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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2007, 03:28:59 pm
First Created: Oct 18, 2007, 07:01:18 pm
File version: 0.093
For M&B version: .890-.894
Downloads: 4,946 Size: 7.5 MB
Views: 8,177 Type: EXE
Home:  Ole Bald Angus the Monk
Rating (2 votes): 3.5 / 5.0
My repository for Mad Experiements with Module Files.

There's a New Map, a New Kingdom, a bunch of new troops amd trooptrees, new bandits, new cities, new castles, new villages with Upgrades that Do Something, I pretty much messed with everything.

But I didn't use any new artwork I just rearranged all the old stuff.

Cheat Mode can be activated from the Camp Menu in this too, that'll help if you are doing economic experiments with the source like I was.

Thread at Taleswords:,27787.0.html


*made the number of merchant caravans that spawn dependent on the number of towns that a faction is in control of (instead of just being stuck with four that you have to share with all the other towns of your faction)

*fixed (mebbe heh) Player Volunteer recruiting bug that happens when you get a higher reputation (I think)
*made villagers do their thing every 12 hours instead of doing their thing randomly 1 out of 10 times every 8 hours (that makes it a LOT easier to see how my tax thing is going 'cause now all the villagers trade back and forth once a day).
*there's still a thing that happens when a castle or town is taken where the village farmers that are already spawned on the map don't change factions, but there's no penalty for killing 'em, and if you do kill 'em, then new ones from your faction will spawn in their place.

0.091 Upgrades Unlimited
*made upgrades unlimited on villages dunno if that's good
*changed swadians around some to make 'em better
*added more brainbustingly puzzling dialogues and characters to tavern to make them more "immersive"
*added dialogues for all your favorite Suicidal Ragdoll Physics Companions
*took away all those high level troops you had at start-up now that I'm pretty sure most of the town conquering works (I conquered two of the Rhodoks cities including the main one and I was given all those villages but I didn't finish them off while I was testing 'cause there was a lot more guys to fight what with the castles and everything)
*added crossbows to swadian recruits (fixed that dagger problem by giving them all broadswords) and chargers to swadians knights to make up for changing their shield

0.090 My Big Pickle
*no more allied nations everybody hates each other
*towns (big cities) are sieged with castle fights (just like castles)
*towns (big cities) have upgrades, they can produce more tools, pottery, linen, and velvet, and villages need that stuff, and have stuff that the towns need (like food heh).
*fixed arena in Downtown
*made choice during character creation faction choice (the king of that country will invite you every day, so you can tell him "maybe later" if you want to stay neutral for a while (he'll just bug you every day, and no other kings will bug you, so if you want to play for a different team, you need to start over and choose it during charcater creation.
*you should be able to take over the entire map now unless you run into something I didn't do right (I haven't got that far in testing it I've only got two villages two castles and Downtown so far).
*oh man I set all trade items to be either worth 100 denar if they were a raw material or 120 denar if they were a manufactured thing 'cause I want to try to make supply and demand cause all the price fluctuations.
*made all foods stacks of 100 'cause of the huge army sizes

0.080 The Lost City of Inga Doinka
*replaced Vincoud Castle and Nemeja with a Town.
*gave all character creation characters lots of renown.
*villages have populations now.
*fixed some other stuff

0.076 Rocks Hit Harder
* Come and Feel how you like the sting of My Rocks Now!
* fixed up character creation a little so you'd get more appropriate junk
* no typos fixed
* same amount of naked chicks!
* prolly a few more floating rocks

*Rhodoks Fixed Up
*no more Iron man upgrades to Iron Man fun for you!
*fixed a merchant shop in Kalu
*fixed up the heads in Rhodok Land a little
*Nords are Officially the Strongest
*Khergits and Rhodoks are the Fastest.
*Made Kherg Newbies as quick as Rhodok ones (plus they got a horse heh).
*Swads, Vaeg, and Zinn are medium at everything as far as stats go but they have heavy armored everything and Killer Weapon Technology and heavily armored cavalry with heavily armored horses too (they're the "more advanced" side of each barbarian-and-advanced-city pair) so they're still the hardest to kill (I think).
*giving out WAY more money as a reward at the end of fights so hopefully you don't have to cheat for money to pay for your village upgrades and payrolls heh
*itm loot is still crap but that's fine I don't really want to spend too much of my time draining merchants of money to clean up my inventory ahaha
*Made all the villages and Big Cities hungrier for goods so that they'll trade more (and so that you should see more tax money coming in, especially after you do improvements)
*that means all your rival lords and enemy lords will be richer and be able to field bigger armies too (I think that's how it works, the crappier a Lord's ownings, the smaller his army will be))
*hopefully they don't get super rich from fighting each other 'cause they use the same loot code as the player aw crap I gotta check that now ahaha

Foul Temptresses no longer upgrade to Nord Bowmen (don't ask)

*Swadian Boomstick Edition
*Villages create recruits for conquering faction
*Played with Bow speed and damage
*Uh some other stuff can't remember
*still need to fix loot seriously
*didn't fix any typos
*Less Naked Chicks
*More Floating Rocks

*Gambling Working
*Less time waiting for Invite from Kings
*Villages Working the way I said they were when they weren't really are working the way I said they were and I even added a thing where you get faction with the village and I tested it and it works too what dontcha trust me? ahaha
*Less Naked Chicks
*More Floting Rocks

*the Less Naked Chicks Expansion!
*put Iron Staves back to normal
*did something else can't reemember what it was
*didn't fix any typos
*prolly added a few more floating rocks heh

  • New Map
  • New Rearrangements of Old Things
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 Re: Mustard and Biscuits Edition  » posted by Sakutzki on Nov 17, 2007, 09:26:23 am
Now this is a mod for me. I dont mind about the bugs because the only reason i play Moun&Blade is for battles and quests. This mod offers great battles. I like sieging castles alot, and the troops are good too. I like this one, good work.
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 Re: Mustard and Biscuits Edition  » posted by Mithril on Dec 19, 2007, 09:23:22 pm
will you port it to 0.903 dude???
wish i could use that party size of 1k plus hehehe
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 Re: Mustard and Biscuits Edition  » posted by Mithril on Dec 30, 2007, 07:38:21 pm
helloooo :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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 Re: Mustard and Biscuits Edition  » posted by brother_for_arms on Apr 05, 2008, 10:25:56 am
is not work to download..i pres download and is not work..what i do to download the mod?..plss.
IP: logged
 Re: Mustard and Biscuits Edition  » posted by Zetrex on Oct 05, 2008, 04:33:06 am
are u gona import this on 1.003?? :?: :?:

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