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adamai Regular User Aug 18, 2009, 12:58:38 am 0 1
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 Re: Barren Lands 2.01  » posted under Barren Lands 2.01 on Aug 18, 2009, 01:23:45 am
ok im formally submitting some positive critisism and feed back on the mod.

overall the mod is excellent i love the new armour sets and weapons. also the ability to rule your own kingdom via the kingdom management screen.

the new faction updates are ace too. nice work.

ok now the bad points.

the boats and sailing part is pointless and glitchy as hell so i would take that out.

also your armour balancing isnt too well balanced i understand your intentions but armoured troops simply take for ever to kill and unarmoured troops die as quick as you can recruit them.

also the weapon damages are too high they deal far to much damage. when you put high dmg troops which also have high level of armour you get a huge advantage over any army that doesnt have armoured troops or not so many.

recomendations to make the mod excellent in every way.

1/ restore armour varients so light troops recieve some protection from their leather armour, and armoured troops are not as protected, basically leave as orriginal settings.

2/ reduce damage of the weapons back to standard its not needed, you have gone just a little too far. maybe give weapons a small diffrence in dmg output this will show the light armour troops from the heavy armour troops easily enough, grqanting more realisum to armour mitigation factors too much makes it unrealistic. i had one rus gaurd take out 10 of my militia by himself and he still survived, and if im not mistaken milition seem to be wearing chain mail and surcoats with round helms, doesnt that give them armour protection ?.

3/ the new land scape texture was something i couldnt quite decide if i liked or not, i think i prefer the orriginal land scape to the new one, but thats just me.

4/ maybe add new banners and heraldric patterns for the troops so armies are more cutomizable in their image, also make it so barded horses bare the coat of arms of the army too, that would be cool.

/5 the lay out of the new map is awesome dont change that for the world, but if its possible maybe add 2 more additional factions based on the era and history, that would be great and give us more options.

al in all its an excellent mod i like it just those few points.

ive reset my armour settings in the ini file back to default to restore some of the change you made to dmg mitigation and survivability of new troops, doing this has alllowed my militia to take on one rus gaurd 4-1 before they can kill him i think thats about right.

also can i make a formal request for a second version of the barren lands that does not sport the armour and weapon dmg modifier changes and uses the traditional orriginal game mechanics please. leave all the other modifications how they are as their awesome. the armour and weapons dont seem realistic.

so their we have it, ive been playing your mod solid for the last 3 days and i like it bar those 2 main things.

so weapon changes dont really work and the armour mitigations doesnt work to well either.

the kingdom manager and so on is cool.

so add some heraldric banners so we can wear them on our cavelry's horses and troops surcoats and sheilds :)

or if you take MB_1257_EDITION mod and combine it wth your mod minus the armour and weapon changes you guys between you will have a masterpeice.

oh yea p.s. i lost all my troops while stormin a castle to archers who was defending with swords. so more evidence that the armour changes and weapon changes dont work to well.#

dont get me wrong i do love it its great. just those two things are probably going to gt to me after a while.

keep up the excellent work and i hope to see those small changes take shape soon, you have a fan :)

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