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Last Updated: Mar 22, 2012, 04:28:33 am
First Created: Oct 20, 2011, 10:50:22 am
File version: 0.201
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 1,337 (2,421) Size: 66.78 MB
Views: 6,347 (9,058) Type: RAR
Rating (3 votes): 4.7 / 5.0
V. 0.204 hopefully fixes several bugs related to logging in, equipment, and time and score displays
As of v0.200 upload, this is now compatible with the mod running on the Dev Server.

You can also play single-player by hosting a game.

Note: Although this has MMORPG-like features, this is still in a very early test phase. This means -- your character, gold, renown, and accumulated levels can be wiped out at any time! I envision a much more ambitious version which might mean considerable restructuring, and I doubt I'll be able to retain existing character stats as the game develops. Plus, I might accidentally wipe them out...

At later points in the development, characters will be more stable.


I'd call a player account a "character," but in fact a "character" in this game represents a family, clan, or dynasty.

* Choose the name of your house. Create a character with that name on Warband. Please try to choose a plausible family name for the region of your choice for the 11th-15th centuries. If you can't think of one, don't agonize about it, but in future versions of the game I might enforce historical-sounding names.

* Join the server. A character with your name will be created on the game's database. Each new map, after a few seconds of playing, you should log in, which gives you access to your player's accumulated "levels" and thus better types of troops and equipment.

* Note down the unique ID -- a five or six digit number, usually -- in the messages when you are logged in.

* Any wealth you make in-map must be spent in-map. Your score however will give you renown and gold that are saved between games.

* To view your character, go to this address -- -- and enter that number when you're asked to log in. At some point I'll invest in a domain name.

* Choose a home province. This will also determine your faction.

* If you have enough points to upgrade your assets, do so. This will give you access to new troop types for your main character and retinue types.

v 0.200 Mini-MMORPG features are live -- you can now accumulate gold and renown from game to game
v 0.120 Adds two new game modes: Field Battle and Livestock Raid
v 0.114 See note
v 0.111 hopefully fixes bug that prevented player joining MP from spawning with horse
v 0.11 adds new start-up screens, new map, config files, the module system. Tweaks desert map and AI. Allows map selection in AI panel. Adds separate team scores.
v 0.101 removes message spam, hopefully prevents MP crashing

Thanks to Barny and CoR, there is a public server: CoR_Camel_Riders. As of 0.11 you DO NOT need to rename the mod file to Caravan to join.



Two rival caravan routes run along the two sides of the map. To make money, escort the caravan camels safely to their destination, or attack the other side's caravans and loot them.

It takes a little while for the bot raiders to get to the other side of the map. Give the game a minute or so to get started in earnest.

To raid caravans, kill the camel riders. The cargo of the caravan will then spawn. Hit "f" to collect it, at which point you as a looter will gain a 40% share, and the one who killed the rider will gain a 60% share. The cargo will eventually go away.

To make money from escorting, stay on your own side of the map. You will gain a bounty for each raider you kill, plus extra bounty when a caravan reaches its destination. The more players join the other side, the more money you make by escorting caravans on your side.

If you want to heal, go stand in front of the carpets, laid out with water, that also marks the cavarans' destination point.

Your score is the amount of money you earn. If you buy equipment, you lose money, but not your score.

Team scores are separately tabulated: one for each enemy slain, 10 for each caravan which successfully reaches the other side of the map.

In order to keep the map from filling up with lost bots, the game removes guards who have lost their caravans, or raiders who have lost their mounts. Normally this shouldn't happen in the middle of a fight, but if you see someone disappear, this is probably what's going on.


Two rival clans live in neighboring river valleys, split by moors. Raid the other clan's livestock corrals in the corner villages, and defend your own. Livestock will cross the map on their own, but can be recaptured easily. Capture livestock by moving close to them. Smoke indicates a village under attack.

The score: Top score is each team's number of kills. Bottom score is the score derived from livestock ownership, with the total number of livestock/livestock in corral indicated in parentheses.


Control a squad of light infantry or cavalry, fighting between two formations of spearmen. Disrupt the enemy's spear formation to goad them into attacking.

The score: Measures the morale of each team's spear formation. Red is aggression, blue is discipline, yellow is fear. When aggression exceeds discipline, troops will break formation and the formation itself will begin to advance. When fear exceeds discipline, troops will start to run away.

First, without Barny's provision of the server, this probably would never have gotten off the ground
I'm also in debt to the community for their excellent visual mods and additions

Credit to Belendor Torheal Artendor for the new logo and opening screen
Credit to Lucke189 for the Realistic Colors mod
Credit to Idibil for allowing me to use Brytenwalda animals
Credit to Fredelios for the goats and for re-rigging the cows
Credit to Pino for his Sarranid and other armors
Credit to Varkhash for his camels.
Credit to Narf for his Rus armor
Credit to Wei Xiadi for his armors
Credit to MarkQuinn for the Better Banners pack

All art is from the Wikimedia commons.
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