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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2012, 08:52:38 pm
First Created: Feb 19, 2012, 03:36:11 pm
File version: 0.51
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 1,421 (1,483) Size: 8.88 MB
Views: 4,796 (4,921) Type: EXE
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(multiplayer only)
requires full 0.5 version -

Patch 0.51 changes:

- new music track for Ottomans
- removed remains of Native music
- many fixes on many maps
- added Mod Options:
- vignette effect
- options to turn off some UI
- option to musket/cannon/grenade smoke
- option to reduce or remove static mist
- alternative key for launching Cirrcular Menu

- added anti camper "Death Mode" option for Battle game mode, displaying at chosen time where enemy players are
- added some new banners
- added password protected banner system for personal and clan banners
- tweaked musket smoke particles, changed the synchronization system a little bit for less lag
- fixed admin tools
- font made a little bigger
- fixed attaman hat and hair
- fixed hair sticking out from reiter invasion bot helmets
- Chosen infantry now can take musket OR pike, no longer both
- fixed "x-ray" courtains and windows
- removed information about players joining/leaving the server
- fixed rider falling from horse when recieving damage
- new hair darkened a little bit to fit better with beards
- fixed "/listtk" console command
- fixed blocking player on aiming musket/crouching combination
- pike bracing redone:
- increased the angle at with bracing takes effect
- pikes have greater chance of stopping or killing horse
- pikes can be braced in two positions - while standing and while crouching (with different animations)
- damage of each projectile fired with blunderbuss is different
- invasion bots now should attack also wheeled shield which block their way
- fixed spelling Raitar - Reiter
- added some more dedicated server commands
- added "/revive" admin command for fast player ressurection (eg. after teamkill) on Invasion game type
- unlit grenades can be picked up
- fixed freeze
- fixed polls for kick/ban
- fixed server cannon errors
- fixed some log messages
- fixed invasion ai error messages
- fixed broken Hardcore mode on Invasion (causing spawn loop)
- fixed admin override poll tools
- fixed wheeled shield acting strange
- fixed cannon barrel rotating too much
- fixed sheated model for turkish axe
- added Cameraman Mode (removed HUD and messages)
- gold icon and text is now visible only on Troop and Equipement screens
- tweaked grapeshot damage to shields
- cannons made little more powerfull
- range of grenades decreased (very little)

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