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I am not saying that the Ottomans had a bad army. To be sure it is difficult to say anything certain about the Ottoman military in general since its armies came from all over and were sometimes as diverse as the people who made up the empire.

But it is a fact that the armies fielded by the Ottomans in the Balkans at this time were out classed by their opponents. In part this was because the uprising armies had superior weapons available to them, but more so the leaders of the rebel armies had a lot of experience and used organization and tactics better suited for muskets and cannon. And also because empires rarely send high quality troops to put down rebellions.

Are there any suggestions on how to make the Ottomans stronger?
While the Ottomans were the dominate power in the Balkans at this time their army was ineffective and preformed poorly in almost every battle. Keep in mind that this mod takes place before the Nizam-i Cedid.

At the battle of Ivankovac (1805) the Serbs fielded no more than 3000 men to the Turks 15,000 and won the day. At Misar 9,000 Serbs nearly annihilated the Turkish army of 40,000. And at Deligrad 35,000 Serbs routed 55,000 Ottoman regulars with significant Janissary support. The battles of 1815-17 under Obrenovic went much the same.

The Greek war of independence also saw Christian rebels achieving victory against larger Ottoman forces, until Ibrahim Pasha's new style from Egypt got involved in 1825.

For Gradascevic and his Bosnians they won a great victory against an Ottoman force of equal size at Kosovo Field and their rebellion was only crushed after the Bosnian army was weakened by a winter Campaign in Herzegovina and the Ottomans renewed attacks from multiple directions the following spring.

Thus I made the Ottomans in this mod weaker than the other factions but larger and with a higher reinforcement level. That being said I have no problem defeating the other armies with the Ottomans. It just requires the right terrain and a little skill. Try drawing fire with your ranged troops (Archers) and bring in your melee infantry (which are actually a lot stronger than the other faction's troops) and cavalry from the flanks. If you send your cavalry and melee troops strait into the enemy fire (the way the Ottomans actually did) you are going to lose a lot of them before they engage. For defense try to keep your melee troops and cavalry behind a rise in the terrain until the last moment.

Because the Ottomans are so challenging to use I actually find myself having the most fun with them.

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