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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2011, 11:54:59 pm
First Created: Sep 21, 2011, 05:02:35 pm
File version: Alpha
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 267,865 (268,004) Size: 567.61 MB
Views: 252,609 (253,053) Type: EXE
Rating (15 votes): 4.6 / 5.0

Please visitThis board for an overview of factions, units, features and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes
Optional Downloads

This is an alpha version. Some features are still in progress and will be replaced / added and there is some balancing to be done. I will count on feedback to rebalance the troops, since I don't have enough time to both playtest and develop. The few scenes are currently a real prototype, since they have no walls due to accuracy purposes. If sieges work correctly, I will stick to that and keep working on other ones, if not then its back to walls. Some troops may be too strong (though they are intended to be harder than native). Please report any bugs in the appropriate thread.

The Peloponnesian War Team:

Lynores - Mod Developer.
von Schweinewitz - Researcher for Greek Architecture.
Sahran - Researcher for Carthage, Samnite Federation, Latins and Etruscans. Overall advisor.
Rez-TWC - Researcher for Persia.

Greeks Preview:

Faction Preview: Carthage

Faction Preview: Persia

Faction Preview: Samnite Federation

#Make sure you choose directx9 from the main M&B menu. It will allow for reflections and other features. The mod wasn't tested on directx 7.
#The video options auto exposure and use deph effects must be ENABLED while instancing DISABLED to properly view some of the features.

#DO NOT forget to access the mod options through the camp menu, or you'll miss several features from Pbod and key strategic features for town assault.
#Remember to press and hold f1 to quickly order your troops in formation to specific positions during the battle.
#If you get no ocean reflections even with the above settings, hit esc a couple times and it should work.

Current alpha version features:

Delian Confederacy
Thessalian City-States
Thracian Raiders
Peloponnesian League
Western Satrapies
Achaean League
Qart Hadasht
Samnite Federation
Megale Hellas Confederacy
Cretan City-States
Scythian Raiders
Latin League
Tursanioi Dodecapoli


Waihti's Diplomacy.
Caba`drin's Pre-battle Orders & Deployment. (You must have 2 points in tactics to access some features. They are accessible via menus and ingame battle orders.
Sea Battles and Travel - Adapted from Ruthven's scripts.
Sabotage - Once you besiege an enemy settlement, it is possible to pay spies to enter it and sabotage their food supplies. If they succeed, starvation will eventually force the enemy into surrender, provided the siege isn't lifted. The men inside will become weaker everyday and the number of troops ready for battle will diminish greatly.
Shield Bashing by xenoargh - (hold defense then press attack to bash)

Diplomacy Features
Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment Features


A few observations regarding accuracy and the alpha release of TPW / PP:

The corinthian helmet might be favored over the latter and more accurate pilos, for aesthetical reasons;
The Scythian Raiders are currently a placeholder for Illyrians, that will be added in the future. The former will turn into raiding parties and no longer a faction.

"(...) for we can deduce from a number of references that cuirasses continued to be used well into the peloponnesian war."
N. Sekunda, A. McBride. The Ancient Greeks, pg.14.

Despite the small timeframe gap subject, everything is meant to be as accurate as possible. The references are the classics, coinage, Mr. Sekunda's work (Osprey), excavated material researches, articles and advice from Mr. Stefanos (ΙΣΤΟΡΙΚΕΣ ΣΕΛΙΔΕΣ magazine author/researcher), and a few others. If anything is out of place and went unnoticed, feel free to give me a heads up.

Planned features for the beta release:

Multiplayer Support
More scenes
More horses
New Faction: Illyria
Faction polishing with a few more items, some of them replacing the current ones for better accuracy
New, expanded troop trees
Female Armor (not really accurate, but an option for females anyway)

Thanks to:

Tenerife_Boy - For pestering me through PMs until finally convincing me to work on the new shields and new spear animation :wink: and lending several nice references.
ATG (greek general icon) and KLA (player icon - slightly retextured) (both from TWC community).
wildhorse - New horses (Open Source Project).
Sahran - Several shields for iberia, celts and peltasts.
Llew2 - Some of Mount & Gladius osp items.
Merlkir & Aqtai for lending several good references and reviewing models for accuracy sake.
Zaro for the Graphical Enhancement Mod world textures.
Rejenorst for his great music.
SignifierOne & Paeninsula Italica for allowing the use of their research for units names.
Ren,Iboltax,Broken one,Jay,Throttlekitty,Rosesim,Nouk,Aligeth,Jaymosuke for several new hairs and faces.

Recommended System Specs:

Windows XP, Windows 7
Quad core processor
4 GB System RAM
512 MB Direct3D compatible video card and DirectX 9.0 compatible driver;
vertex shader 3.0 support
DirectX 9.0c

These specs are for making use of the greater battle sizes by Janus.
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 The Peloponnesian War (v Alpha)  » posted by 8635203 on Sep 10, 2012, 12:30:29 pm
This guy links me here, He Told Me that is the link of the mod.
Awesome shield & troop, the troop name "Spartan Savascisi" .... but i can't see this in my TPW mod. Pls help me..... sorry for my english
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 The Peloponnesian War (v Alpha)  » posted by TB124 on Jun 27, 2013, 04:03:55 am
This is an AWESOME mod!
I found onlz one bug for now, if zou have some time zou can fix it, when i atacked the kidneppers hideout, I killed evryone but the merchents brother didn't come.
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