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murdock40 Regular User Jul 14, 2009, 11:49:34 pm 0 10
i have the next problem,i download this mod but when i install ,the next error show up in the part of arena1.ogg the source file is corrupted,whats going on?
hi there:
take this advice
1.- finish moddeling (your designes are awsome i hope that soon you can add the viking side)
2.- i can see that you add the slinger weapon and a pot of fire that blows (nice ideas),check their functions maybe there is a conflict with the RGL...specially with the slinger.
3.- your Ambush option dont work (conflict with the C++), in the next version put only the the charge option until the Ambush can work
4.- when i siege a casttle and i have less soldiers,the enemy rally charge agaisnt me, but in the battlefield there is only me agaisnt the enterie enemy (check the code)
right now i dowload 1.37...i hope that in the future this mod its gonna be the besto mod ever for the warband..but 1st finish moddeling then the rest.this is an advice from a huge fan. I try the solutions for your forum but still the problems with the C++ and RGL engine,thatas why i try to told you go bacj for the basics the up up to more complicate options for the game.thx a lot
hi there i have a big bug!!!!,when i enter a big battle all the mod(weapons,armors and horses) appear to color white (directx7) or black(directx9),if my machine hold this error,the entire map appear white and i cannot save or if the battle continues the next round there is a conflict with the RGL with every item.i hope that you can fix it...and 1 last question: what has to do to siege a castle? can you tell me the order of options,thx a lot
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 The American Cilvil War Mod V.1 (v Demo Version)  » posted under The American Cilvil War Mod V.1 on Jul 18, 2011, 05:13:09 pm
RGL Error

get_object failed for body:bo_palm_a
I have some crashes

1.- when i initialize the game,im inside the Alt Clut city, enter the city menu,go to the marketplace, trade with armor merchant and... crash
2.- i go to Caer Uisc city, meathall...and crash
3.- i enter the hadrian wall...and game crash
4.- when i enter a battle agaisnt the bandits...crash the game

all this error has to do with the runtime library,if you can fix it...and 1 more thing,can you add more one handed axe's ?...thx
hi there i have a little can i fix my damage weapons?can someone put the instructions please...i have in a middle of battle and i lost my axe XD..thx a lot
hi there,great mod!!!!, i have a few suggestions,can you add more range to the archers?,when i go to battle,they can fire 1 or 2 rounds before the melee fight, even some of my archers can fire a 3rd round; the other thing if you can put 2 more factions.- 1 like the king arthur´s faction (you can use the total roman barbarian expansion for inspiration :-D ),and the viking or norsmen faction.
1 last thing,when i enter to battle,some of my equites (mercenaries) appear with no horses or decide to fight on foot, and have to fight like infantry,can you check this?.thx again i hope that can develope more and more of this mod,can easily reemplace the native :lol: :lol: :lol: .i salute you.thx
hi there, i have 1 bug,when it comes the WEEEKLY BUDGET,the table its in blank and i cannot continue the game :-( ,even the option CONTINUE not appear,can you please check that?,by the way awesome mod.thx
hi there,a very good mod;i have 2 questions:
1.- when i assault a castle or town and the enemies appear,just the last group of enemys,the game crash :cry: ,can you fix it?
2.-how can i have sex with a lady?i do every mission than she gave me(she is amazon),and she gave me the token >:) >:) >:)
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 Giants versus Dwarves (v 0.1 Beta)  » posted under Giants versus Dwarves on Dec 08, 2009, 09:42:15 pm
nice mod¡¡¡,unfortunatly i choose a dwarf and when i attack a ogres bandits i cannot hurt them with my big axe two hands with 52 of damage¡¡¡,however they can destroy my entire party(including keith and yrina XD ),and the towns apear when i walk,and the armors cannot wear them,can fix those bugs?

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