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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2008, 07:08:13 am
First Created: Jun 30, 2008, 07:06:07 am
File version: .2
For M&B version: .960
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Views: 21,086 Type: RAR
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Thank you for downloading Latrunculus (Lah-trun-kewl-us). Latrunculus is a Latin word meaning Mercenary, Robber, Highwayman, or Brigand. This mod is an attempt to add additional mercenary types into the game, ranging from the useful to the strange, to fill all sorts of play styles.

On the whole, the mod would work better if some form of "squad" system allowing you to break up your party into predefined squads existed. Lacking that, however, I leave it to the player (you) to best decide how to make use of your higered goons. This release contains three new units, available just like any other mercenary unit in the native game. To install, simply back up the "troops" text file in your modules\native folder, and copy this into place. It should overwrite the original.

Please keep in mind that none of these three have been fully tweaked (in terms of optimal skill layout), and the module system has just entered my hands two days ago. That being said, the following new guys are in game:

Mercenary Macemen
These lightly armored level 20 troops are skilled with athletics and are quick movers on the battlefield. Wearing only different forms of gambesons, they are not weighed down but lose defense. They carry small round shields to ward off missiles and to protect them in the melee they seek to join. They are armed with a variety of clubs and maces, using both piercing and blunt damage.

Mercenary Light Swordsmen
These lightly armored level 20 troops are skilled with athletics and are quick movers on the battlefield. Only wearing leather armor, they are not weighed down and have better defense than the macemen. They carry small round shields in greater variety than the macemen. They have access to several different one handed swords. In addition to their swordsmanship (which may be improved on later), they bring either throwing knives or daggers to the conflict. Since no other unit used them in the game, I figured this would be an interesting piece of side equipment, and would give them some ability to soften up the enemy a bit before the melee if told to hold. Note that the throwing weapons will likely be removed before final version is released, and the role replaced with a dedicated throwing troop for hire.

Mercenary Longbowmen
These lightly armored level 15 troops are skilled with the longbow. The only missile troops for hire in game are forms of crossbowmen, which make sense in that it is simple to train with, but not everyone likes the short range and long reload time of the weapon. I have created these (not yet optimized) troops to fill the role of skilled archer. Their default skill hovers at 100, which is probably too high for level 15 troops, so I may set it back to 75 and assign them an archery skill specifically. They carry a sword as a backup weapon, but own no shields. To compare, a mercenary crossbowman is a level 9 unit.

Mercenary Mounted Crossbowmen
First suggested as a serious unit for the Rhodocks, it seems to have been rejected but has turned up in my mod as simply the Mercenary Crossbowman with a choice between the sumpter or saddle horse, and replacing the crossbow with the light and hunting crossbow for use on horseback.

Mercenary Bowmen
While they lack the longbows of the Mercenary Longbowmen, they do posess hunting and short bows. They fill the role of cheap but quick firing missile units (hunting and short bows have a higher speed raiting). Set at level 9, they're not the best skilled unit. They bring backup weapons of hatchets and knives, but only wear regular clothing to battle. Currently, they do not upgrade into longbowmen.

Mercenary Mounted Scouts
Essentially mounted freemen, these level 4 horsemen are based on the townsman unit that are listed under mercenaries but are somehow not ever seen for recruitment. They used to be hirable at Zendar before the merc system was revamped. These are cheap horsemen that fill the story role of being scouts in the defense of their village, but have since gone looking for work. They posess the option of spears, hatchets, axes, and maces. Since there is no guarentee_polearm yet, I cannot guarentee that they will all have spears, but these should be VERY cheap to hire I'd imagine (I've yet to find them in game myself). They wear simple clothing as a defense, along with a small shield.

Mercenary Spearmen
The spear was the most common weapon throughout the middle ages, being cheap to make and easy to train with, as well as very handy in tight ranks. This simple level 9 unit brings only his spear to battle (no guarentee_polearm strikes again) and a small shield to ward off arrows and blows. They wear cheap and light padded gambesons, very similar to the maceman. While spears are not yet fully useful in mount and blade, with the proper tactics they CAN help thwart horsemen. These will certianly upgrade into a heavier unit with better armor and larger shields.

Other Notes
I have been playing M and B since 2006, back in .751, and bought it the second I was able to. I consider this game the best 18USD I have ever spent and do want to contribute a bit to the modding community. I do not know where this mod will eventually take me, being a simple mod that just adds troops, but who knows? If the lead developer hears my plea to add a "squad" system into the game, you could EASILY have tons of different units in your party and use them all in their own way, instead of my light swords grouping up with the heavy Mercenary Swordsman as the "same" kind of unit, which they are not. I will be adding a few units in, ideas include:
*Warrior monks, bringing some religion to Calderas politically correct world.
*Samurai-like units making use of the "Strange" gear, but being an actual "rare" unit only hirable in a certian location (this would probably be an easter egg to be honest).
*A "Warrior" band -- a mixed batch of war veterans wielding a choice of any martial weapon in the game (I am assuming it only ever picks ONE of each category, ever), with a wide variety of armor at their disposal. Of solid level and equipment, these will make for interesting foes or allies on the field of honor.

If you experience any problems, have any questions, or wish to contribute to this project, please PM me on the TaleWorlds forum under the name The Wandering Knight, or email me at [email protected], or IM me at: [email protected] (YIM), [email protected] (MSN), meversbergii (AIM, XFire, Steam).

Until next time,


  • Adds Merc Bowmen, Longbowmen, Macemen, Scouts, Spearmen, Mounted Crossbows, and Light Swordsmen for recruitment and disposal.

File History
Added Spearmen, Bowmen, Mounted Crossbows, and Mounted Scouts
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 Re: Latrunculus .2  » posted by jorinen on Jun 30, 2008, 09:51:37 am
dam guy, you rteally like to write!!!
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 Re: Latrunculus .2  » posted by Zetrex on Jul 02, 2008, 01:14:34 pm
TOOOOOOOOO many Mercenary tipes!! :roll: :roll:
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 Re: Latrunculus .2  » posted by MadAdam on Jul 03, 2008, 09:57:10 pm
I installed the file, but the game crashed when I went to load a saved game, so I changed it back to the old file.
Would a new game need to be started?
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 Re: Latrunculus .2  » posted by murphy9926 on Jul 05, 2008, 09:28:11 pm
When I go to play this my toon jumps to lvl 35 right at the skill point placement screen. Also all faction troops are messed up. Nords with Veiger troops and looters are crossbowmen.

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