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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2010, 03:30:46 pm
First Created: Dec 04, 2008, 11:15:53 am
File version: v4.57 Gold beta
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 97,436 (270,927) Size: 201.79 MB
Views: 241,519 (446,056) Type: EXE
Home:  SoD Subforum on Taleworlds
Rating (58 votes): 4.5 / 5.0
Why choose Sword of Damocles?
Sword of Damocles is most complex and advanced kingdom management mod. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it also tries to simulate kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking economy and adding new buildings. It also allows you to choose your faith which heavily influence your kingdom, allow you to build religious structures and eventually if you spread your faith ardently enough to upgrade your elite troops to unmatched holy warriors. You will also have to develop two new kingdom management skills, Administration and Intrigues to efficiently rule your kingdom. You will also have to look out on new Badboy feature known from Europa Universalis series.
Sword of Damocles also offers realistic army management system where you require military buildings to upgrade your faction exclusive troops, are able to create army detachments and can issue orders to all your lords through Strategic Map. Both you and enemy kings can hire independent factions - Mercenary Guilds to fight side by side your troops. Overhauled AI will make
On top of that Sword of Damocles provides solid back story and a damocles sword hanging over your Royal head, The Legion which destroyed your homeland and now comes to gobble up another tasty morel which is Calradia, huge invasion is heard to come within one year. Huge invasion will attack Calradia. You have one year to prepare.
To fight the threat you'd better arm yourself. 600 new items and 300 new troops from all old and 12 new factions wait at your disposal.
Sword of Damocles also adds much more gameplay tweaks, graphic enhancements and other features. There is so many that even detailed description below does not cover them all. Let's just mention few most popular like ability to set up completely custom battles, battle camera to observe battle after you fall wounded, enchanced auto resolve system, formations and overhauled Chel's battle morale, custom graphics for each menu screen and all towns and castles, improved autoloot to easily manage your completely reworked companions, Jedediah Q's companion management screen etc.
But that's not all. Sword of Damocles offers to play SoD Submod Variants like: Auxiliarii by Twan, Gunpowder Invasion by Deathknight13 and fantasy Undead Invasion.

(updated : 25 April 2010)

INSTALLATION: Run downloaded EXE file and unpack it to your MnB Modules directory. Choose Sword of Damocles in MnB launcher. Enjoy. Warning! 600MB disk space required.

PATCH ONLY for v4.57
(MUST HAVE V4.55C installed to use this patch)
Just copy the 3 texture files into texture folder and other files in main "Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.57 beta_Module" folder. If you are not familiar with how to do this, download entire mod above in this thread. This patch was deleted so if never installed, it is not needed.

Look in the SoD forum for new patchs / hotfixes.


Sword of Damocles - Gold Team

Cyclohexane, FleshyStarfish, Kuba, Mordachai, Shjn, Twan, vonMistont

I Kingdom Management
Advanced Kingdom Simulation

Become a King
  • You arrived to Calradia with small force of your Homeland Troops. You found this new land divided and obviously unable to survive Invasion that also destroyed your Homeland.
  • Conquer a castle or town to become a King, grow in strength and unite Calradia before the storm.
  • After you become a king number of new options will become available.
  • In your castles and towns you will meet your Marshal, Chancellor and Treasurer.
  • In Camp menu you will gain access to Edicts panel where you will be able to enact laws.
  • If you have enough fiefs to give away you will be able to recruit your own Lords.
  • New menus will appear in Camp Menu:
  • You will gain access to Edicts panel where you will be able to enact laws.
  • Strategic Map option will appear, you will have view over whole Calradia and you will be able to control your armies through it.
  • You will gain access to Centralized Fief Management menu.
  • You will be able to send your men to a mission via Artifacts menu.
  • 20 Lords is available for recruitment.
  • Talk with Chancellor to recruit new Lords, you must have at least one fief to give away (and still have a fief for yourself).
  • Lord's economy is completely reworked. They need income just like you.
  • Lord's without fiefs will have negative relations with you and won't make profit to supply an army.
  • Lords upgrade their own fiefs.

Population & Taxes
  • Towns and Villages now have population. This is also base for completely reworked taxing system.
  • Population is now base income of your fief (taxpayers) modified by prosperity, religion acceptance, buildings and edicts.
  • Population will eventually grow but bad relations with fief, bad fief's health, raids, random events or forced draft can lower it.
  • Minimum & Maximum population for Villages is 50/500 and for Towns 500/3000.
  • Taxes player finally receive come from 3 separate sources. Peasants, Towns and Scutage Tax from player's vassals.
  • For more changes in taxes concept see Ruler's Skills chapter, Administration & Demesne.
  • Castles are your main military facilities. There you will be able to build your most advanced military buildings.
  • But Castles don't give you income, in fact you must pay weekly maintenance fee (150, or 100 with Blacksmith).
  • Watch out for health of your villagers, beware of health related random events.

  • 5 faiths to choose, each comes with 5 new faith troops, 4 religious buildings and affects your kingdom's population.
  • Local faith acceptance has great influence on your population.
  • Faith can modify your fief's income up to 10%.
  • Low faith acceptance will have negative effect on your relations with fiefs.
  • High global faith allows you to convert your best Noble Troops to Zealots
  • Consecrate your Zealots in Castle's Chapel to get one of Holy Warriors.
  • 25 Faith Troops, but you can only get one based on your homeland and your faith.

Royal Edicts
  • 36 Edicts divided into 4 categories to enact. Truly rule your kingdom by setting laws.
  • You can choose laws for 4 social classes, peasants, townspeople, clergy, and nobility.
  • You can choose from 36 edicts but in one moment there can be only 10 active so choose wisely.
  • Your kingdom needs stability so often changes of laws can have devastating effect on your kingdom.

New Buildings
  • 16 buildings available, some create synergies with Edicts

II Ruler's Skills & Diplomacy
Sword of Damocles introduces two new skills, Administration and Intrigues it also overhauls diplomacy.

  • New badboy system, if you look like a threat for Calradians they will react and form an alliance against you
  • Your initial badboy is based on your relation with calradians when you create your faction
  • You gain badboy when you take cities and castles or developp your religion
  • You lose some badboy every week, according to your honour, the size of your realm and your number of academies
  • If your badboy reach 40 something bad happen

  • To keep the same number of skills Prisoner Management was included into Leadership.
  • Persuasion personal skill has now more functions and is known under Intrigues name.
  • Administration and Demesne concept:
  • To effectively rule over large kingdom and eventually build huge an empire you need good -Administration skill.
  • Large empire might collapse under it's size, administration becomes less and less effective.
  • Answer is either more effective administration or decentralization by ceding fiefs to your vassals.
  • For each level of Administration skill you King will receive 50 Demesne Points (DP).
  • Each fief has value in DP. Village 10 DP, Castle 15 DP, Town 30 DP.
  • Difference between King's DPs and cumulated fief's value will change tax income.
  • For each DP difference income will be changed by 1% up or down for All Fiefs!
  • So if you have only Administration 1 (50 DPs) and hold i.e. 3 Towns, 2 Castles and 3 Villages you will get -100% income!
  • Demesne cost for each fief can be modified by Buildings, you can also get more DPs from Edicts.

Intrigues & Propaganda
  • Intrigues supply give all persuasion bonuses both native and those from previous SoD versions.
  • If you defeated a faction some lords with whom you have good relations can join you if you have high Intrigues.
  • Just like Administration knowledge of Intrigues is necessary for a King to manage great empire.
  • For each level of Intrigues skill you earn 50 Propaganda Points (PP).
  • Base PP at 0 skill level is 10. Each fief you own subtracts from this number:
  • Village 10PP, Castle 5PP, Town 30PP.
  • Difference between Ruler's PP and value of fiefs result in relations modifier with all fiefs.

III Army Management
Innovative & Realistic Army Management and AI overhaul

  • Unlike in Native or in any other mod troops in SoD don't just miraculously upgrade to completely other kind of troop after battle. Troop training takes time and equipment also does not grow on trees.
  • In SoD Homeland Troops which will be backbone of your army upgrade to their experienced versions marked with *.
  • Experienced troops marked with * have exactly the same equipment as their inexperienced counterparts.
  • To upgrade unit to different kind you must have proper military building in your castle or town:
  • Barracks - Allow you to upgrade peasants to your Homeland Melee Footmen.
  • Range - Allows you to upgrade peasants to your Homeland Ranged Footmen.
  • Stables - Allow you to upgrade your basic Melee Footmen to your Cavalry.
  • Chapters - This expensive buildings attract noble refugees from your fallen Homeland. You can not train peasant to become Noble. Build Chapter and eventually they will come to you. Chapters also allow you to upgrade Noble troop line further.
  • Chapel - This small building will allow you to upgrade your best noble troops to powerful Holy Warriors if you were spreading your faith ardently enough.
  • Upgrading troops costs money. Equipment cost can be lowered by constructing blacksmith, cost will be reduced by 50%.
  • When you have experienced* troops and proper military buildings constructed talk to your Marshal and order training.
  • See New Factions chapter to learn about Homeland Troops and Mercenary Guild Troops.

  • At any time you can detach troops from your party and create new Regiment.
  • Talk to any of your troops and order him to create a Regiment.
  • Regiment will show up near your party.
  • Meet with the regiment to issue orders.
  • Be warned! For troops in Regiments you will pay 2x more wages!

Formations & Overhauled Morale
  • Formations and Morale are by default ON. You can turn them OFF in Reports Menu->Settings.
  • Sword of Damocles tweaks morale system:
  • Biggest issue with morale feature was that when morale was broken whole army, peasants, recruits and knights alike were running away. We fixed that.
  • You should no longer experience whole armies running away after losing few troops.
  • Low leveled recruits may run but your veterans will continue fighting even in harsh conditions.

Troop Trees & Wages
  • Before you become a king you will be able to recruit only Farmers in villages.
  • Farmers upgrade to mercenary troop tree.
  • You will also be able to recruit mercenaries in taverns.
  • There are many random mercenaries showing up in taverns.
  • You can also talk to tavern keeper to recruit other soldiers.
  • Townspeople who upgrade to mercenaries, Refugees that upgrade to Sword Sisters and finally Manhunters.
  • Troops wages vary, army based on Homeland units is the least expensive.
  • You pay base wages for Homeland Player Exclusive Troops.
  • Mounted units cost 65% more.
  • Mercenaries cost 100% more.
  • Calradian troops (Native Kingdom’s Troops) cost 50% more
  • If you want you may switch troop recruitment to Native one. You will recruit Native troops in villages.
  • It's not advised and consider it a cheat. You will find this option in Reports Menu -> Settings.

  • When you become a king you will be able to give garrisoning orders via Fief Management page.
  • Set max garrison value for each walled center. (default 150)
  • Hire trainers to your castles and towns.
  • You can have up to 5 trainers per garrison.
  • First trainer always cost 100 denars, but each next one will be 100 denars more expensive (second - 200, third - 300).
  • Each trainer charges 50 denars weekly.
  • One trainer can auto-garrison 2 recruits daily.
  • Be warned troops recruited by draft are distracted from fief's population!
  • Each troop you rceruit is 1 population less in town or in village belonging to a castle.
  • Visit villages directly to find volunteers who are not counted as taxpaying population of the fief.
  • They also exercise castle's garrison every day increasing it's experience.
  • You need specific military facilities to make trainers useful (Barracks to recruit and train infantry, practice range for archers and stables for cavalry).

AI Overhaul
  • New war peace system giving explanations of AI decisions to the player
  • If you conclude peace you must respect a 30 days truce before restarting war or will lose honor and gain badboy (AIs never break truces)
  • Kingdoms base their decisions to start wars or propose peace on the evolution of their power
  • They have objectives and try to expand logically, their situation determines their ambition and so how offensive their lords are
  • Lord personnalities have an influence on their decisions as well as their personnal situation compared to over lords
  • Choice of 3 systems for autoresolved battles : Bloodbath (very fast), Kt0 Improved Autorsolve (extremely realistic) or Native

IV New Factions:
12 Completely new Factions plus all Old Factions to a total of 16 factions not counting bandits and alike!

Player Faction:
  • You start as King's Child, refugee from country invaded by The Legion.
  • Choose from 5 player exclusive factions, Antarian Empire, Villianese Duchy, Kingdom of Aden, Zerrikanian Sultanate or Republic of Marina
  • Antarian Empire - Proud aristocratic country, Heavy armored foot melee based army.
  • Republic of Marina - Trade faction basing it's army on mercenaries, foot based mixed army, excellent at sieges.
  • Kingdom of Aden - Feudal country with strong cavalry traditions.
  • Villianese Duchy - Idyllic clan based realm with skilled foot melee soldiers and unmatched archers.
  • Zerrikanian Sultanate - Proud nation with strong cavalry tradition.
  • You will have access to exclusive Homeland troops unique for each faction.
  • Each troop tree consists of Infantry line, Ranged line, Cavalry line and completely separate Nobility troop tree.
  • Each homeland has it's strengths and weak points.

Mercenary Guilds
  • 6 mercenary factions offering single troops as well as whole army regiments for hire. Not only to you but to your enemies as well. Don't be surprised if you see party of mercenaries following enemy lord.
  • Gain their trust doing new quests!
  • You can find Mercenary 5 Mercenary Guild Headquarters on the map and their representatives in towns...
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IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Supremus on Sep 08, 2010, 10:11:30 am
I used to have de same problem on Win 7..crash, crash, crash. On a bug problem on SoD forum i read that for a dialog problem u need to have the MB vresion on softpedia.
I downloaded that version and now MB dont crash at all(I didnt have the dialog problem but still i install this version).
For the crash at save or when the error say somthing about vertex, u need to put the texure settings under 50...
The link is this
Hope it helps...
If not , sory to waste your time. :oops:

And i think the ppl from SoD dont answer on this page, if u have a problem scroll up an click on the link in the mod description right-top page.

PS.The clasical "Sry for my english". >:)
comment last edited by Supremus on Sep 08, 2010, 10:14:17 am
IP: logged
 Re: Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Vipsanius on Sep 09, 2010, 09:53:27 pm

Queen's English or not - your suggestion may well have worked so far. Now my only problem is Gaius Marius.


IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by AchillesDeFlandres on Sep 25, 2010, 11:06:27 pm
I extracted the files to modules, I keep getting a fatal error on start-up, I'm using warband 1.127 is that the wrong version? I don't see on here where it says what version to use.
IP: logged
 Re: Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Vipsanius on Sep 26, 2010, 10:56:20 am

This is a mod for the old Mount and Blade - not Warband or at least not yet. A common error, if you follow the entries.

Good luck.


IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by moglus on Oct 21, 2010, 10:19:08 am
are you planing to make it for warband :oops:
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by tayobong on Dec 14, 2010, 05:15:51 am
This is A GreAt MoD ThXXX!!! :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Lord_Tobi on Dec 18, 2010, 11:30:39 pm
Hello people!!! i am a great fan of mount and blade and warband and i have jsut recently downloaded this mod( after 3 DAYS of waiting ´couse my fucking slow internet!!! >:( >:( ) but well, i´ve been playing for 2 hours and its really great dude! congratulations, just one questions, and saw the dragoon faith units and i saw that they have flintlock pistols, can i get some too? and if i can, where or how do i get them? please answer me!!! thanks a looooott!!
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Lord_Tobi on Dec 21, 2010, 09:34:04 am
hi its me other thing is that i dont know how to send armies to find the royal artifacts, i can put the buket prise and select the place but i cannot choose how many soldiers to send its always 0!!!! please help!
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by Ckkkkk on Jan 26, 2011, 08:56:20 pm
I cant play! :( its says that theres a costume missing and it wont let me play!
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by CIV on Feb 20, 2011, 04:10:04 am
Where can i find the ModuleSystem for this mod?
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by LithuanianJerk on Feb 22, 2011, 09:44:22 am
..that's a big file. :shock:
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by LithuanianJerk on Feb 23, 2011, 03:38:27 am
Riiight. Any way to fix crashes during siege? We've almost took the castle, then the Mount&Blade crashed without even an error. Same at the armorers - I can't buy or sell armor. Any way to fix it? Because I really want to play. :-|
IP: logged
 Re: Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by agent117 on Mar 05, 2011, 08:13:57 pm
I also crash after 10 minutes or so. The game just freezes then I got kicked out with a message that M&B simply stopped working
comment last edited by agent117 on Mar 05, 2011, 08:38:00 pm
IP: logged
 Sword of Damocles - Gold V4.5 [upd (v v4.57 Gold beta)  » posted by joshuameeks on Jul 02, 2011, 07:27:50 pm
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