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View this file on the M&B NexusFile Listing: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD+PL) v. 1.391
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2012, 07:14:53 am
First Created: Jul 17, 2011, 08:13:10 am
File version: 1.391
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 15,989 (33,840) Size: 102.1 MB
Views: 69,817 (97,578) Type: RAR
Rating (4 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Brytenwalda - GRAPHIC MOD PACK

Important Note: You need a strong PC for run this.

This download include:



For 1.391 Brytenwalda Version

-Unzip this file, open folder and copy/paste all in your Brytenwalda mod folder.


Din Tagell


Dun Nechtain

Duin Baitte

Caer Gofannon




Ath Na Tearmainn





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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.35)  » posted by Umar Arfat on Jul 30, 2011, 10:34:52 am
is not enough good than Flora_realistic colrs
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.36)  » posted by jthewonder on Aug 22, 2011, 04:19:53 pm
shhh, this pack is fucking incredible. go somewhere else
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.37)  » posted by nomad1414 on Aug 29, 2011, 04:05:13 pm
First of all , I have to say " WOW !! :-o "
next , you said a strong PC , did you mean a PC like this (mine) ? :
- windows XP SP2
- 1015 mb of ram
- intel pentium 4 , 3.0 GHz
- GPU : intel 82945G express chipset family with 128 mb of ram
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.38)  » posted by DemoStorm on Sep 27, 2011, 03:44:48 pm
Hey i have a quick question, my battle text disappeared so i cant see if i gain right to rule, or who kills who in battle ...its only for this mod so i was wondering why it was doing it, its sometimes there for a minute or 2 but then disappear after alota errors show up.??? Like i cant see who kills who or if i hit how much dmg please help! i love the mod its just i like the aspect of knowing whats going on too.
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.38)  » posted by kamikadzethebest on Nov 22, 2011, 12:21:32 pm
So, what system requirements do need to play on hight graphics :-?
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by mungbu773r on Apr 30, 2012, 11:04:28 am
Will this work with another mod such as cRPG?
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 Re: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.37)  » posted by brummiebiker on Jul 22, 2012, 05:33:46 pm
nomad1414 wrote:
First of all , I have to say " WOW !! :-o "
next , you said a strong PC , did you mean a PC like this (mine) ? :
- windows XP SP2
- 1015 mb of ram
- intel pentium 4 , 3.0 GHz
- GPU : intel 82945G express chipset family with 128 mb of ram
hahhahhaahah joker u are
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by Blackbeard on Nov 08, 2012, 02:02:41 pm
Yes, I agree, wow... Wow as in this mod does nothing but crash and lock up my computer. All I get are runtime errors.

My PC isn't the newest or greatest but it is a dual core, 2 gigs ram, 512m video memory, XP and I turned down all the options to low.

Is it my computer? If so, what do you need to run this mod?

Its really too bad (for me at least) because this mod looks real good. It's realistic and the world is big a lot of work was obviously put in to it.

Anybody have any suggestions because I would like to play this one as it is totally different then the stock M&B Warband game, lots harder being that its realistic...

I'm not going to say anything negative because it's probably my crappy computer and others might not have any problems.

:-( :-( :-(
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 Re: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by Blackbeard on Nov 08, 2012, 02:18:25 pm
I think I found the answer to my question above.

-- RAM: Available physical RAM: 4 GB
- Number of CPUs: 2 ( Speed: ~2094MHz / ~2094MHz )

I don't have that and probably never will, so playing this is out for me.

They have a home page for this mod and I would suggest going there for more detailed info. It can be found in the upper right hand side of this page or click the link below.

Have fun playing this mod because it really does look great.

comment last edited by Blackbeard on Nov 08, 2012, 02:21:30 pm
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 Re: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by Blackbeard on Jan 10, 2013, 06:54:18 pm
This is an update to my above post.

Ok, so I bought and added 2 more gigs of ram and now have (the recommended) amount of 4 gig system memory.

This mod runs better and I was even able to turn up some game options like having 100 men on the field of battle instead of only the min. amount of 30 or so like I needed because the game was way too slow, this is good.

However, the game still crashes and this is the error I get: Runtime Error! program:c:\program files\mount & blade warband\mb_warband.exe. This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.

Ok, so I am contacting the applications support team (or rather the mod support team because I have never had this or any other error when I run the native mode).

Also, I have a problem that I didn't have before and that is missing files when I enter a fort battle. Numerous error messages come up saying that file such and such failed to load. Then when you get in to the fort battle half of the objects are black and it eventually crashes.

Is my computer still not good enough to run this mod even with the required 4 gigs? I have a dual core cpu and a 256 meg video card. Granted not state of the art but it should be able t run this mod at least with options set at min. shouldn't it?

Have I down loaded and am trying to run corrupt files?

I really like this mod, in fact its great but it is very frustrating having to run it like I am when I want to play the mod and praise it. its frustrating not knowing why this is happening.

Thanks. Hope I get a response.
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by Blackbeard on Jan 12, 2013, 12:03:22 am
I just wanted to add my last updated comment to this thread and say the following below. Maybe my comments will help people that are having difficulties running this Brytenwalda mod... Unfortunately its not spelled out too clearly that you need a VERY STRONG computer to run this mod. When I first tried Brytenwalda I couldn't understand why I was having so many problems because the native Mount & Blade Warband game always ran perfectly on my computer and it did not require a super computer to run. I guess the graphic content is much more extensive with the Brytenwalda Mod.

If you DO NOT have a top of the line computer that is strong as suggested in the description that goes along with this game I would highly recommend that you get said "strong" computer or forget about playing the mod.

Now I want to say this. This is a GREAT mod and it is obvious that a lot of work went in to its development. Unfortunately it takes a real beefy computer. Sometimes I say things out of frustration because either the mod doesn't perform up to my expectations or I don't know how to fix the problem. For that I apologize.

My computer is pretty old and I have tried very hard to run this mod on it and I have actually succeeded in getting better performance. Recently, like maybe in the past 6 months or so (I didn't check the release dates so it might be earlier) the developers have released some updates to the mod that attempt to make the mod playable on older systems. I downloaded one and yes, the mod runs better but all of the problems are not fixed on my old computer. (I still need to try the last update.) You can find the updates to the graphics package elsewhere on the forum or you can go here

There are 2 updated mods that you can try. They still require a rather hefty system so if you only have 1 gig ram and a single CPU it still won't work. My computer has a dual core CPU running at 2.1 ghz. I think that meets the requirement, however I would recommend a faster CPU. I initially started running the full non-updated mod with only 2 gigs system ram and this was woefully inadequate. I have since added 2 gigs more ram for a total of 4 gigs and the mod runs better, but it still crashes. I have a 256 meg ram video card and this is where I think my problem lies. You NEED at least a 1 gig ram video card, even to run the updated mods.

There are 2 updates and one is named brytenwalda512x512.rar this is the one I have tried and I got much better results, but I still have some crashes but its not too bad. At least all of the graphics are present when I enter a fort battle. Most of them were absent in the main non-updated mod.

The other update is named brytenwalda256x256.rar. I will be trying this one next and I do believe that it will fix most if not all of the problems. If not then its because my system is just too old and lacking...

If you are missing graphics, are having Runtime error crashes and are experiencing slow downs (especially in fort battles) then your system is NOT STRONG enough like the designers have stated. Even if you think your computer is strong enough (like I did) it IS NOT and you need to try the "old computer" updates that I talked about above.

In closing. Like I said before, this mod is GREAT. Its more realistic then the native game and most of the other mods out there. It has many new weapons, troops, and locations and the weapons are not so powerful that you can cut an enemy in half with one swing. The NPC companions have been expanded and completely redone and there are other game options and features too numerous to mention here. The enormous graphics package requires a newer and stronger computer then you might presently have. All hope is not lost though because the designers care and they have made attempts at satisfying people like me that get frustrated when we don't think the problem is our fault (like with my old and slow computer.)

Good Luck

*Note: I'm not in any way connected to the designers of this mod. (However I would like to be because they are very good at what they are doing. Plus some of the people connected with Brytenwalda have their likeness present in the game in some of the npc characters and that is pretty cool.) I'm just a Mount & Blade Warband player that loves this very realistic and well done Brytenwalda Module. I just wish I had a better and more up to date computer then I could really crank up the options and enjoy this mod even more. I'll put up with some crashes and slow downs though because Brytenwalda is that good. Cheers...
comment last edited by Blackbeard on Jan 12, 2013, 12:07:42 am
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 Re: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.37)  » posted by Damoh on Feb 18, 2013, 07:45:30 pm
i want it, but is it really needs a strong PC????
nomad1414 wrote:
First of all , I have to say " WOW !! :-o "
next , you said a strong PC , did you mean a PC like this (mine) ? :
- windows XP SP2
- 1015 mb of ram
- intel pentium 4 , 3.0 GHz
- GPU : intel 82945G express chipset family with 128 mb of ram
but then nomad1414 said :-D

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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by jengelhart on Jul 04, 2013, 12:42:26 am
Whenever I try to runt his mod a dialog box appears saying this:

Unable to open file:
Modules\Brytenwalda\Resource \textures_face_gen.brf

How do I fix this?
Please reply soon!
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 Re: Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by Blackbeard on Jul 04, 2013, 09:04:32 am
jengelhart wrote:
Whenever I try to runt his mod a dialog box appears saying this:

Unable to open file:
Modules\Brytenwalda\Resource \textures_face_gen.brf

How do I fix this?
Please reply soon!

What components do you have inside your computer? Such as cpu, video card and main system ram, how much memory? These are extremely important if you want to run this mod. Read my posts above because I had so many problems trying to run this mod that it was unplayable. The reason for that is because my computer was not strong enough or new enough or good enough to run it.

I have done a lot to try to get this mod running so that it was at least some what playable on my computer. I added ram until I had 4 gigs, that helped some. I also down loaded other versions of the mod that are intended to be run on computers that might be older or that do not have the better components like more system ram and especially a very strong video card with LOTS of video memory. These other mods for older computers are lower resolution versions and honestly these didn't work very well for me being that my system ram and video memory was still on the low end of the requirement.

So to sum up, from my experience with this mod and as you can see from my above posts I have a lot of experience trying to get this mod to run better because it is an excellent mod. Your error is a graphics based error. That means that when the mod (or game) is trying to load graphics it is not finding enough system memory (where it can place the necessary graphics) and either it will crash, give an error message or just not load the graphics at all and the area will be black or not there, then it will crash.

The base minimum required memory is 4 gigs but I have found that more is better and that at least 8 gigs or even more would be best. Also the video card memory is very important. My card had 512 megs and that was woefully not enough, the bare minimum is supposedly 1 gig video ram. I would highly recommend 2 gig video memory or more be present on the video card.

I'm not sure because you didn't list the specs of your computer but from that error I would have to say that your system is not strong enough and does not have enough system and video card memory. My suggestion would be to get a new up to date computer with lots of memory or simply forget about running this mod. Sorry............

comment last edited by Blackbeard on Jul 04, 2013, 09:10:14 am
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 Brytenwalda - Graphic Mod Pack (CiD (v 1.391)  » posted by jengelhart on Jul 04, 2013, 09:15:56 am
I had no idea that it was a graphics error. I looked-up the .brf file extension (it was a braille ready file). Thus, I figured I just did not have the tools to open that file.


I have 6GB of RAM, and a dual core I5 processor with each core running at 2.5GHz. My video card only has 512MB of memory though, so I suppose that was the source of my problem.

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