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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2011, 07:50:17 pm
First Created: Jun 18, 2011, 07:43:30 pm
File version: Unspecified
For M&B version: Warband 1.134
Downloads: 1,117 (1,119) Size: 22.42 MB
Views: 6,732 (6,741) Type: RAR
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Rating (1 votes): 4.0 / 5.0
This is a simple mod I made to make the game tougher. I am not a skilled enough modder to add new aspects to the game, so I apologize for there not being anything new like ships, naval battles, or anything like that. This mod was designed to make some aspects of M&B tougher for the player, and some aspects easier. For example, troops are much, much more difficult to face, but at the same time since the troops are upgraded heavily you will also have control of stronger troops. Other than the tweaks I made to items and etc., this mod is mostly about upping the difficulty of combat. If you play with Campaign and Combat AI set to max, along with maxed out settings for damage, you will be in for a tough ride. It truly makes the game more challenging. For those who want a challenge, but don't want to be brutally beat on, just lower your damage to 1/2 damage for player. You may feel kind of pathetic for doing it, but trust me it is still extremely difficult. You'll still have enemies giving you one shot kills to the head, high damage per swing, etc. This mod was made to give you a challenge, therefore even the lowest level troops are difficult. You may even find yourself struggling against farmers or townsman if you are not experienced.

WARNING: There is a potential downside to this mod, although I consider it to be an upside. Troops are now pretty much equal (Vaegir Archers are no longer better than Nord archers, Swadian Sharpshooters, etc.)(Swadian Knights are no longer superior to Vaegir Knights, Sarranid Marmlukes, etc.). Some may not like this, but I did this to make each and every troop truly difficult to face. While some may consider it a downside, I happen to like it. For example, if you are sticking to the style of playing as Nord and only using Nord troops, you won't be at such a disadvantage against troops that would normally have better archers. Also, your Nord Huscarls won't just mow through the other army's infantry, thus making the game more of a challenge.

Mods included in this mod:
-Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment
-Arena Overhaul Mod

-All troops, lords, and kings have been majorly upgraded.
-All troops are upgraded in the follow manner:
-2 lowest troops have almost all combat skills at level 6, and proficiencies at level 200
-2 middle troops have almost all combat skills at level 8, and proficiencies at level 250
-Top troops have almost all combat skills at level 10, and proficiencies at level 300
-All lords and kings are upgraded in the following manner:
-Every lord and kings have almost all combat skills at level 10, and proficiencies at level 300
-Every lord also has level 10 training, level 10 pathfinding, and level 10 leadership.

Bandits & Looters:
-Bandit parties, and looter parties have all been made larger. They range from 60-120 bandits/looters in a party.
-The amount of bandit/looter parties on the map have been slightly decreased to adjust to the larger parties.
-Chances of towns being infested with bandits increased to 10%.
-All bandits, and looters have been majorly upgraded.
-Looters now have almost all combat skills at level 6, and proficiencies at level 200
-Bandits now have almost all combat skills at level 8, and proficiencies at level 250

Weapons, Armor, & Horses:
-Weapons now only come as standard, balanced, or masterwork.
-Armors now only as standard, reinforced, or lordly.
-Horses now only come as standard, heavy, spirited, or champion.
-Decreased the availability of useless armors, and weapons (for example, cloaks, tunics, etc.) so that better armor is available.
-Ammo for arrows and bolts has now been increased to 100.

Tournaments & Arena:
-Included Arena Overhaul Mod to add a new feel to the arenas.
-Increased betting amounts to 500, 200, 100, 50, 20
-Increased experienced gained for winning tournament to 1000.
-Increased renown gained for winning tournament to 25.
-Increased relation gained with town for winning tournament to 2.
-Increased threshold for adding tournaments to 5.

Additional Tweaks:
-Cattle now follow you
-Faction colors made darker, and more colorful.
-Disabled stat loss for games over 757 days old.
-Changed Base Stats of Weapon Master to Strength, Looting to Intelligence, and Persuasion to Charisma
-Slight party morale tweaks.
-Prisoner max increased to 10 per prisoner management skill.

-Simply copy and paste the folder into your M&B Warband Modules folder, and enjoy!

Waihiti- Diplomacy
The development team of PBOD- PBOD
Adorno- Arena Overhaul Mod
Morgh- Morgh's M&B Warband Tools
kefka95- TweakMB
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