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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2012, 09:17:19 pm
First Created: Jan 18, 2012, 04:37:58 pm
File version: 0.2.7a Beta Full
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 3,558 (3,591) Size: 148.33 MB
Views: 11,638 (11,763) Type: 7Z
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Rating (1 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
The Gathering Storm
A Wheel of Time Mod
V0.2.7 Beta (Full) - Includes v0.2.7a Hotfix
7-zip download

This download contains the full set of files for The Gathering Storm V0.2.7. Many new features have been implemented and the channeling system has been overhauled. Also, the code has been optimized and many bug-fixes have been completed.

Included in v0.2.7a Hotfix:

-Infinite channeling stamina error
-Sul'dam / Damane script error
-Minor Channeling Stamina weave usage tweaks

0.2.7 Main Changes:
-Fixed mixed up Companion stuff
-Cleaned up non-intended relationships from Diplomacy mod
-Fixed error where Kingdom ladies didn't have clothing items
-Fixed error where players who picked 'Male', 'Wilder' were spawned wearing a dress
-Fixed error where lords are not equipping stuff at feasts
-Fixed Faction Relation Presentation - (updated with the latest code from Jrider)
-Fixed mst_village_attack_bandit error (I hope...)
-Corrected starting tutorial Caravan destination strings for split factions.
-Renamed remaining Native Castles
-Fixed 'Rahvin/Gaebril' naming error for the Lady Arymilla pretender dialogs
-Gave lancers side arms
-Many other minor bug fixes.

Updated Features:
-Ported to Diplomacy 4.2 and PBOD 0.90.1
-Updated map to add more territories (expanded Blight, Seanchan, Shara, Madmen, Sea Folk Isles)
-Added water travel and sea battles
-Added border towers that will cause a battle nearby to use the Shienar Border Tower scene
-Split the existing eight factions into 24 nation based factions
-Added four new factions for Shara, Sea Folk, Madmen, and Toman Head
-Added Shara outfits
-Added Sea Folk outfits
-Added some painted body skins for the Madmen
-Gave all lords a random 'reputation' - will need to re-visit and make it specific for the main characters
-Overhauled channeling system to make it modular and scalable
-Added Skills for Channeling Affinity and the Five Powers
-Re-wrote channeling stamina equation (Channeling stamina will no longer re-fill after every battle)
-NPC channelers now have AI that governs which weaves they use
-Channeling companions will no longer use the Primary/Secondary/All weave selection process (They will use the AI instead.)
-Created a new method for weave selection (It's now a 'point and click' method)
-Keys for Weave selection and Re-adding lost One Power items are now configurable through the camp menu (Note: don't assign them to keys already used by the base game to avoid errors) (Weave selection is 'Caps Lock' by default. Re-add lost One Power item is 'Z' by default)
-Added Camp Menu with basic info for The Gathering Storm. (Mostly for how channeling works. Five-Power skill requirements, etc.)
-Added more variety to Warder's equipment
-Added menu for visiting a Border Tower (It's bare-bones for now.)

How to Install:
-If you already have a previous version of the mod installed, either remove it, or back it up by renaming the folder to something like “The Gathering Storm 026”. (note: if you do this, you will also need to rename your saved games folder found in My Documents.)
-Next download the update.
-Unzip it to your desktop. (You will need to use the 7zip application for this version of the download... Found here: )
-If you cannot install 7zip, go to the Taleworlds Forum Thread for TGS and look up the alternative download link
-Go to the folder you just unzipped and drill down (open more and more folders) until you find one called just "The Gathering Storm".
-Copy this entire folder into M&B Warband's 'Modules' folder. The path to this folder will depend on where you installed the game.

Usually here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules
or here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband\Modules

Then when you start Mount and Blade, pick "The Gathering Storm" module.

This update has totally re-arranged the faction layout, added new towns, expanded the map, re-vamped channeling, etc. Sorry, it's not save-game compatible.

Credits for this Version:
-Coding by Vaerraent and mat2rivs
-Diplomacy 4.2 and PBOD 0.90.1: Waihti, zParsifal, Caba'drin
-Base code for Water Travel and Naval Battles - (I made my own scenes for naval and shore battles)
-thrakkemarn, for his fixes to the original code posted by Ruthven
-Mirathei, for writing the original ship codes
-James for the longship model/texture
-Ruthven, for explanation+main code manipulation and basic scenes
-MartinF for the trigger that changes you into a ship
-Jubal for writing the original sea battle guide
-Dudro for extended scene editing
-Lumos for bugfix
-OSP Indo-Persian Armor and Shield Pack - by dariel - (Adapted for Shara and Sea Folk outfits)
-OSP Woad Skins - by Kolba and Comissar - (Adapted for Madmen outfits)
-Faction Relation Presentation - by Jrider
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 The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Ti (v 0.2.7a Beta Full)  » posted by mrfixit110 on May 29, 2012, 10:08:03 pm
Pretty cool mod :-D I've done some experimenting with channelling and the mechanics are great. I took out an entire army with my massive wall of fire >:) Some things in the mod remind me of Time Bandits.. not the least of which being the trollocs and their goat helmets. :?: Altogether worth the time to download. I haven't done much yet aside from channelling, but seems well put together.

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