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Last Updated: Dec 25, 2007, 11:03:11 am
First Created: Dec 15, 2007, 01:35:58 am
File version: 0.176_XmasSP
For M&B version: .808
Downloads: 7,145 Size: 27.02 MB
Views: 15,192 Type: EXE
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Rating (4 votes): 2.6 / 5.0
Name: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes "苍龙三国"
Latest Version: beta_0.176_XmasSP
For M&B Version: 0.808(The version based on 0.903 is already in plan,and it will be out in a few days)
More info:,27312.0.html


The Tripartition is a time period in Chinese History during the Year AD 208 and AD 280. In those passed ages, the Cao's Wei State, the Liu's Shu State and the Sun's Wu State were established one by one, and they opposed on each other. That's why that the Chinese name the era as the Tripartition.

This Mod is Not only base on the civil-war history of the Han nation, But also including some important elements from the Chinese well knowing classical novel, the "The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms(三国演义) " :
-- the HEROES! Who have courage to against thousand blades!
-- the CHARGERS!! They are Equipped and Waiting for masters!!
-- the BLADES!!! Flashing for the PEACE of our Homeland!!!
-- And the LADIES!!!! Of course, they love the just hero!!!!

So, are you ready?

Mount it!

Wana to know more about The Tripartition background story by viewing wiki:
Chinese MNB forum: (Sorry, this forum is only for Chinese readers)
BUGs are somewhere, we need your help. Plz Report here:

Scheme group leader:death123
Program group leader:peng31
art moduling group leader:kelavis
scene group leader:kbhhh

Project administrator:death123、muyiboy
Technical advisor:kanesunny

Scheme group:
death123:group leader, most of scheme works writing
jidankegexia(鸡蛋壳得阁下):work on some scheme parts writing

Art modul group:
kelavis:leader, most of 3D works making
Harekelas:shields and parts of bulidings making
theguard:parts of buildings making
jidankegexia(鸡蛋壳得阁下)蛋鸡壳得阁下:parts of helmets making
dzoocn:map icons making
eoman:logo and loading manu making

Program group:
peng31:leader,most of program writing, testing and assembling works writing
feifei28:national power code and battles code writing
death123:items code writing
sjmind:seige code writing, testing and bug reporting, difficult questions dealing
acbor:troops and parties writing
songyx0:cities codes of writing
Saulapote:map making

Scene group:
kbhhh:leader, many scene curing and setting, whole scenes' final testing
minglong(明龙):many scenes setting and testing

oneway:translate it into English
Max.Pain:making the promotional video
walterlohndorff:scene setting of Si Shui Guan, Xu Chang, Pu Yang, Chang An, Bei Ping, Ye Cheng and Bei Hai
fancycedar:scene setting of Ping Yuan, An Ding, Jin Yang, Ru Nan, Luo Yang and He Fei
SIMON60611:scene setting of Hu Lao Guan and Xia Pi
cfx1979:scene setting of Xiang Pin, Shou Chun and Tian Shui
daibiao1983:scene setting of Xiang Yang and Wan Cheng
scarbourough:Background muisc selecting
kbhhh: face creating of Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Huang Gai, Liu Ye, Xu Zhe, Le Jin, Yu Jin, Cao Ren and Jia Xu
darryyuen: face creating of Sun Quan, Zhao Yun, XiaHou Yuan, Xu Huang, ZhuGe Liang Gan Ning, Jiang Wei, Zhang Liao, Pang Tong and Zhou Yu
lulazhu2006:face creating of Wei Yan, Xun Yu, Zhang He Wang Xiao Hu, Man Chong, Pang De and Xun You
q546286514:face creating of Cao Cao
(zaiciyiliu)在此一流:face creating of Ma Chao
leobreaking:face creating of Huang Zhoong and Cao Pi
121186:face creating of Guan Yu, SiMa Yi, Yuan Shao and Zhang Zhao
(qianhai'an)前海岸:face creating of Lv Bu and XiaHou Dun
guxing815:face creating of Guo Jia
(datouzhen)大头针:face creating of Xu Shu and Li Dian
caty17173:face creating of TaiShi Ci, Lu Su and Zhou Tai
fancycedar:face creating of GongSun Zan


  • 1/ Ancient Chinese sight viewing: A beautiful and realistic ancient Chinese world is presented. The real geography, scenes and people life style of Chinese style of the time are made and shown on a whole new map. Based on many historical document and pictures of cultural relics, our art designs and models give you an amazing feeling in the game. (It may still have some Western style constructions in this first version. However the Exclusive Chinese Style will be completely achieved in the coming version. )

    2/ Unique Path in siege mode: The NPCs' AI is greatly improved: they exactly know where to go and how to go. No longer can you see your soldiers were running into a wall or got stuck by ladders.

    3/ The intrusions of Barbarians:. Besides three major factions Southern Man, Northern Xiong Nu and Eastern Yue will appeare as well. These tribes which would give you many troubles on your way to achieve your goal have special weapons and powerful warriors with proper wearing.

    4/ Historical battles mode: At specified time in the game, the total number of four of significant battles will occur. A large number of special armies will appear in these historical battles. The result of these battles will have a big impact on the national power. Live or die, is all in the battles!

    5/ Innovated realistic equipments: All weapons and equipments have their proper outlooks. The abandon of crouch lance damage will greatly challenge lance users in the game. However with their special attacking method pole arms still have their power while fighting against horse riders.

    6/ A blue book: Fifty famous characters are introduced into the game. Some of them are brave generals and some of them are wise idea men. They will highly improve the strength of your team if you can meet the requirements to hire them.

    7/ Hidden powerful equipments: Incisive weapons, hard armors, speedy horses, all these conspicuous weapons will be introduced into the game. In order to obtain these powerful stuffs you need fortune and perseverance.

    9/ Reputation system: In order to hire advanced soldiers or those famous NPC you need to consume your reputation points. You can gain reputation points by killing enemies, finish certain missions and by your official position bonus.

    10/ Bodyguards function: Similar with the Caradial MOD, you can own a troop of bodyguards. These bodyguards would not really surround you while fighting, but they can always follow you on the map mode unless you have order to let them move else where. With this troop of bodyguards you can develop many kinds of useful tactics. Should you use it as a bait or let it siege for you? To be a tactician in ancient China!

File History
beta 0.10 released on Oct.1.2007
beta 0.15 released on Oct.2.2007
beta 0.16 released on Oct.4.2007
beta 0.17 released on Oct.6.2007
beta 0.175 released on Oct.10.2007
beta 0.176 released on Oct.14.2007
beta 0.176_EN released on Dec.9.2007
beta 0.176_XmasSP released on Dec.24.2007

Tue, Dec-25-2007

Merry Christmas! this is a special version about The Tripartition, it's a Xmas gift from China for all u MNB fans
hope u like it

Xmas Eve,2007
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by stupac on Dec 16, 2007, 12:21:02 am
Very impressive! Tons of cool art and design. Translation is also pretty decent, definitely playable. One thing I noticed though is that when entering the peaceful village it just says you enter the town of zendar or something, it's not a loading screen though, it's like the menus you get when you enter any other town but the text is invisible, so you have to click around to find them to enter or leave the town. But other than, really excellent mod. Though I'd like an explanation on the "man of thunder," "man of earth," etc... stuff you choose when creating a character.
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Mithril on Dec 19, 2007, 09:40:59 pm
waiting for the port to 0.903 bro hehe
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Mitch95 on Dec 21, 2007, 05:54:50 am
Im with mithral on this 1 :-)
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Mithril on Dec 30, 2007, 07:59:07 pm
another great mod for 0.808 for now

soon be ported to 0.903 :-D
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Charidemus on Feb 29, 2008, 07:00:55 am
cool. i'm chinese
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by MBMedic on Mar 15, 2008, 02:55:58 pm
when is .903 coming out plz post soon :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :-)
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Taikazaki on Apr 23, 2008, 09:43:48 am
do u have :idea:?
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Haze on Jun 08, 2009, 04:45:44 am
Haven't played it as i only got 1.011, but could you ppl update this to the recent versions as quickly as you can? as there aren't many chinse-tinted mods on M&B (quite a shame really) you could get this thing really high up
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 Re: The Tripartition - The Dragon Awakes!  » posted by Taikazaki on Jun 23, 2009, 08:37:29 pm
Good JOb Men :-? WAHHAHAHAAA!!!! :hammer:
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 The Tripartition - The Dragon Awake (v 0.176_XmasSP)  » posted by shaun on Jan 08, 2012, 12:34:08 pm
Heheh.. I need some help with the pathing of the install. I'm completely new to modding, so please help!

I saved the mod to a file (Just in case my game doesn't load it right) in my documents. After the download, I attempt to 'run' it. Then, an error message pops up and tells me something like "The installation path could not be determined from the registry!" but continues to install it anyway to the modules folder for M&B. And now when I start the game, it doesn't show up on the selector for the mod..

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