches in Middle Eastern and Northern Africa cities, but there are no mosques at all!!
There's non need to put big or beautiful mosques, but only some little ones (like the churches); that would be a great and essential (i think) add-on for the Historical/Realistic aspect of this awesome mod.

-I got stuck in the Arab Troop Tree (in camp mode) and had to restart the game.
-I escorted a caravan (you know, for a guild master quest) and went by boat; the caravan was still a horse on water (should be a boat unless Caravans had water horses)
-Sometimes faces and heads just disappear (in battle, or anywhere in gameplay)

-Oh and if possible, i suggest that Oslo should be a coastal city (for now it isn't but in real life, it is).
-Shouldn't the "roman empire of Niceae" or the "Latin Empire" be called the "Byzantium Empire"??

I don't have those many crashes....
Thanks again
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 Anno Domini 1257 (v 0.95pre10)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Sep 12, 2010, 08:52:44 pm
you guys are diong an incredibly awesome job! thank you so much

there are still some graphical bugs:

-sometimes while traveling there are some big Geometrical forms in the middle of the screen.
-sometimes while travelling or during a battle, the sky and the trees go all weird, as if you'd had smoke a joint
-sometimes, the water texture on the world map becomes in fact a sky texture...(like for rivers)
-many errors while doing tournament (written in red)
-many errors while entering the arena (maybe it has something to do with the "more metal sounds mod")

Maybe you could add the city of Damascus? It was a veeeeeery important one at this time.
And this is only a suggestion: could it be possible to add more companions? the one you recruit in taverns and that become your friend, the ones you can equip yourself you know?
There are so many cities, but only a few of those characters, so it becomes really hard to find only one. you have to travel for a looooooooong time before finding one.
There are not many travellers, nor troubadours, nor ransom brokers too (if you take in consideration the great number of towns).

Otherwise, there has been so much improvements since the first versions, Bravo!
Thanks again guys!!
comment last edited by Brubar on Sep 12, 2010, 11:40:34 pm
Nice mod really

but I've got one issue while playing Blood and Steel mod. I replaced the sound file of BaS mod with the one of your More Metal Sound mod, and many sounds are weird: while traveling, the sound is not a horse sound anymore, it is the sound of metal clashing...
And while fighting in the arena, i get some errors since i replaced the sound file...
There may be other little issues like this one, I still don't know 'cause i just started playing the BaS mod. Same issues may happen i other mods.

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 Native Expansion v0.586 (v 0.586)  » posted under Native Expansion v0.586 on Aug 11, 2010, 12:37:36 pm
Is "wedding party" a new feature in this mod?
I'm sorry but i may be confusing with Warband...
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 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.95pre6)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Jun 22, 2010, 12:23:37 am
looks pretty well updated

beside the long time loading, my game crashed at the beginning when i was trying to get out of the city where i had started.

another time, it crashed just when i had clicked "done" when creating my character...

and i don't have such a bad computer so, please keep up the good work with the fixes

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 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.7)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Apr 19, 2010, 04:41:29 pm
Nice Work! There are way lesser bugs than the previous version!!

Still, i don't understand why the moving speed is SO HIGHT this is terribly annoying...for me! I think it reduces the "realism" of the game.

Also, I started with the French and thought that their blue color was a bit difficult to red, it fits too well with the background.

And wht don't you add the following cities: Toulouse, Marseilles and Bordeaux with a few villages from southern France?

Some cities in Sweden are not well placed. Göteborg should be a coastal city, and Malmö should be further south, not really far from Kopenhagen.

This really gets interesting!!
Wow thanks to you Checkmaty!
I had not seen the warband folder in your pack!
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 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.6)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Apr 16, 2010, 07:37:58 pm
Sorry I don't know about that.

Anyway there are still many bugs;

1-when i attack the bandit lair at the beginning of the game, I can't finisht the battle; i'm stuck on the battlefield (i can only retreat by reaching the end of the battlefield, the "tab" key is no use)
2-Something strange happened; i was running on the battlefield and then a clone of ME appeared in front of me and started running as far as he could....I killed him, but nothing happened...
3-There are some weird mountains on the Europe map borders (where there shouldn't be any...)
4-I can't choose in whick "country" I want to start with the merchant story at the beginning. I had no choice but to start at London.
5-There are lots of missing cities in southern France
6-when i entered London, a list of missing files showed up (written in red); there was a lot of missing things...

The mod looks pretty nice beside that so keep up your work!!
comment last edited by Brubar on Apr 16, 2010, 07:38:39 pm
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 1257 AD (improved) (v 0.6)  » posted under Anno Domini 1257 on Apr 16, 2010, 04:45:59 pm
Hey, I'm pretty interested in this mod. It looks awesome
But as the 2 dudes above me, after having created my character and defeated the 2 fighters in the town, nothing happens!
Cannot leave town, do not see any merchant...

So this makes a 5 minutes campaign! It's as much as long as the last C.o.D. Series so , good job! :P
I'll be waiting for that fix!
seriously awesome mod, nice work and thanks!!

But there is an annoying glitch for the Warband verison: when you travel through the "world map" instead of having hoof sounds, there are some "battlecry" sounds...yes yes that's really it!!! When you move, you hear "wwwweuraraaaaaaggh aaaaaaarrrrggggghhh cling cling kacling"

can't wait this one to be fixed!!
comment last edited by Brubar on Apr 16, 2010, 05:50:35 pm
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 Rus: XIII Century ver. 0.620 (v Beta 0.620)  » posted under Rus: XIII Century ver. 0.620 on Mar 31, 2010, 01:23:43 pm
This is an awesome mod seriously, you must beworkin so hard.

I also have some problems. I got many crashes (or CTDs) and they happened randomly; when i was talking to someone, when i was leaving a village or a town, when i was starting a battle....this gets pretty annoying.

Also there's something I might not have seen, but could someone tell me if there are any two handed swords???

And yeah, one last annoying thing; there is waaayyyy too many looters/deserters neart the city of Yatch (of the Rus). At the beginning of the game, if I'd go there, i'd always be captured i just couldn't avoid them!!

Keep up the good great work, this is getting more than interesting!!
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 Native Expansion v0.585 (v 0.585)  » posted under Native Expansion v0.586 on Mar 28, 2010, 11:43:06 pm
Nice work guys, this is awesome!
I have one question though; some of the companions (from the taversn) tell me they "do not trust me" so I can't hire them.
Does this mean my "honor rating" must increase? I've read all your ~85 points and haven't seen a thing about this.
If not, what must i do to be able to recruit them??


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