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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2006, 06:18:32 pm
First Created: Dec 18, 2005, 07:06:57 pm
File version: 1.5.2
For M&B version: .730/.731
Downloads: 6,548 Size: 2.33 MB
Views: 8,936 Type: EXE
Rating (8 votes): 4.1 / 5.0
This mod focuses on expanding your arena options in Mount&Blade.
It adds new arenas, new match-types (including 4-team vs and jousting), increased betting based on level, new combatants, crowd noises, tracking of wins/losses/win %, and more.
Source scripts are included.
See the readme_arena.txt file for more details.

File History
Tue, Feb-21-2006
-Now cheering differentiates between friend and foe. When enemy team members are KOed there is a cheer, but when the player's teammates are KOed it gives the "awww" sound (louder "awww" if the player is KOed)
-Joke NPC hero "Michael" added: weak in general but runs fast, and can handle a pole like none other
-Source files updated in ""

Mon, Feb-20-2006
-New crowd noises in every match. Crowd shouting at start of match, cheers when someone is KOed other than the player, an "awww" sound when the player is KOed, and a longer louder cheer when the player wins a match.
-Reworked the jousting match to split it into two (one mission template for each round) and cleaned up it's code some more. Some of these changes seem to have fixed the "Player not placed on scene" crash. <fingers crossed>
-Jousting armor weakened slightly to make melee round less of a hassle if you lose the first round
-I converted the arena team textures down to remove alpha; saves on file size of mod with little difference to quality (since little metal is in arena team armor/shields)
-Source files updated in ""

Sun, Feb-19-2006
-Invisible team armor/shields should hopefully be fixed now, let me know if it's not
-Team shields boosted from 200 to 300 to last longer
-Rewards to Marnid and Borcha after battles reduced by 1/4 (to 3X instead of 4X)
-4 team matches have one less horse per team (pear mace+shield on foot now) to improve scene performance
-Lance used in joust doesn't do quite as much damage now, thus lower polearms proficiency gains from joust
-Scene terrain codes had to be updated to look right for .731, so scenes were rearranged to fit the new terrain
-Jousting melee round didn't properly weaken one weapon loadout; fixed
-Jousting scene is duplicated to a second copy for the melee round as a test to try and fix the "player not placed on scene" crash
-Source files updated in ""

Thu, Jan-19-2006
-Joust now includes a second melee round on foot, where competitors who were unhorsed are weakened
-Weapon can be chosen for the second round of the joust
-Joust scene improved a bit in various small places
-4-team arena scene now has grate blocked off by wood to ensure nobody can get out
-BRFs and textures redone to take less space and be more compatible with combining into other mods
-heavily commented source files updated in ""

Sun, Dec-18-2005
-jousting arena scene decorated somewhat by -GandalfTheGrey
-fixed triggers on joust, so it won't reset after a knockout and gives a little more time for each pass
-bug fixed: if player watched joust and a pass was inconclusive, player respawned as a competitor
-slightly improved framerate in 4-team, smaller terrain map
-fixed grate for 4-team to block exit
-Marnid and Borcha are now rewarded after each successful world-map battle stage, getting somewhat close to 4x the number of enemies defeated for gold and XP both
-heavily commented source files now included in ""

-new arena matches: 2v2v2v2, 6v6v6v6, fortified arena, and jousting
-money and experience given for winning is now based on difficulty of match chosen
-bet winnings doubled on 4 team VS due to longer odds (twice as many teams)
-can bet on green or yellow team as well in 4-team matches
-retextured armor and shields for red, blue, green and yellow teams by dablade
-new Fortified version of the regular arena scene by Taurandhir
-new 4-team arena scene by Taurandhir
-new jousting scene, currently rather bare
-1v1 jousting match gives full jousting equipment and warhorse
, is timed, and resets the sceneafter 15 seconds for another pass if neither opponent is KOed (prevents circling)
-mounted combatant with shield and 1h hammer shows up in 4 team arena
-new "watched bet lost" dialog
-tournament master tells you what team you're on after you choose a match
-split in menu for standard (regular 2 team) matches and for more exotic matches (like 4 team)
-toned the 2 additional heroes down a bit more
-boots in arena changed to leather boots
-Regular battles (not in the arena) will no longer auto-exit, allowing you to stay as long asyou want
-all ranged ammunition increased a bit
-"undead version" is no more
-faces of Dagoth and Velios redone

Fri, Nov-4-2005
-Now tournament master tracks wins, losses, and win percent
-in 1v1 fights only, horse archers have been replaced by horse + 1-handed sword + shield
-new heroes' stats toned down a little (only in new games, since their stats are stored in saved games)
-Now all arena combatants wear hunter boots, rather than the troop's default
-Tournament Master dialog re-ordered for better flow
-Switched to new installer rather than zip format
-Bug fixed: Pirate quest bug should really be fixed now (no, really)
-Bug fixed: tournament master properly says "5 denars" for winning a match

Mon, Oct-31-2005
-Instead of random choice of battles, it will allow you to choose which of the 4 arena fights you want to do.
-2 different downloads, one with undead and one without to please everyone.
-Slight increase to experience and money earned from winning a match.
-All arena combatants now get leather gloves. This fixes the undead "plastic hand" effect.
-Bug fixed: Swadian and Vaegir knights faced in the arena won't affect your standing with either side.
-Bug fixed: Pirate quest should now be unaffected by this mod. If you have a problem with it, please let me know.

Sun, Oct-30-2005
-1 on 1 battles now match gear of combatants (lance vs lance, bow vs bow, etc.).
-Dark Knights have increased athletics so they're not as slow on foot.
-Training problem and betting problem should be fixed.

v1.0: initial release.
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