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Last Updated: Sep 01, 2008, 10:46:46 am
First Created: Sep 01, 2008, 10:16:48 am
File version: 0.1.2
For M&B version: .960
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Note this is release version 0.1.2, this only includes the Nord changes for now, further releases will gradually add in the other factions, expect Swadians in the next day or two

Faction Restructuring is a temporary name given to this mod. This mod aims to recreate each factions identity to be more based on a realistic civilization, currently in the game each faction is slightly based on a real nation/group from the middle ages, using this as a basis I've recreated unit tech trees and eventually may even go as far as changing Lords/Cities to fit their new personality. Some factions have been changed to a specific nationality altogether different from the one they started with.

  • Extended Tech Trees for all factions
  • Up to 10-12 possible troop types per faction
  • Specialty troops based on historical soldiers
  • Officer line of troops for each faction(These troops actually train lower end troops using the trainer skill and scripts)

Possible Features Later
  • New Weaponry, Armor, and Horses to match new troops
  • Changes to Lords/Cities to match new faction-nationality relation
  • Far East and Middle East based factions

As I mentioned earlier each faction in Mount & Blade was based very loosely on a realistic civilization, as an attempt to give each civilization a little more flavor this mod aims to further enhance that and even change some entirely. Here is a listing of each civilization in this mod and its related real-world counterpart. (Note: Some of these are changed from their original Mount & Blade basing)

Nords - Vikings and Scandinavia
Swadian - Germany, Holy Roman Empire, and Eastern Europe
Vaegir - England/France
Rhodok - Italy
Khergit - Mongolia

Eventually I would like to create some new factions based on other real world civilizations/groups (Vatican/China/Byzantine), but that is way far down the line and I need to finish work on the current factions before I step into such.

Here are the notes I have personally taken in Notepad in regards to the tech trees and what they will be when this mod is done and finished.
Note 1: Officer/Trainer troops are not finished yet, I know the means to create them but they are coming last
Note 2: Some branches go off 3+ times, I know this isn't possible, so if you see it it is either because the troop isn't finished or I'm still trying to "place" them in the tech tree.
Note 3: I used spoiler tags to lower the wall of text that this post is becoming.

Nords Renamed Nordic in some references, just sounds better imo
Nordic (Viking, Infantry Melee) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruit -> Footman -> Trained Footman -> Veteran -> Warrior -> Huscarl (Axe/Shield) -> Barbarian -> Berserker (Heavy Axe) -> Spearman -> Trained Spearman -> Javelineer (Javelin/Spearmen) -> Raider -> Marauder (Cavalry) -> Captain -> Headman -> Warmaster (Trainers) + Powerful Infantry + Powerful Trainers - Weaker Ranged - Weaker Cavalry

Swadian (German, Heavy Cavalry/2-Hand Infantry) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conscript -> Soldier -> Infantry -> Cavalier -> Cataphract (Cavalry) -> Swordsmen -> Zweihander (Infantry) -> Hunter -> Ranger (Archers) -> Commander -> Marshal -> Field Marshal (Trainers)] + Powerful Cavalry + Powerful Infantry = Mediocore Archers - Expensive Units - Slow

Vaegir (British, Archers/Knights) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trainee -> Man-At-Arms -> Swordsman -> Long Swordsman -> Champion (Infantry) -> Crusader -> Paladin (Cavalry) -> Hunter -> Longbowman -> Yeoman (Archers) -> Sergent -> Lieutenant -> General (Trainers) + Powerful Archers = Good Cavalry = Good Infantry

Rhodok (Italian, Crossbow/Pikemen) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volunteer -> Spearman -> Trained Spearman -> Pikeman -> Halberdier (Infantry) -> Light Hussar -> Heavy Hussar (Cavalry) -> Crossbowman -> Arbalest -> Sniper (Crossbowmen) -> Nobleman -> Marquis -> Duke (Trainers) + Powerful Spearmen + Powerful Archers = Good Cavalry - Expensive

Khergit Not finished, just concept
Khergit (Mongolian, Cavalry) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tribesman -> Horseman -> Charger -> Warrior -> Tarkan (Heavy Cavalry) -> Lancer -> Charger (Lance Cavalry) -> Horse Archer -> Horselord (Cavalry Archers) -> Spearman -> Sentry (Infantry) -> Chieftain -> Warlord -> Noyan (Officers)

Faction Special Unit Details
Condensed using spoiler to prevent a wall of text
Nordic Huscarl
The Nordic Huscarl is a unit of extreme versatility, armed with massive roundshields these units march into battle nearly impervious to enemy arrows. They provide a great frontline stand against enemy archers especially during sieges, allowing more powerful unshielded units to move in.

Nordic Berserk
The Nordic Berserker is armed with a massive two-handed axe and heavy armor, a group of berserkers marching into battle is intimidating to anyone, these huge men swing their weapons with utmost power and can wipe out oncoming units and even cavalry in some cases. Their lack of a shield or ranged weapon make them easy victims to enemy archers and cavalry.

Swadian Zweihander
Armed with a 4-6 foot long two-handed sword, Zweihanders were originally concocted as a counter for enemy spearmen which had superior reach. The Zweihander's sword is actually light weighting at most 15 lbs, providing them with a powerful reach for slicing through enemy columns and cavalry. Their only downfall is their heavy armor makes them extremely slow when marching, allowing enemy archers to pick them off quite easily unless they are dealt with.

Swadian Cataphract
The Swadian Cataphract specializes in heavy charges, his mount is armed to the teeth in heavy plates which slows it slightly but at the same time these plates protect him as he charges headlong into enemy formations and disrupts his opponents. Generally Catapracts are armed with a shield and sword, but some have been known to use lances or maces.

Vaegir Yeoman
Armed with only a powerful bow and light armor, Yeoman are powerful archers that are some of the most mobile units in the game outside of cavalry. Trained from birth, Yeoman are the epitomy of a hunter, with skill and grace they fire their weapons into enemy lines, and disappear before the enemy even reaches them, only to begin firing again from another location. Their mobility is also their Achilles' heel however, as their lack of heavy armor leaves them massively vulnerable to cavalry attacks.

Vaegir Paladin
Less primitive than their Yeoman brothers, Vaegir Paladins fight with fervor towards their opponents, charging into battle atop mighty warhorses with lance and shield. These Paladins are slow moving but powerful symbols of Vaegir prosperity and many display the heraldry of their lord as they bolt into conflicts. Their speed and armor combined with skill with a lance make them effective against enemy infantry during charges, however in direct combat their lack of a proper close-range weapon makes them vulnerable.

Rhodok Halberdier
The descendants of former Rhodok Chieftains, the Dukes employ a wide arrange of soldiers in their battle against the Swadians, among their favored soldiers their Halberdiers are armed with massive Halberds that double as both a counter to enemy cavalry, and an efficient close range weapon, they are a sight to behold in column wearing heraldry and marching with their giant weaponry. Their cost however means only the most powerful noblemen will be employing them in his entourage.

Rhodok Sniper
As the Rhodoks fought against the Swadians in the first great Calradian conflict for their independence, their engineers developed more and more powerful weaponry in the war. A new invention entered the battlefield towards the end of the conflict, too late to see actual combat, the Sniper Crossbow was a slow reloading crossbow with an unbelievable range compared to its predecessors. As the second war stirred up Rhodok Dukes started arming their soldiers with these Sniper Crossbows and mounting them on castle walls, given their slow reload time the soldiers are very vulnerable against enemy charges and must be defended well, but their power more than makes up for it. As with their brethren, Snipers cost many denars to train and maintain.

Rhodok Heavy Hussar
The Heavy Hussar is a specialized light cavalry the Rhodoks have recently deployed, used in conflicts against Swadian Rangers, they allowed the Rhodoks to wipe out entire columns of Swadian archers and sew chaos and confusion in the enemy ranks, although unremarkable in strength, the sheer speed and versatility of Hussars makes them powerful combatants, armed with only light armor, a round shield, and a lance, they are perfect for flanking maneuvers.

Khergit Khanate
Khergitian Tarkan
The Tarkan is a heavily armed horseman using a morning star or flail, after the first war the Khergitians realized their lack of a close quarters cavalry caused many problems and forced many conflicts against them. These Tarkans are powerful shock troops, rushing into enemy lines and bashing down enemies all around, they are widely used by powerful lords in order to capture prisoners.

Khergitian Charger
The Khergitian Lancer was a powerful unit used for charging tactics in the first war, however its use degraded slowly as enemies employed more powerful anti-cavalry units. The answer to this is the Khergitian Charger, Chargers are armed with a Spear and Shield and wear medium armor, their spears penetrate through enemy lines more easily then Lances and provide a powerful close quarters stabbing weapon if the need be.

Khergitian Horselord
From birth Khergitians are taught to respect the steppes and its inhabitants, their horses are as much their brothers as any man. Some men have bonds with their horses that the Khergitians claim reaches a spiritual level, these men are known as Horselords and their swiftness in battle is unfathomable. Armed with powerful Khergitian Shortbows, these men are precise and deadly in every way.

  • Extended Tech Trees for all factions
  • Up to 10-16 possible troop types per faction
  • Specialty troops based on historical soldiers
  • Officer line of troops for each faction(These troops actually train lower end troops using the trainer skill and scripts)

File History
Update 0.1.1
Changed Armor for most troops
Attempting to finalize the removal of all old Nord troops

Update 0.1.2
Implemented Duinnin's Calradia Map Makeover mod into mine (with their permission of course) (,42814.0.html)
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 Re: Shadowclaimer's Faction Restructure  » posted by Mightywolve on Sep 01, 2008, 11:42:00 am
Nice downloading :-D ....
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 Re: Shadowclaimer's Faction Restructure  » posted by dark apostle on Sep 01, 2008, 06:52:11 pm
looks very promosing eagerly waiting for the later versions.
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 Re: Shadowclaimer's Faction Restructure  » posted by JohnnyHunter on Jan 30, 2009, 11:42:19 am
Nice mod. But Vaegirs are NOT british! Vaegir stands for Varang (The Varangians were Vikings,Norsemen, who went eastwards and southwards through what is now Russia, Belarus and Ukraine mainly in the 9th and 10th centuries. And the Vaegir knight is basically the Varangian guard a great axe-bearing guard, u can see slavic inspired names in the native : Valdym etc) Rhodoks are the Brits! (kettle hats, pikes, archers) . and of course Swadia is some germanic influence knights order.

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