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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2008, 05:54:12 pm
First Created: Sep 16, 2008, 07:15:01 pm
File version: 1.2
For M&B version: .960
Downloads: 690 Size: 11.5 KB
Views: 2,920 Type: RAR
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Vital Arms & Armour Improvements especially for non-mounted focused character types
(am planning on releasing a better revised 1.3 version soon)

*(Firstly- these changes were mainly made with the focus of improving and balancing the weights of armour and some weapons, for the more athletic & infantry based(no horse!) characters that many players prefer to play. But also note: because the total weight of your carried arms\armour does not affect your speed when mounted, this mod, to me is really essential to add to your native M&B no matter what style of character you prefer, because of the overall & long overdue balance it provides. (while some of the values I've changed may not reflect real world weights, the effect of the changes lends more to gameplay instead)
All different armour types are now improved and viable for ground based characters.

(shields, most blunt weapons & most one-handed swords have not been modified.

(be sure to back up your original "item_kinds1" doc. first)
Copy the "item_kinds1" txt doc into the "native" folder(that is located within the modules folder) and replace the existing Item_kinds1. txt doc.
EG: Mount & blade\modules\native.... "item_kinds1"

Thanks to Jordan, because i used his program "M&B Item editor" to make these changes

hope you like it!!!
(Feel free to download this and use it as a starting block for whatever mod your making )

  • All Armour types (including boots,gloves and headgear) and some weapons now weight balanced and much more fighting style\buying choice is now available for ground based characters. (have mostly gone by the rule.... more weight = more protection.
  • longbow missile speed improved as well as a slight draw speed increase, now making the longbow much more viable.
    (this bow was so not in the picture in native M&B & it now has the fastest missile speed of all bows. but damage has not been changed)
  • Strength Requirements for wearing some of the heavier armours has been increased slightly. EG: Full Plate now needs 11 STR. (could even be higher for longer gameplay, if thats your thang)
  • Axes, Bastard & Two handed swords now more balanced between realism & gameplay(the damage of Two handed swords has been lowered slightly, to represent the realistic damage that weightier large axes do compared to large swords. Thus rewarding axes their place more due to their high damage, but coming at a more definable cost with their weights being increased.
  • minor change to cloth\woolen shirts & hats. Hardened types Nolonger available to simulate realism.
  • And other minor changes to some armour\weapons: cost, speed & damage.

File History
#Have redone many items again, so that more realism and coherency is reflected.
#Helmets weigh less than in v1.0
#Longbow draw speed increased even more from 85(1.0) to now 88
#Many other item stats revised(weight, damage, some speeds)
#Some two-handed swords have a slight damage increase

Wed, Sep-17-2008

More slight tweaking for the better.
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 Re: Improved Arms & Armour (weights & stats) REVISED!!  » posted by jorinen on Sep 17, 2008, 07:57:12 am
add stuff and edit looks, I say! thats the way to popularity! :hammer:
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 Re: Improved Arms & Armour (weights & stats) REVISED!!  » posted by Mr.Dick on May 20, 2009, 12:37:01 am

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