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Flanged Uploader Apr 29, 2009, 07:00:39 pm 2 10
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1  Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 Jan 06, 2011 3.82 11,061 5.0 / 5.0 26,695 146.55 MB 13
2  Gangs Of Glasgow - Massive Slash (Newest Version) Jun 29, 2009 7.96 27,498 3.4 / 5.0 38,606 65.22 MB 19
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 Re: Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Pa (v )  » posted under Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 on Feb 01, 2011, 06:25:22 am
relaxin wrote:
grabbing the patch now.

Will the stadium be based on Ibrox or Parkhead?

It was going to be Ibrox, but that turned out being a bit more complicated than I realised at first. Plus, it has blue gravel round the pitch, which looks weird in-game. Now I'm thinking it'll be more like the old Hampden Park, but that I'll still put in Ibrox and Parkhead as the faction headquarters for the final version of the full mod, since I'll have more time to get them right that way. So the stadium in part 2 will be kind of a generic stadium, but with both Rangers and Celtic flags and banners placed all over their respective ends.

It'll be more realistic that way, since I doubt they'd hold an Old Firm Cup Final at either Parkhead or Ibrox. It'd be asking for trouble.
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 Re: Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Pa (v )  » posted under Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 on Jan 27, 2011, 06:21:37 am
relaxin wrote:
Any chance of playing the Rangers side of things?
Or maybe some fighting in the stadium?

I was thinking you'd have to infiltrate a Rangers ICF mob in part two, so that you can bring the two sides to a confrontation at the Cup Final in the big stadium. The park still needs a lot of work though, and so do other scenes, so it might be a while till it's finished.
relaxin wrote:
Even if there is never a part two, this one was great. Thanks for the work!

There'll definitely be a part 2 eventually, but for now there's a patch that I put out last night. It fixes a few bugs and makes the "Fire Raid" mission easier.

Download from here:
dowdpride wrote:
great. so i have to restart my whole bloody campaign??? i think at least my own country would be proud of me, for disposing our lontim eenemies!! why would you put in a system for killing lords if you make it so everyone hates us for doing so?????

It's realistic, a Lord who executed another Lord (or chief) in those days would've been seen as breaking all the established rules of the society. You could kill all the peasants you wanted (kind of) but not the high-ups. It's a shame if you restart the whole campaign though. Why not just play as a beleaguered tyrant, hated by all for his murder of noblemen? Was the feature not mentioned in the readmes beforehand?
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 Re: Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Pa (v )  » posted under Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 on Jan 19, 2011, 07:08:28 pm
Lighthamish wrote:
Fun mod but it needs improving a bit ;-)

What would you like to see improved? Graphics, sounds, gun accuracy, etc. or did you run into a problem with the first jump or the difficulty? The jump and some othr issues should soon be fixed in a patch, hopefully tonight.
Visually stunning mod, especially with the Polished Landscapes add-on. The scenes are absolutely beautiful, and great to siege. It gets the atmosphere of those times just right (as far as we can tell from looking back). Bandit and pirate party speeds on the map seem to have been reduced, thankfully, so that they can now be outrun in the early game - yay! It's now possible to be a merchant, though you'll still need a lot of protection. The Gaelic and Old English names of units, towns, and NPCs can be a bit confusing at first but you'll soon figure out what everyone does.

Well done to the makers of Brytenwalda!
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 Prophesy of Pendor V3.204 for Warba (v 3.204)  » posted under Prophesy of Pendor V3.42 for Warband on Jan 14, 2011, 10:49:18 am
This is a tremendous modding achievement, absolutely huge and very in-depth. The combat sounds and the music especially are perfect, and make the atmosphere very engrossing.

What's up with the voices for the Ravenstern Lords, though? The guy sounds a bit :pint:
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 Re: Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Pa (v )  » posted under Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 on Jan 14, 2011, 10:37:24 am
clickstyle wrote:
Actually I'm hoping that the ful mod will be updated for the original and not warband. :green:

That's what I'd like to do as well, but I've only got one life. :-D I suppose I'll have to learn to mod Warband eventually, and I can learn as I port. Maybe one day there'll be another full release for original M&B though.

You have to admit, the fact that Warband has dynamic objects could be used to very cool effect. Realistically destructible walls! Dropping bricks on folk's heads off motorway bridges!
The possibilities are endless.

Like you, I still prefer the original M&B though.
comment last edited by Flanged on Jan 14, 2011, 10:38:03 am
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 Re: Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Pa (v )  » posted under Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm - Part 1 on Jan 07, 2011, 08:44:34 pm
clickstyle wrote:
this is just a mini mod? Its not an update to the mod that came out a while back?

Yeah, it's a story-lined set of Quick Battles, not a new version of the full mod. It doesn't have a world map or free-roaming and character creation and all that. It's more like a kind of action-adventure game than traditional M&B. The next version of the full mod will hopefully be ported to Warband.
Ok Wookie wrote: should make fun of handicaped people, they have disabletes!

Maybe in Part 2.
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 Re: Star Wars: Conquest  » posted under Star Wars: Conquest on Aug 28, 2009, 10:45:08 pm
To paraphrase the Immortal Bard, and his pseudo-Luke Skywalker, Hamlet:

"What a piece of work is this Mod? How noble in it's scripting! How infinite in Races! How like an angel in it's wide selection of fully-realised Star Wars weaponry? How like a God!!!

"The beauty of the modding world... Paragon of Mods!"

Time for my bed, I think. But seriously, this is a truly fantastic mod. How do you vote on here?
Thanks for the comments, my brothers and sisters. This mod, to say the least, is unfinished and unpolished. I'm not sure I'd ever want it to be polished, as such - rough as fuck is it's natural state, and suits the setting (that's my excuse).

More fun stuff is the aim now, and more stuff to do in general. Working on re-enabling all quests, adding some new ones, and just basically adding a ton of miscellaneous stuff (scenes, dialogue, weapons, armour... vehicles). And good Arenas.

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