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View this file on the M&B NexusFile Listing: Tribes & Cultures V1.0 for WBx .134
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2011, 08:58:46 am
File version: 1.0
For M&B version: Warband 1.134
Downloads: 6,755 Size: 481.06 MB
Views: 19,918 Type: RAR
Rating (4 votes): 2.5 / 5.0
Singleplayer campaign, full conversion of troops, troop trees, companions , graphics, music, items, nations and a lot of other stuff. Mod for warband latest version 1.134. Unpack into <Warband Folder>/modules

You can buy mercenary items in town, this stuff is of excellent quality....and unfortunately price. Sell prisoners, loot and collect taxes.

Create a nation as soon as possible, rule the land by defeating all other nations kings, sending out just one companion gives you 99 right to rule. menus for innkeeper/village elder/guildmaster activated, battle continuation after death is activated.

No fleeing, all fight to the end, all or nothing. Always all troops in the field.

Mercenarys :
footsoldiers for hire in different quality, but all of them are far beyond basic nations troops. expensive and rare but very good.

Neanderthal :
never underestimate the power of the cave. decent infantry, mammoth and rhino-riders plus stonethrowers and cave bezerkers.

Roman Empire :
fierce heavy armored legions. average cavalry, no archers but they can throw pilums

Gaul Tribes :
good infantry, average cavalry and very good archers.

German Tribes :
superb infantry, op cavalry and deadly crossbowmen

Viking Landing Zone :
no cavalry, no archers but throwing spears, solid infantry plus bear shamans, who can turn into mystic invincible(more or less) wenduls and grendels

Gladiators :
escaped roman slaves, certainly the most skilled footsoldiers of all. very solid armor and helmets, no cavalry, no archers but spearthrowers.
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 Tribes & Cultures V1.0 for WBx (v 1.0)  » posted by Cavinano on Jun 19, 2011, 11:57:36 am
There are huge room for improvement...
Bugs: :-|
1st the swords are reversed when they are not drawn.
2nd the no. and kinds of weapons and clothes i can buy from the market is very limited.

Also... :arrow:
Very boring native map, boring story line, very similar to the boring native... :-?
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 Tribes & Cultures V1.0 for WBx (v 1.0)  » posted by Möölj on Jun 21, 2011, 01:43:55 pm
I'd say this idea is pretty awesome, but as Cavinano sais, it needs alot of improvements..
Bugs which i've ran into:
1st SOME swords are reversed when not drawn.
2nd the annoying small amount of different items you can buy at towns, like there's only mercenery armor, weapons and there's no horses to buy.
3rd which made me think this was getting pretty bad, the generals wears the armor which they do in native.. I got really shocked when I saw the roman leader and his companions in medivel armor.
4th. Some armor/helmets (Idk) Makes the skin of the person go darker then usually.

but else with how the soldiers looks like, the kind of gear they wear is really awesomely done ( well that's what i think ) The mammoth riders was pretty hillarious but damn they are hard to kill!

I'm really looking forward for these things to improve and if you'd need any help, i'll gladly help! ( though I have no experiense with moding etc but if any suggestions etc is needed i'll support you :) )
comment last edited by Möölj on Jun 22, 2011, 08:12:34 am
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 Tribes & Cultures V1.0 for WBx (v 1.0)  » posted by geo3trick on Aug 27, 2011, 01:19:17 pm
nice mod but i have one problem i will post him here i have m&b warband v.1.134 i just finised with download floris basic mod here is my problem when i want to play this mod there write floris expanded mod part pls help where i can download full mod....i realy want to play this mode...send me [email protected] pls help and thanks.... :-( :-( :-( :-(

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 Tribes & Cultures V1.0 for WBx (v 1.0)  » posted by geo3trick on Aug 28, 2011, 10:59:08 am
where i can find textures for this mod....????pls help....

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