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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2008, 07:43:38 pm
First Created: Nov 04, 2005, 07:01:36 pm
File version: 1.9
For M&B version: N/A
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This script is for mod authors. It will create a fairly robust standalone installer for your mod, which will automatically detect the Mount&Blade folder and be easy for the end user of your mod to install. It is quite simple to set up.
This script uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).
Be sure to view the readme file (readme_installer.rtf).

Version 1.8 fixes a few minor issues related to the recent M&B releases and adds rudimentary support for Steam versions.
Version 1.9 adds much more robust Steam support.

File History
- Much more robust support for Steam installations of M&B, both full version and demo. Steam apparently stores pseudo-registry files which contain the M&B registry info (found in "<Steam_path>\appcache\" as "app_22100.vdf" and "app_22110.vdf"), so these are found and read. The install folder is therefore determined rather than guessed, and the M&B version number (ex. "1010"/"1.010") installed through Steam is also determined.
- Steam M&B version and any existing standard (TW) installation of M&B are now both checked against the version the mod is made for, since the Steam M&B version can now be found. If both installations exist and their versions both match the one which the mod was made for, the standard installation will be defaulted to instead of the Steam installation.

- Updated version display to properly indicate newer versions, i.e. "1.011" instead of "0.1011".
- Added in detection method for Steam installations of M&B if it isn't found elsewhere; Steam annoyingly doesn't store the M&B path in the registry, but it does store its own path, which is extrapolated from to get the Steam M&B installation folder.
- Version mismatch warning message is updated to indicate possible Steam installation if version match isn't found; sadly, Steam also doesn't store the M&B version number in the registry either.
- Special case added in for 1.010 and 1.011 to have them detected as compatible.
- Installation notes (in "install.txt") again slightly revised.

- New M&B version detection method based on M&B version stored in the registry. This will check the current version of M&B against the version the mod was created for, and warn the person installing that the mod was created for a different version of M&B. This M&B version checking is dependent on a new registry entry which the current M&B installer for .808 includes, which will be updated with each new M&B version.
- Modified "languages" folder usage so that it excludes subfolders which start with a ".", such as ".svn" folders.
- Shortcuts (in Windows, "Create Shortcut" method used on a file or folder) are now excluded from the files, as they really shouldn't be included in any mod package but previously were added by the script.
- Installation notes (in "install.txt") revised since much of it's info was outdated.

- Updated to include "languages" folder and all subfolders of that ("en", "tr", "cn", whatever), for use in M&B .800+.

- Updated to include "Music" folder for use in M&B .800.
- Updated to not exclude BMP files, so the new .800 intro BMP image is included.
- Ability to have it copy over Native saved games was removed, since the savegame path is changed and it's unnecessary anyway.

- Uninstaller creation changed to optional (set at top of file), and now defaults to not creating an uninstaller.

- Updated to include "Sounds" folder for use in M&B .730+.

- Added support for 2 optional graphics, one to be shown on the welcome/finish page and one for all pages in-between.
- Now files with the extension ORIG are skipped and not added to the installation; this file type is a backup created by the Unofficial Editor and is not needed by the end user. BMP files are also now skipped.

- Updated to support "Textures" and "Resource" folders if they exist (M&B v0.710), for installing new textures and meshes.
- If M&B folder couldn't be determined from registry, v1.0 would notify user and exit. Now it will just warn the user, then use the default installation path ("Program Files\Mount&Blade").
- installer.txt is updated with a bit more info on uninstallation and the like.

Initial release.
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 Re: Mount&Blade Mod Installer Script v1.9  » posted by Laedend Riht on Jan 04, 2009, 02:47:33 pm
WinRar already has this function. I thought you might want to know.

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