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Last Updated: Oct 03, 2008, 09:02:55 pm
First Created: Oct 01, 2008, 01:46:23 am
File version: 1003
For M&B version: 1.003
Downloads: 10,757 Size: 124.72 MB
Views: 14,718 Type: ACE
Home:  TEST_MOD_1001 for 1.003
Rating (6 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
fixed bugs found, reported from v1002
fun edits by The Magelord - cattle herding, 50/50 capture Enemy Lord after battle, food item morale fix
This be it. i don't think i'll be doing anything else with this unless another bug is reported. so, play your brains out, edit to hearts content. if you like, give me good grades over at the repository.


Horse, Shield, and Armor Pack
Luigi's Weapons
Gluck's Maces


courser_maw1-6 by maw from off the 'net

all textures created by others:

bur Burreck, (With Talent and Drive on Loan from God) M2TW
dav Lt Dave, M2TW
Eternal Cacoon, M2TW
com Lord Condormanius, outstanding skinner, M2TW Irish Skinpack, Scale, and misc armors
misc armor dds Musculus Maximus, M2TW
sadlle horse one through eight, select other horses - Chel's horse20 pack
Cataphract skins by DaBiggMan (rip)
rtw -- Horse Pack M2TW ??? will credit
Gluck's awesome Maces
DaBlade, for elegant engraved plates
Subatoi's female skin's
Luigi's Weapon Pack, pretty neato
cataphracts DaBiggMan (rip)
comp - msic dds from Medieval II Total War site - will give specific credit as i sort it out
misc heraldry ie moline, checked, etc --- ??? will credit
misc hunters - Gallus - merlkir

now with over 300 Armor, 450 shields, 160 Horse - not all are in, but the full Armor, Horse and Shield packs are in this mod.

m3 tweaks to units.

i'll eventually credit everyone, but i've misplaced my notes... so if anyone sees anything, pm me

extract and play - i recommend you edit with Unoffical Troop Editor for your own taste. maw

  • in mod (but not necessarily in game)

    Horse Pack 160+ horses v0922
    Shield Pack 450+ shields v0529
    Armor Pack 300+ armors v1001

    Gluck's Maces
    Luigi's Weapons Pack
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 Re: Test_Mod_1001  » posted by pasterz861 on Oct 01, 2008, 01:20:05 pm
It's POOR! Very low quality mod!
Waste of my(and 650 other players) time!
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 Re: Test_Mod_1003 - GREAT MOD BY MAW  » posted by Dudok22 on Oct 04, 2008, 10:50:47 am
I like this mod! its great! I was always looking for mod that add new weapon, armors and horses! Please can you add more weapons? because they're great! 10/10 8-) very good mod!!!!!!
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 Re: Test_Mod_1003  » posted by Praylak on Oct 17, 2008, 12:07:09 pm
Thanks Maw, looks great so far. Will test it more thoroughly. I really appreciate your hard work, and continue to follow your updates.
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 Re: Test_Mod_1003  » posted by (Guest) on Oct 18, 2008, 12:02:01 am
Excellent work !

Verry well done and makes easy for moders to test the models and decide what to do with them, also easy to see how you integrate them.

The only problems I saw are

* some models (probably older ones) don't seem to have the mesh adaptabilty (to female form) and the enhance mesh motion (unless my eyes betrays me, since 1.003 native models got enhanced, appart from the plate)

*there is a wide variety of shinyness/lightning and some armors are very dark (not a big issue)
and other are extremely bright (that's a big issue)

I was able to work arround the issue by toning down the lighning on my monitor a lot

* some of the plate armor were using the mail model, and got upgraded to the new more flexible mail model (???) which look awkward - more like a mail shirt. One look like a mail shirt now, so that's a rename issue. the other one is more complicated because the area near the belt look like metal plate but behave like soft tissue

appart from that it's a really great mod. Many of the leather and lamelar are astounding

Only thing that would be cool eventualy is lod support. Photoshop can produce mipmap automaticaly (if not already done) and you can remap those on the simplistic LOD of other armors (if you ever got the time). would improve the performance when using on troops

I tried the multimesh thing (random using zero) and it doesn't work unfortunately. so it's either separate models or quality tags

Last thing: horses are breathtaking !!!
I haven't looked at everything else yet.

It's POOR! Very low quality mod!
Waste of my(and 650 other players) time! >>

It's a demo mod to show off the models, which are mostly excellent ;D

The only problem is the lighting, which I mentioned above. Anyhow, it's a ressource, not a mod.

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