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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2011, 07:29:34 pm
First Created: Jun 15, 2011, 09:23:38 am
File version: 1.4
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 417 (564) Size: 266.4 KB
Views: 1,884 (2,541) Type: RAR
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These files are alternate versions of Native multiplayer maps, that remove glitches. They were made for the European Native League.

Note: These maps will not work properly, for bots. Any bots used on these maps will behave irrationally and hilariously. This is because the AI meshes were removed, to reduce file size.

To install these fixed maps on your server, just copy the files in the "SceneObj" folder, into the "Modules\Native\SceneObj\" directory, on your server. Overwrite, when prompted and that's it! No need to muck around with text files or anything. This will automatically download the maps, for anyone who doesn't already have them. These are ready for competitive and public play.

Fixed Maps (with the problems/glitches that have been fixed):

Nord Town
  • Using the carts to get onto rooves.
  • Getting under the walkway at low spawn.
  • Trick jumping from the catwalk to the roof of the house at the U shape, at fort spawn.
  • Jumping off the catwalk at fortspawn and taking 0 damage.
  • Having to jump up the steps, onto the wall.
  • Getting inside various things. #needs verification
  • Jumping onto the roof near the wall.
  • Jumping on to the roof, at 2nd spawn, from the palisades on the catwalks.
  • Glitching out of the map, at 2nd spawn.

Port Assault
  • Using broken beams to glitch onto blocked parts of certain rooves.
  • Sliding off the stable (by the wall), if you don't jump onto it.
  • Jumping from the ladder, connecting the houses, to the roof of the smaller house.
  • Getting stuck at the top of the ladder in the middle house.
  • Getting out of the map.

  • Clothlines to get onto middle rooves.
  • Getting on top of the beams above towers.
  • Jumping on the cloths above the pillowed area.
  • Using a horse to reach other areas, from the roof with 2 ladders.
  • Falling down the gap, behind the Barn.
  • Getting stuck on the straw house, at front rooves.
  • Jumping to the perimeter wall, from the back roof with the wooden stairs and ladder and the balcony that overlooks the flag position.
  • Leapfrogging over teammates, to get to higher, adjacent wall segments.
  • Accessing a cloth patterned awning, near the "alleys" flag spawn.

  • Jumping onto the low walls.
  • Getting and hiding inside walls.
  • Jumping onto the house, at village spawn.

Ruined Fort
  • Jumping onto the low ruined wall, facing village spawn.
  • Jumping onto the end of the wall, near ruins.
  • Jumping onto the house, at village spawn.
  • Walking inside the wall, at the edge of the round tower.

Field by the River
  • Jumping onto the houses, at the 1st spawn.
  • Using a horse, to get onto the rooves, at 2nd spawn.
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