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Von Brett Regular User Apr 28, 2009, 08:35:36 pm 0 11
Lovely Mod upgrade rosha.. Done yourself proud

I had a few problems, mainly due to Taverns, i'm unsure as to what causes it. One time it crashed as i entered the Tavern, another time it crashed when I spoke to a drunk.. however i've re-tried this a few times and it's worked the other times, so as i've said, i'm at a loss as to what causes it. apart from that things are running smoothly..

Gameplay is up to it's better than the best standard as always, one thing i've found is that when it comes to the time to announce the Empire is back, there is no option to do so, so at the moment i remain a 'Prid Rebel' which is never as good (also means I can't recruit Empire troops at villages- at vast expense to my coffers ;-) ) I'm unsure as to whether this is due to me declaring war on someone through the empire option before announcing the empires existance or whether it's just missing..

Things to think of.. Adding new items would be a good one, i noticed a few new ones, but the same old 'bastard sword' from the 1st release of M&B is a bit passe :lol:
With your new surrender options, is it possible to make the Enemy surrender? For example, If you capture a King or lord, they surrender one of their Fiefs to you rather than offering you a few thousand coins for their release, which isn't worth it.. (also might want to strengthen the Kings and Queens of the realms.. i think they should be a more 'elite' class and very very hard to kill prehaps 4 or 5 times as strong, as when you can beat down a king with a rusty toothbrush.. you wonder as to whether their claim to throne is a good one..
Chariots. Lovely work! a true beauty! To maximise the use of them, could you have various different torni options, for example along side the normal torni, add in chariot racing.. and prehaps something like an archery competition to help win your bride to be 'similar to the robin hood story' all found through the torni menu
Not sure if you've ever heard of the 'lombard leagues' mod.. but they did some EXTENSIVE work into ruling a town etc, like your mod, it was by far the best of it's time.. They had a system where there were 'council meetings' where you sort out the locals disputes etc.. it is hugely impressive! and well worth your time looking at i feel it would shoot your mod about 2 years ahead of everyone elses.. i was a private tester for this mod so i can give you any further details if you like.. I would seriously recommend it :-D
Just a small thing, maybe a few new banners too.. i'd love to see a few banners of the 'Empire' in amongst the other normal ones

Will keep you updated as i play on..

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 Wedding Dance Beta .8 (M&B 1.01 (v .8)  » posted under Wedding Dance Beta .92 (M&B 1.011 compatible) on Oct 08, 2009, 12:53:18 am
Tis a very good mod.. by far my fav and some extraordinary additions from the normal run-of-the-mill mods.. such as your amazing work with chariots :) it's the little additions that set this mod so far apart from others.. would be nice to have some special items dotted around here and there.. maybe items that once you defeat certain people you loot or fight over precious items in a dual or even once you have a full set of items you gain a few extra attribute.. sucj as a Dark lords armour where once you have the armour, gauntlets, leggings, helmet and sword.. you get an additional bonus like 5 strength points or something like that.. :pint:

Would love to see some more little original things that you stumble across and thing Ohh :-D the other thing i like in some mods is magic :D such as in the Wheel of time mod and others.. if you could incorporate magic in just a little bit.. like maybe a special brotherhood of weird zap bang magic dudes :) also something similar to the Noldar in P of Panda or whatever its called (the name eludes me) just a few 'elite' factions that have maybe one castle that you can only view on a certain quest.. or if you're freindly enough with them.. I have a good idea for it.. based on a few mods i've played (i just lack the tech know-how) if you're interested then comment and i'll babble on a bit more and you might be able to make my babble a reality..

But very very nice work.. this mod may of just passed my original fav the Lombard Leagues.. for which i was a tester :)

you can't hire guards in I.Palace yet slip :) we were suggesting it as a good idea for next release :lol: :hammer:

Von Brett
good man rosha 8-)

and just as another suggestion.. i think it'd be cool if the lords or kings had special items.. such as King whetever's sword and stuff which you can collect from loot after defeating them..

and maybe some more stuff to do inside the imperial palace like if you talk to the captain of the guard he lets you recruit imperiasl guards or something?

Von Brett
yea i tried that too slip.. great minds think alike huh.. but still no luck.. i think she's abandoned her heritage and gone off with a swadian knight =/

Von Brett
yea theres someone around which has the option 'i need to locate a companion' but theres no option to look for any =/

so i'm a bit stuck =/ her being the ruler of everything etc .. lol

Von Brett
yea i thought that too but she appears to be avoiding the pub.. is there a sewing class or something that i havnt managed to locate?

Von Brett
just a quicky.. but i've been slowly taking over the other factions (before declaring the new empire) and steise has now left the party as she didn't like my buddys.. :-( how do i relocate her? or do i have to start alllll over again and not piss her off this time?

Von Brett
this is crazy!! i thought i'd give it a try as it would be a laugh.. but it turns out its actually a fantastic mod!! 10/10 this is my fav mod by far (previous fav was lombard leagues) but wow :) not that it need much work, but don't stop with this mod :D it's right up there!! 8-) ;-) :hammer: :-D :-D :-D
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 Re: Roots of Yggdrassil  » posted under Roots of Yggdrassil on May 15, 2009, 11:24:48 pm
lol at the rape button idea.. would improve historical accruacy tenfold maybe a toned down way of doing it.. for example if you raid a village aswell as munnies and goods.. you get some women as captives too? ;-) havn't played this one yet but it sounds good.. *waiting for it to download* arghh *starts twitching*

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 Re: Chuck Norris Mod  » posted under Chuck Norris Mod on Apr 28, 2009, 08:39:40 pm
i think it's good to have a bit of random stuff in here and there.. keeps us sane.. kind of.. :hammer:

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