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Last Updated: Aug 27, 2007, 11:32:47 am
File version: v1.0
For M&B version: .808
Downloads: 7,470 Size: 94.45 MB
Views: 10,826 Type: ZIP
Rating (4 votes): 4.6 / 5.0

|-R E A D M E-|

Live by the Sword; Part One.

-a modification for Mount & Blade v. 0.808

Live by the Sword; Part One; Version: 1.0 (public release 'alpha')

Any questions, problems, bugs, suggestions etc. please email me at [email protected]
or PM Spong on the official M&B forums (

Unzip the file into your Mount and Blade/Modules folder.

Open Mount and Blade.exe

Select Live by the Sword Part One and run the game!

The intention of this project is to take the fantasy setting of Mount and Blade; The world of Calriada, and to remould it into a more accurate and diverse
parody of the medieval world. To do this I have decided to divide the Mod into a series of sub-mods, chapters or 'parts' to represent the distinct periods
of the medieval age. The parts will be themed and edited accordingly to an approximate real-world date-bracket. It is important to remember that this is
not an attempt to re-create medieval europe, this is still Calriada, but it is Calriada as it would have been, had it existed in real history.

Part One is set during the 13th century between about 1200AD and 1280AD.


-There are now 4 major factions and three sub-factions which the player can join and fight for;

+The Swadian Empire (based around western european kingdoms, in particular the Holy Roman Empire or Germany), this faction is the parent of the three
sub-factions; The Duchy of Praven, The Duchy of Sargoth and the Duchy of Suno.

+The Vaegirs (based around the Kievan Rus)

+The Salgurid Sultanate (a 'Saracen' style middle-eastern faction (Ayyubid/Fatamid-style))

+The Khergit Warlords (a Mongol-horde style faction)

-Manhunters have been transformed into a sub-faction though the player cannot join them, they are the Order of St. Olaf (loosely based around
Knights of St. John or Hospitallers)


-All factions have had their units either edited or created from scratch with appropriate troop trees and recruitement in their own cities.

-Many faction troops can be recruited in Zendar

-New Mercenaries in Zendar

-MANY custom items, some taken from other mods with permission or unlocked from vanilla - many new custom skins by myself - Swadian factions
and the Order of St. Olaf have their own heraldric liveries.

TROOP LISTS & Upgrade information:

Swadian Troops:
Upgrades to; Levy Spearman,Huntsman

-Levy Spearman -
These troops are mustered from the peasantry for militia duty, lightly equipped with a spear and shield and some basic armour they are average fighters
but are suitable for holding a line and bolstering armies. They cannot be expected to hold up to better quality troops but their spears provide some
ability to combat cavalry opponents.
Upgrades to; Sergeant Spearman, Infantry Sergeant

-Sergeant Spearman -
Professional paid infantrymen from the lower classes who utilise a spear and shield, they are more effective than their levy counterparts due to their
mail coats and helmets as well as their superior combat prowess gained through constant soldiering.
Upgrades to; Voulgier

-Infantry Sergeant -
Professional soldiers armed with hand-weapons or large axes and wearing mail armour, they are well suited to combat other infantry but are not so adept
at dealing with cavalry as Sergeant Spearmen.
Upgrades to; Sergeant-of-Horse

- Voulgier -
'Voulgier' is a catch-all term for these troops, armed with a variety of polearms with a cutting blade and thrusting point to counter both infantry and
cavalry. They utilise Voulges, Glaives and War Scythes and wear a mail hauberk. These soldiers are excellent on both offensive and defensive against most
troop types.

Archers are light skirmishers directly drawn from the peasant population and utilised in war for their skill with the bow. They wear cloth armour and
carry a shortbow and hand-weapon. They are most effective at range and should avoid close quarters where possible.
Upgrades to;Crossbowman

Professional marksmen armed with powerful crossbows, they are lightly armoured and should not be expected to do well in a melee. However, they do carry a
hand-weapon as backup.
Upgrades to; Armored Crossbowman

-Armored Crossbowman-
Professional marksmen who have shown sufficient skill and endurance to be equipped with more substantial protection, these missile-troops
wear a mail coat and a light helmet and carry a crossbow and hand-weapon. They will last longer than most missile-men in a melee to the extent that they can
be used as medium infantry in a pinch but they are most effectve at range.

Professional soldiers drawn from the middle-classes who can afford decent armour and a horse, they wear mail coats and use a hand-weapon and shield while
riding a light horse. These are competent medium cavalry who can perform well in a variety of roles but are nowhere near the quality of knights and
should not be expected to perform as such.
Upgrades to; Squire

Servants of Knights in both peace and war. When used in battle these men are deployed as light cavalry. Specific rules limit their equipment to a light
cloth armour, hand-weapon and shield and they are mounted on a cheap horse. They are useful for harrassing enemy light troops
and supporting heavier cavalry but should not be expected to last in a prolonged melee with superior troops for very long.
Upgrades to; Knight, Foot Knight

Elites of both society and the battlefield these are extremely effective heavy cavalry who can decimate most enemies with a crushing charge.
They wear good mail armour and helms, carry a shield and hand-weapon and ride a warhorse.

-Foot Knight-
Whilst mounted Knights can be dismounted to fight on foot these particular troops choose to fight this way exclusively, using their horse simply to get
from battle to battle. They are as well equipped as their mounted counterparts with mail armour and helmets, but wheras mounted Knights use hand-weapons
and shields, foot Knights are able to also use heavier two-handed weapons such as greataxes.
These Knights are exceptionally effective heavy infantrymen.

Vaegir Troops:
Upgrades to; Voi Spearman, Voi Archer

-Voi Spearman-
Voi are tribesmen from the rural regions levied into military service to bolster field armies. These particular troops serve as spearmen who, while lightly
armoured, are nevertheless ferocious warriors who can prove a thorn in the side of the enemies of Vaegir lords.
Upgrades to; Urban Militia Spearman

-Urban Militia Spearman -
These are part-time soldiers levied from the middle-class civilians of the Vaegir cities. They are able to afford good mail armour, shields, helms and spears
and are comparitavely well-equipped by the standards of the militias of other kingdoms. They form the core of many Vaegir armies and are relatively effective
in a variety of roles, though they are particularly suited to anti-cavalry.
Upgrades to; Varajaz Infantryman

-Varajaz Infantryman -
The Varajaz are regular troops comprised of former-mercenaries from the northwestern seaboard and they carry with them the fearsome reputation of the
warriors of that region. They wear heavy mail armour and helmets and carry a shield and two-handed axe which they use to great effect against enemy
infantry. These are highly skilled and reliable shock-troops.
Upgrades to; Grid, Dismounted Grid

-Voi Archer-
These levy troops are the huntsmen of their tribal communities and as such they make good archers. While they are lightly armoured they are well
armed with a composite shortbow and a large axe, with which they are more than capable of providing stiff opposition to those who would engage them in melee.
Upgrades to; Urban Militia Crossbowman, Horse Archer

-Urban Militia Crossbowman-
These city levies are equipped with powerful crossbows, a hand-weapon and mail armour. They are very effective at whittling away enemy troops with clouds
of armour-piercing bolts while their armour provides adequate protection should they become involved in hand-to-hand combat.

-Horse Archer-
Bands of horse archers comprise various types of professional warriors; from adventurous tribal youths to the sons of merchants, the minor nobility and
men from other such landed classes. They are typically lightly armoured and carry a composite bow and sabre. Their horses are notoriously swift and they
excel at harrying enemy formations with lightning hit-and-run tactics, they can also be deployed as light cavalry if necessary to support heavier
troops in a melee but should not be relied upon too far in such a role.

Grid are the 'junior' Drug or 'comrades' of the Druzhina noble retinues of the Vaegirs and as such they are a well-equipped medium cavalry force.
They are typically armoured in mail and armed with a hand-weapon and shield. They ride decent horses and are well-suited to a variety of roles and
are particularly effective in support of the heavier Druzhina cavalry elements such as the Otroki and Boyars.
Upgrades to; Otroki

-Dismounted Grid-
These dismounted Grid are able to employ larger infantry weapons against their enemies.
Upgrades to; Dismounted Otroki

Otroki means 'youths'and these men form a trusted and loyal bodyguard around a Boyar or Prince, being most typically deployed as a highly effective
heavy cavalry arm, they wear good quality mail or lamellar and carry shields and hand-weapons. Riding heavy horses, some of them armoured, these men
can be relied upon to give good account in battle and are a key element of many major Vaegir engagements.
Upgrades to; Boyar

-Dismounted Otroki-
Dismounted Otroki are extrememly effective at supplemeneting an infantry line as they can bring their heavy weapons to bear when not on a horse.
Upgrades to;Dismounted Boyar

These elite nobles are some of the best heavy cavalry available to the Vaegir army, their position affords them the best equipment and
they are conditioned to a life of fighting from the saddle of an armoured warhorse.

-Dismounted Boyar-
Boyars who choose to fight on foot enjoy the use of heavier weapons, they are lethal heavy infantrymen.

Salgurid Troops:
Upgrades to; Jaridah Warrior, Jaridah Horseman

-Jaridah Warrior-
Jaridah are light troops drawn from the various desert and plains tribes from within the Salgurid empire. They shun body armour believing its use to be
cowardly as it avoids ones pre-ordained time of death, instead wearing only light clothing. They equip themselves with a variety of weapons including
clubs, maces, swords and spears, though they always carry a bag of jarid or javelins for ranged attacks. They are experts at hit-and-run tactics.
Upgrades to; Ahdath Spearman, Ahdath Archer

-Jaridah Horseman-
Jaridah Horsemen are literally Jaridah warriors mounted on a cheap horse affording them with extra mobility.
Upgrades to; Junior Ghulam

-Ahdath Spearman-
Ahdath are the Salgurid militia forces levied into service by the Amirs of the Sultan. Troops of this type can be equipped in a variety of ways in accordance
with their role. Their main purposes include garrison duty, patrols and the guarding of foragers or caravans and also to bolster field armies should the need
arise. These troops are given basic training and are equipped with light armour, a shield and a spear.
Upgrades to; Thaqlah Spearman, Thaqlah Warrior

-Ahdath Archer-
The composite bow employed by the Salgurids is a deadly weapon in trained hands. These militia units are schooled in the use of such bows and make a
highly effective ranged component of Salgurid levy forces. As well as their bows they are given a hand-weapon and some light armour.
Upgrades to; Ahdath Crossbowman

-Ahdath Crossbowman-
The crossbow is realtively accurate and has a high penetrative power, its disadvantage is its slow reload time and difficulty to use from horseback in the
Salgurid tradition. It is therefore issued to these trained militia troops to provide Salgurid armies with a heavy punch from long range that can compete with
the crossbowmen of the Swadians and Vaegirs.

-Thaqlah Spearman-
These soldiers are the regular troops who form the retinues of Salgurid Amirs, they are given a good mail coat, a shield, a spear and often a helm.
They are well trained and can be expected to hold a line against most enemies but will benefit from close support.

-Thaqlah Warriors-
Similar to Thaqlah spearmen except they carry a hand-weapon in place of a spear which makes them highly effective at engaging other infantry and light troops.
They should not be expected to hold alone against cavalry.
Upgrades to; Amir Guard

-Junior Ghulam-
Junior Ghulams are professional soldiers in service to the sultan, they are lower ranking than the regular ghulams and fulfill the role of light missile
cavalry equipped as they are with light armour, a composite bow and a sword. They are excellent at harrasing enemy formations and work well in support of
the heavier ghulam and mamluk cavalry.
Upgrades to; Ghulam

-Amir Guard-
Elite troops whose purpose is to guard the Amir from assassinaton in peace-time and from the enemy in battle. They are equipped in gilded heavy lamellar
armour and carry large two-handed axes. These are fearsome heavy infantry whose mere presence on the battlefield can put many lesser men to flight.

Ghulams are formed from the lesser nobility of the Salgurid empire and as such they go to war as well-equipped medium cavalry
in the salgurid tradition. Well-versed in warfare from an early age they make very effective warriors, they typically carry a composite bow, a hand-weapon
and a shield while wearing mail or lamellar armour, a good helmet and riding a decent horse.
Upgrades to; Mamluk

Mamluks are the great noble warriors of the Salgurids, well-trained and finely equipped with the best weapons and armour they are an elite
shock cavalry arm and can be expected to make good account of themselves in battle. Their equipment is similar to the Ghulams but is of better
quality, they also sometimes ride armoured horses.

Khergit Troops:

-Khergit Warrior-
There are no mere peasants in the Horde, for to be a Khergit man is to be a Khergit warrior. These troops are those who cannot afford a horse and so are
considered lesser men by Khergit society, however they are still recognised as brave and fierce warriors who are put to good use as multi-role infantry
equipped as they are with a sturdy coat or leather vest, a composite bow and a hand weapon. They make good archers and melee infantry though they can
suffer when attacked by heavier troops.
Upgrades to; Khergit Horse Archer

-Khergit Spear Warrior-
Similar to regular Khergit warriors except for their use of the spear and sheild which therefore negates the use of a bow and hand weapon, they are purely
spearmen and make a good, if vulnerable, anti-cavalry soldier.
Upgrades to; Khergit Horseman

-Khergit Horse Archer-
The standard method of combat for the Khergit Horde is to use bow and sword from horseback, these soldiers make up the bulk of Khergit forces and
are startlingly effective particularly when deployed en masse. Their speed and mobility serves well to allow them to harrass enemy units while keeping
out of harms way.
Upgrades to; Khergit Khorchin

-Khergit Horseman-
A proportion of Khergit forces utilise heavy cavalrymen such as these to provide a shock cavalry element to their attacks.
They are well equipped with lamellar armour, hand weapons and shields but still prefer to ride a lighter steppe horse.
Upgrades to; Khergit Turghaut, Khergit Kabtaut

-Khergit Turghaut-
The Khan's bodyguard comprises three arms of cavalry, these troops are the first. Tu
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by klagrok on Aug 27, 2007, 06:58:16 pm
spong sounds great but after unzipping it to my Modules folder still dont see it listed when i launch the game--should I have unzipped it to my main M&B directory??? Thanks mate
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by newb on Aug 28, 2007, 07:29:06 am
There is nothing wrong with the mod... excellent work! Klagrok: how about putting the module folder into the "modules" folder in the main directory? C:XXXX/Mount&Blade/Modules
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by klagrok on Aug 28, 2007, 03:15:26 pm
thanks newb but i figured it out this morning--just unzipped it into my download folder and then moved the Live by the Sword folder into my Modules and works fine :lol:
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by GoS on Sep 12, 2007, 07:53:19 am
a proffesionist modd.i'm very lucky because i play it. :-D
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by Stone on Oct 18, 2007, 09:09:27 pm
Very nice texturing of armor, shields and weapons. Smooth enjoyable game without bugs.
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by Mithril on Dec 19, 2007, 09:19:34 pm
yep bugfree and advanced mod for its version :-D
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 Re: Live by the Sword Part One Alpha  » posted by Mithril on Dec 30, 2007, 07:35:33 pm
will there be part two beta?

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