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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2012, 12:33:18 am
First Created: Aug 20, 2011, 02:10:39 am
File version: 1.20
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 1,115 (1,334) Size: 709.3 KB
Views: 6,340 (7,390) Type: RAR
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Companions Overseer v1.20

Companions Overseer is a completely new, thoroughly designed interface for management of your party inventory and equipment, as well as for monitoring the current attributes, skills and proficiencies of your companions and troops (and eventually, lords of your own kingdom as well).

Feature list for Companions Overseer (current version 1.20).
  • Browse all attributes, skills and proficiencies for your companions, regular troops and, once you become a king, your kingdom lords. You can control who will be displayed and who will not.
  • Open companion's character window directly from Overseer. You can also open character screens for your regular troops and lords.
  • Manage your own equipment and inventory, duplicating the functionality of game standard Inventory screen, but with many extra options. All item prerequisites are tracked and respected.
  • Overseer's interface closely imitates that of standard game inventory screens, player does not have to adapt to the new interface and can use it intuitively from the very first moments.
  • Browse and manage equipment for all your companions in a single window. You no longer need to switch between dozen different windows just to pass a sword from one companion to another.
  • Automatically equip your companions with the best armors, shields and horses from player's inventory. You can auto-equip one companion or all of them with a single mouse click.
  • Offer equipment to your companions. If it's better than what they currently have, they will switch their equipment. You can offer equipment to one companion or to all of them with a single mouse click.
  • Give books to your companions! Even if the mod does not support companions reading books, they will still use reference books successfully without any additional coding. Or turn off this feature during mod compilation if you don't want it.
  • Quickly discard items from equipment or inventory of both your own character and your companions'. Now you can dispose of your companion's items without putting them in your inventory first. Also you are no longer restricted with the number of items you can dispose of in a single go.
  • Sort player's inventory by price (same as merchants do).
  • Freeze and unfreeze player's inventory slots. Frozen slots won't be affected by any operations which deal with player's entire inventory. So you can safely keep those 3 smoked fish and 3 pack horses in the last 6 slots without them being affected by inventory sorting or party auto-equipment.
  • All item stats are displayed in popup box (same as in game inventory windows).
  • Replace standard post-battle loot window with Overseer equipment presentation. Looted items will appear in garbage/loot area.
  • Equip your companions directly from battle loot. You no longer need to go through dozens mouse clicks and interface windows to equip your party with freshly looted stuff.
  • Retrieve everything (up to player's inventory capacity) from garbage/loot area with a single click. Looting has never been easier.
  • Retrieve the best stuff from garbage/loot area. Most valuable items from garbage/loot and player's inventory will be placed in inventory, and only the most worthless junk will be left in garbage/loot area. Have you ever won a fight when your inventory was full and was then forced to compare items from both windows one by one, replacing cheaper items in your inventory with more valuable ones from loot? Now you can do this in a single mouse click.
  • Browse equipment of your regular troops and kingdom lords (you cannot change it though).
  • 100% ready for translation, all strings are exported to
  • Expanded file (from another project of mine) is included in the download, containing the fix for Warband Module System bug which prevents Overseer from compiling successfully.

Distributed as an OSP pack. Can be used and modified without any restrictions. Make sure to read the readme file included in the download though.

Presentation Screenshots
Party equipment management interface:

Party attributes/skills overview interface, first page:

Party attributes/skills overview interface, second page:

Presentation running in 1024*768 resolution:


For the attribute overview part of the functionality credits go to Jedediah Q, whose "Companions Overseer" project inspired me to start with this presentation scripting in general and this project in particular.

Special credits go to cmpxchg8b for digging out the actual xp-to-level table used by the game (though it's no longer used as of 1.20).

Special credits go to Ikaguia for his help with debugging the first version of presentation.

Special credits go to soulmata for bringing my attention that Warband does, in fact, check prerequisites for shields.

Comments and Update Notes

Previous version of this presentation can be found here. I'm keeping old download available for historical purposes (besides, that's the first M&B presentation I made). :-)

UPDATE. Version 1.01 implements a patch over an apparent Warband bug (on some machines user would get "NO STRING!" displayed instead of proper error message when trying to equip an item without meeting it's prerequisites).

UPDATE. Version 1.10 implements a new configuration variable to turn companions book slots on and off (when you don't want this functionality in your mod), ability to freeze player's inventory slots (may be useful if you want your food reserves in the last slots not affected by any inventory manipulation, or temporarily exclude that nice shiny sword from auto-equipping), and fixes several minor bugs.

UPDATE. Version 1.20 makes looting the best stuff easier: when player ctrl-clicks on the "Retrieve Items" buttons, player takes the best (i.e. most valuable) stuff from both his own inventory and garbage/loot area, so that only the most worthless items are left in the garbage/loot. Frozen inventory slots are not affected. Also a couple of bugs have been fixed (including one which could result in item loss).
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 Lav's Companions Overseer v.1.20 (O (v 1.20)  » posted by RickWarrior on Feb 04, 2012, 04:26:28 am
I'm gonna try out this mod. Looks very useful to speed up managing companion levels and inventories! :-)

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