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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2007, 03:01:03 pm
First Created: Jun 01, 2007, 05:52:46 am
File version: 4/a
For M&B version: .890-.894
Downloads: 6,956 Size: 6.15 MB
Views: 9,943 Type: ZIP
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Customizable Troops
This mod adds a new troop type which can be upgraded via Ieuan and many other upgraders in Zendar

This is the .894 version. There probably will be bugs.

Special thanks to Golcondio for being an excellent bugfinder!

  • New troop type which can be upgraded in the following ways:
  • 5 levels of one/two handed, spear, pole, blunt, bows, throwing weapons and crossbows
  • 5 levels of shields, gloves and boots, horses and bows
  • 5 levels of heavy, medium and light armour and headgear
  • Upgrade 2 combat attributes and many combat skills

File History
v1/0 - Initial bughunting release

Fri, Jun-01-2007

v1/2 - Fixed bug - all armour was referred to as "light" armour from levels 2 onwards

Sat, Jun-02-2007

v1/4 Fixed bug - you were given "sword of war" at two levels, and you were given a "war shield" at two levels.

Sat, Aug-11-2007

v2 - New version! Adds a new upgrader and troop type for each faction and the Four Ways Inn, giving you a possibility of 4 different custom warriors!

Sun, Aug-12-2007

v2/2 Fixed bug - the "Soldier" troop type had some problems with equipping

Wed, Aug-15-2007

v2/4 Fixed some bugs. Hopefully.

Wed, Aug-22-2007

v2/6 Fixed loads of bugs!

Thu, Aug-23-2007

v2/8 Fixed the no-weapon assertion error!

Fri, Aug-24-2007

v2/a There are only 10 troops in the taverns of each type now to balance the game a little. The troops now refresh at ~2 every 2 days.

Sat, Sep-01-2007

v2/c Throwing weapons have been added into the game, along with a power throw upgrade.

Mon, Sep-03-2007

v3 Final version. Source code included in the release. Read the file in the SOURCE CODE folder to get the password.

Sun, Sep-30-2007

v4 Ported to .892. There probably will be bugs

Mon, Oct-01-2007

v4/2 Bugfixes, crossbows, limit of 10 customizable troops per 48 hours, and slight reorganisation of equipment given

Tue, Oct-02-2007

v/4 Many game breaking bugs fixed

Sun, Oct-07-2007

Tue, Oct-09-2007

v4/8 Bugfixes

Mon, Oct-29-2007

v4/a Port to .894. Polearms now divided into polearms and spears
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 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Chow_Total_War on Jun 01, 2007, 11:10:10 am
I can't play your mod. After upgrading my troops (to the maximum)it gives me an error message.
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Cymro on Jun 01, 2007, 11:18:34 am
1)What did you upgrade to the maximum?
2)What was the error message?
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Chow_Total_War on Jun 01, 2007, 12:56:06 pm
I upgraded my troops until level 5 (all skills).
My error message is:
File: e:\develop\mb\program\src\troop.h.
Line: 1835
Expression: melee_equipped.

If you patch this bug, this can be a great advance in the minimods. I hope it 'll be added in other major mods.
(sorry for my english) :-?
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 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Cymro on Jun 01, 2007, 01:06:06 pm
I remember that this particular error happens when the troops haven't got a melee weapon equipped.

You can either:
-Buy a melee weapon, and equip it
-Press "ignore" on the thing that pops up.
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 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Chow_Total_War on Jun 01, 2007, 02:49:02 pm
Sorry but I steel having the error.
I speak with Ieuan, I give him instructions in order that he buys melee weapon, but I can't combat. If I speak with Marnid about the troops, the game is blocked (without message error).
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Cymro on Jun 01, 2007, 02:52:58 pm
Are you sure you also told him to "equip their melee weapons"?
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Chow_Total_War on Jun 01, 2007, 07:59:59 pm
Yeah, I told it him, but nonetheless I cannot solve the problem. But if nobody have problems with this mod, maybe the problem is me, hehehe. It'd be better that you speak with other person about the mod, cause I don't deal of mods neither english.
I hope the problem is me, cause the idea of customizable troops is magnificent. Luck.
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Cymro on Sep 03, 2007, 10:04:29 am
O...kay :-?
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by kaeldragor on Oct 30, 2007, 10:20:58 pm
I'm missing something here... after my first batch, I cannot HIRE any more. also, all the upgraders seem to be upgrading the same batch of guys... (they all say they will upgrade THEIR type, but only show the options that I haven't done yet for the first batch I hired.
IP: logged
 Re: Customizable Troops  » posted by Hydromazter on Jun 07, 2009, 01:47:12 pm
hey, I really like the sound of this mod. Looks pretty cool. When I tried to play it as a module it wouldn't let me play it. when the download bar was about half way it would freeze and a pig sound would go off. What to do? I have mount & blade version 1.011 if that helps. THX. Hydromazter 8-)

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