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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2011, 01:46:36 pm
File version: 1.0
For M&B version: Multiple
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If you are looking for an easy tool to add maps, you might want MapPackApplier instead.

MapPackApplier also has a newer engine for adding the maps.

Mapadder 3 is capable of adding multiplayer scenes into already compiled modules (I didn't include the ability to edit module code which was in mapadder2). Mapadder2 was mainly for my own use and thus likely not comfortable or easy to use for other people. Mapadder3 is a new try and aims to help other people more than myself.

For a simpler tool, check

To be safe, back up your module beforehand. I did test this tool and it should work, but it's better to be safe. Also, the tests were not extensive, so some bugs might have escaped them.

The zip packet includes:
  • Windows build (built with py2exe)
  • Necessary DLLs (at least should contain)
  • zip packet with source code for anyone interested.

PyQt4 python library was used to construct the user interface.

To add a map into module:
  1. Start mapadder
  2. Load module you want to add map to
  3. Load the header file for your map
  4. Save module
  5. Quit mapadder
  6. Copy the .sco files with correct names (scn_<id>.sco, the program also tells this in the info box) into module's SceneObj folder.
  7. The map should now be in the module

Header files (Example below) contain first line defining map name. Then four lines, which most likely can be copied from the scenes.txt in warband module folder. You should know which map you started to edit when you started to create a new scene. Copy the four lines corresponding that map into the new header file. Next is a line with text "gamemodes" after which is listed all the game modes available for your map.

Below is a list of game mode names to use in headers. headquarters mean conquest mode. deathmatch includes team deathmatch and duel (they can't be separated in Native). Use exactly those strings and one per line with no extra characters (whitespaces are allowed). Or don't initially define any game modes, edit them into the map with the mapadder3 and save headers.
  • siege
  • deathmatch
  • battle
  • capture_the_flag
  • headquarters
  • destroy
name Ruins scn_multi_scene_1 multi_scene_1 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x00000001300389800003a4ea000058340000637a0000399b 0 0 outer_terrain_plain gamemodes deathmatch battle destroy capture_the_flag headquarters

If you need more examples, load Native into the program and write the headers.


Top row contains buttons for main actions: Load module, Load headers, Write headers, Save module, Quit. Write headers will write a header file for every map currently loaded into a directory. Left side contains the maps which are in the module or which will be after saving. Center area will be explained later. Right side contains maps which are loaded into the program, but which are not (yet) added into the module's list of maps. Below center are map commands: up, down, drop and add. Up and down are used to reorder maps in a module (Likely there is actually no use for reordering them...). Drop will remove the selected map from the module. Add will add a selected map from the right side list into the module.

Map information contains most of the information about the selected map. Flags and gamemodes are editable with checkboxes. Most useful map flag is likely sf_no_horses, which disables the use of horses from the map.

Features I would like to have in future (Not sure if I will invest more time into this tool, but in case someone else wants to try adding them):
  • Automatic .sco copying.
  • Easy map pack mode. Possibility to create a packing which you would copy into the module folder and just run one executable and be done.
  • Possibility to copy maps. Would be useful when starting a new scene.

Other pieces of information
  • Tests were done in warband module version 1.142, but will likely apply to other versions as well.
  • No idea if this works for WFAS or not as no one has tested.
  • I still use the older mapadder2 myself, because it works better with command line tools.
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 Mapadder3 (v 1.0)  » posted by Tred on Dec 02, 2011, 10:08:29 am
great tool 5/5!!!

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