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Last Updated: Jul 13, 2008, 04:35:33 pm
First Created: Jul 07, 2008, 10:53:41 am
File version: 0.1
For M&B version: .960
Downloads: 9,512 Size: 23.94 MB
Views: 18,261 Type: ZIP
Rating (3 votes): 3.2 / 5.0


'Star Wars Mercenaries' has been replaced by 'Star Wars Calradia' (see link below). I left this page available if somebody still wants the original 0.1 release where all Star Wars characters are hireable mercenaries.

Star Wars Calradia Mod download


This is a very MINOR mod for Mount & Blade 0.960. I took the Native game and added in the items from the original Star Wars Mod for 0.751 (with permission). I then create a line of Republic, Imperial and Wookiee mercanaries that you can hire. Other than adding these items and mercanaries there have not been any major changes to the Native game.

Republic Mercenaries:
Republic Recruit
Republic Trooper
Republic Commando
Republic Pilot
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Master

Wookiee Mercenaries

Imperial Mercenaries:
Imperial Recruit
Imperial Trooper
Imperial Stormtrooper
Imperial Scout Trooper
Sith Apprentice
Sith Master

10 blasters (green or red laser bolts)
6 lightsabers (different colors)
10 vibro-weapons (blade, sword, axe)
7 unique items (?)
3 force powers (push, block, throw lightsaber)
3 mounts (kaadu, dewback, speeder bike)

Gameplay Changes:
companions won't complain
captured villages now produce troops of new faction
changed mercenaries and NPC's to switch every 36 hour

* I did not create these models or textures so the major credit should go to Grocat, Rory, Highelf and the rest of the team that did the original Star Wars Mod. I have their permissions to use their old models and textures.
* There are some problems: all swords sound like lightsabers, speeder bikes 'gallop', kaadu leg animation looks weird, etc. If there are easy fixes to any of these or other issues then let me know.
* I have not done a lot of gameplay balancing so adjustments are most likely needed to troop stats and items. Feel free to make suggestions but it would be helpful if multiple items are suggested at the same time.
* This mod was done for fun and other than making some minor changes (item/troop stats, etc) I do not plan to expand this further. I plan to post my source code in the next day or so if anybody is interested in working on this further.

Grocat, Rory, Highelf and the rest of the team that created the Star Wars mod for M&B 0.751
HardCode - script so captured villages now produce troops of new faction
Highelf - green lizard from Fantasy Mod is used for the dewback
Winter - script to reload ammo automatically

  • 13 hireable Star Wars Mercenaries (Republic Commando, Stormtrooper, Jedi, Sith, Wookiee, etc)
  • 40+ star wars items (lightsabers, blasters, armors, force powers, etc)
  • Gameplay changes including companions won't complain

File History
Version 0.1 - July 7, 2008

initial release
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 Re: Star Wars Mercenaries Mod  » posted by Assassin on Jul 07, 2008, 02:49:07 pm
this mod is awsome good work can u put the source files please
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 Re: Star Wars Mercenaries Mod  » posted by evil chicken on Jul 07, 2008, 09:40:42 pm
it isn't the best mod ever, but I have some suggestions: 1. remove the native troops
2. make some actual rebulic troops, not rebels
3. make a star wars map
4. get some newer textures,and fix some bugs with the blasters
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 Re: Star Wars Mercenaries Mod  » posted by Zetrex on Jul 09, 2008, 01:51:40 pm
but it needs some fixes and it would be good if there were Star Wars factions :hammer: :hammer:
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 Re: Star Wars Mercenaries Mod  » posted by Wraithcat on Jul 11, 2008, 10:33:18 pm
Damn fine mod!!

Needs a few touchups as mentioned by previous posters, but if you roleplay it as being stranded on a backwards planet, it works well!

The main concern that I have, it that ALL the sword sounds are now lightsaber sounds and can be heard from anywhere on the battlefield.

Also, with sound, I'd like to see some starwars music in there!

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