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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2008, 09:59:17 pm
First Created: Dec 15, 2007, 01:15:23 am
File version: .903a109
For M&B version: .903
Downloads: 17,497 Size: 33.01 MB
Views: 21,608 Type: EXE
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Rating (7 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
This mod adds 24 new heroes to adventure with your party! New customizable troop line: select any combination of equipment! Many extra functions to manage their inventories and how they enter battle. Optional additional enemy parties for more adventure and fun.

  • 24 new NPC heroes
  • Fully customizable line of regular troops (Rangers) - pick ANY combination of equipment
  • Auto-looting: heroes equip themselves from battle loot
  • Hero wounds: Heroes can be seriously wounded, store them in the 4-ways Inn until they get better
  • Automatically rotate equipment between wounded and healthy heroes with just a few mouse clicks
  • Battle profiles: choose what equipment to bring to battle by right-clicking player party
  • Additional challenge parties: Dark Knights, Awali, Black Khergits
  • Chance of unique item drops when defeating hard parties

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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by Mithril on Dec 19, 2007, 08:06:31 pm
why are there so many links which is which???
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by xedmann on Dec 20, 2007, 01:27:18 pm
First of all... It's a great mod!!!! I just have one HUGE problem... My game freezes every time, after i made the upgrade to 903. I'm at day 32...

Please post any idea on what the problem could be and how to solve it!! It's driving me crazy.. :-)
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by Mitch95 on Dec 21, 2007, 04:45:25 am
ummm i like it but r u making troop cost more so as to focus on companion fighting,coz i would like it if it was a bit less but i dont mind still a great mod
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by kevinko123 on Dec 23, 2007, 07:09:38 am
great mod, i have 1 special weapons(a bow)
The_legendary_sword_ The_legendary_sword_of_King_Arthur,^given_to_him_by_the_magical_Lady_of_the_Lake.^On_one_side_is_inscribed,_'Take_Me_Up'^On_the_other,_'Cast_Me_Away'
qstr_Known_as_the_Silver_ Known_as_the_Silver_Sword,^this_unique_blade_is_made_of_an^unusual_alloy_that_keeps_a_keen_edge^and_a_brilliant_sheen_even^through_centuries_of_use.
qstr_Named__joyful__this_ Named_'joyful',_this_was^the_Emperor_Charlemagne's_personal_sword.^It_is_said_the_pommel_contains^a_fragment_of_the_holy_relic,^the_spearhead_of_Longinius.
qstr_Named_for_its_master Named_for_its_master,_the_legendary_knight_Arumvir,^who_swore_a_sacred_oath_never_to_leave_this_world^until_Calradia_was_at_peace_once_more.^Although_the_knight_is_long_dead,^his_indomitable_spirit_lives_on_in_this_sword.
qstr_This_masterwork_sing This_masterwork_single-edged_sword^was_the_weapon_of_the_legendary^Nord_raider_Hamar_Fragenskjold.^The_blade_ripples_and_shimmers_like^the_fjords_of_its_Nordic_homeland.
qstr_Named_after_the_terr Named_after_the_terrible_wolf_of_Nordic_legend,^this_vicious_axe_was_forged_from_blood-quenched_steel.^The_haft_is_hewn_from_Nordic_ironwood_and_is_reinforced^to_absorb_the_hardest_of_blows.
qstr_Lord_Ellis_Duke_of_S Lord_Ellis,_Duke_of_Stayhorn,_once_single-handedly_held_off^an_entire_Vaegir_war_party_in_a_mountain_pass,^buying_time_for_the_Emperor_of_Swadia_to_escape.^His_body_was_never_found,_but_the_blade_he_wielded^now_bears_his_ducal_title_in_his_honour.
qstr_Said_to_be_forged_fr Said_to_be_forged_from_the^mystic_remains_of_a_falling_star,^this_blade_possesses_an_unearthly_sheen^and_appears_to_glow_of_its_own^power_in_the_moonlight.
qstr_The_legendary_sword_o The_legendary_sword_of_Ogier_the_Dane,^it_bears_the_inscription_on_one_side,^'My_name_is_Curtana,^of_the_same_steel_and_temper^as_Joyeuse_and_Durendal.'
qstr_The_sword_of_the_pal The_sword_of_the_paladin_hero_Roland,^this_legendary_weapon_is_said_to_contain_^a_tooth_of_Saint_Peter,^the_blood_of_Saint_Basil,^the_hair_of_Saint_Denis,^and_a_piece_of_the_raiment_of_the_Blessed_Virgin_Mary.
qstr_Named_for_the_hammer Named_for_the_hammer_of_the_god_Thor,^this_mighty_weapon_produces_a_thunderous_boom_whenever_it_impacts_a_hapless_enemy.^It_has_been_known_to_split_shields_asunder_from_the_very_force_of_the_blow.
qstr_Named_after_the_mons Named_after_the_monstrous_enemy_of_the_hero_Beowulf,^this_mace_is_as_vicious_as_the_legendary_berserker.^The_fine_balance_of_the_weapon_allows_it_to_be_swung_or_thrust_quickly^despite_its_weight.
qstr_A_beautiful_weapon_o A_beautiful_weapon_of_unknown_Eastern_origin,^this_footman's_glaive_mounts_a_reinforced_sword-blade_on_a_haft_of_solid_yew.^It_is_unusually_light_and_devastatingly_fast.
qstr_The_master_bowyer_Kh The_master_bowyer_Khetan_discovered_a_method_to^infuse_elemental_silver_into_the_fibres_of_Koa_wood,^resulting_in_a_bow_that_is_unusually_powerful_and_durable.^Few_warriors_have_the_strength_to_draw_a_silverwood_bow;^even_fewer_survive_an_arrow_shot_from_it.
this are the special weapons you can get.
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by Mithril on Dec 31, 2007, 05:46:51 am
what is that????
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by Mitch95 on Jan 05, 2008, 04:36:04 pm
yea,WTF is all that crap about.ur Fantasy Land?
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by g.o.g on Jan 11, 2008, 11:39:13 pm
how do you get ammo for da gun
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by ramlrm on Mar 22, 2009, 06:38:45 pm
best mod ever :hammer:
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 Re: Band of Warriors  » posted by Raiden101 on Apr 09, 2009, 04:58:18 pm
Very gd mod nice job :-)

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