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Rosha Uploader May 13, 2009, 02:54:30 pm 1 12
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1  Wedding Dance Beta .92 (M&B 1.011 compatible) Dec 29, 2009 43.4 212,080 4.5 / 5.0 343,634 230.25 MB 300
Sorry for the crashes, those of you who are having them. I'm pretty sure I know what's caused it, and will upload a fix for this tomorrow.
Ugh! This is disturbing. I'm guessing it may be related to sound files. If you have any details that might help, please post em at
There are some compatablility issues with some add-ons like more metal sounds, panoramic and some others. It does work with some, like graphic enhancement mod. Try a new install of M&B in a different directory and it should work.
IP: logged
 Wedding Dance Beta .8 (M&B 1.01 (v .8)  » posted under Wedding Dance Beta .92 (M&B 1.011 compatible) on Nov 18, 2009, 12:35:57 am
The bug with flora and fauna mod add ons will be fixed for the next version.

The thing that causes the most crashes with .8 is add on's. More metal sounds, panoramic mod etc. Battle sizer should work, but higher number's will cause it to crash. My guess would be graphic or sound add ons. Sorry bout that.
All the companions should be safe to leave at the palace, but do NOT leave your spouse there, as he/she will be lost.
Please post bug reports here:

You will also find chariot guides and other help here.
No endgame is coded yet...sorry. I'll be adding more features to kingdom management, and more end game stuff.
Currently finishing up and tweaking chariots.
Just play it as you would normally, the story line will find you, you might find new quests and characters along the way
Thanks for the debug info everyone. Glad you like the mod, and the bugs are being worked out :)

To use the mod, pick up the folder in the zip file, and drop it in the modules directory in your mount and blade file.
Fixed broken 2 NPC's and a quest
Should be .75 and .751 save game compatible
Doh, sorry, found a bug that prevented a new quest from starting. It's been fixed and a new file uploaded. Should be .75 save game compatible.
Sorry bout that.
Hmm...I wasn't aware that anyone would play it after the Empire was reformed, I'll look into fixing that. The end game needs more attention in general though, might be a few releases away.

When Sir Vincent comes he tell's you where to find your sister, and she shouldn't disappear from the map, I'll try to make it so you can find her from a traveler.
Wow...many thanks to you all :) It's just a personal mod I've been working on since about .808

Sorry bout the missing armor. It sucked, so I removed it. I'm adding more quests, and new features for the next release, so it might not be perfectly stable. (thus the beta title)

Thanks for your comments. :-D

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