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Last Updated: Dec 02, 2008, 10:26:33 am
First Created: Dec 01, 2008, 12:04:22 pm
File version: 1.01
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 3,031 Size: 22.63 MB
Views: 6,497 Type: RAR
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This is a submod for Luigi's Medieval Duke and Mercenaries from 19. Nov 2008. (last edit) for M&B 1.011

Medieval Duke and Mercenaries Altman Version 1.01 gives you a little finishing touch of the Luigi's masterpiece.

- just unrar and copy it to your M&B/Modules folder. It's a stand alone mode which is ment to be played along with the original Luigi's release. It's not save compatible.

Generaly it adds to Luigi's masterpiece more detailed and different units and makes things a little more difficult. Enjoy

File History
Here are the changes in 1.01 version:

- Swadian Lords reequipped (mostly helmets)
- Some Swadian lords tweaked (better equipped and some civil boots changed)
- Rhodok Lords reequipped (mostly helmets)
- Vaegirs Lords totally reequipped (new armor, helmets and gauntlets)
- Nord Lords only couple changed helmets
- Kings Haralus, Graveth and Yarolek reequipped
- Sanjar Khan reequipped (lamelar armor and Khergit guard helmet added)
- Dustum Khan reequipped (lamelar armor and Khergit war helmet added) - I noticed something wrong with their guard armor
- all claimants better equipped
- Swadian Archers and Swadian Sharpshooters tweaked a little bit (archers have heraldic armor with tabard while sharpshooters with surcoat, no more brigantine)
- Swadian Castle guard tweaked (heraldic mail surcoat added)
- Swadian knight tweaked (bascinet removed)
- Khergit castle guard tweaked (more helmets and gloves added)
- Khergit Horse Archer added boots which were missing
- Camp defender and Sword Sister better equipped (more helmets added)
- Sea Raiders have more armor and some hallberds
- New helmets made stronger and more expensive (All Dark Knight helmets, Knight helmet, Bascinet, Barbute, Salads and Pigface) (The only problem is that they require strength 7 not higher)
- Khergit Guard helmet made slightly stronger while Great and Great Winged helmet slightly weaker and price tweaked (To adjust them with Dark Knight helmets)
- Trainers have better cloths (trainer near Jelkala is dressed like Rhodok heavy infantry, rest just some armor)
- Manhunters renamed into Militia Patrol and the order in the patrol is tweaked so the Land Lord comes first and the recruits last
- Ordinary and Unremarkable townsmen reequipped so they seem townsmen (from the follow the spy mission)
- soldiers in the tutorial better equipped
- kidnapped girl added different dresses
- Nord Archer swords added
- Vaegir Marksmen swords added
- Sea Raiders Norman shields added (4 types)
- Outlaws Norman shield added (2 types)
- Scorches Norman shield added (1 type) - these shields add diversity to small factions
- Forest Bandits tweaked a little bit (linen shirt removed, helmet with cap added, they always have hoods/helmets)
- little picture in the start menu has the name of the mod
- warrider logo has the name of the mod but its done badly and it has a black edges (but its cool anyways)
- text bugs corrected in the name of equipment and troops

Original Luigi's thread:,51303.0.html

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