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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2011, 12:01:04 pm
First Created: May 15, 2011, 09:57:47 am
File version: Beta
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 18,728 (22,737) Size: 143.68 MB
Views: 27,604 (38,995) Type: EXE
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Rating (5 votes): 3.6 / 5.0
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Everything is mixed and became a component of Darkness in the middle of war
Until sometimes, We must Killing, Raping, Burning, & Raiding, forced or not

Now, Calradia is in danger
Bandit is not just Raiding
Now they conquering and began to expand their Empire
When every Kingdom still busy with their rival Kingdom
It is The Rise of Bandit

The Teams:
exa13 (Me, Project Leader, Coder, Scripter, Texturer), sozoo12 (Modeller) and kebumikan (UV Mapper)

The Story
Economic Crisis in Calradia, kingdom-the kingdom Calradia still busy with the enemy rivals. Many people who have deserted they towns and villages. But, the Kings focused with enemy rival.

1260 AD, 6 Kingdom of Calradia get a result from ignoring the desertion year 1257.

In Swadia, A Forest Bandit getting a lot of troops, his name is Ruben. Ruben attacked Suno with rain of arrows and also with the help of new technology, the Arrow Explosion. A few days later a deadly rain of fire arrows also went to the Castle Ryibelet & Haringoth Castle

Ivan, Reuben Best Friends, do the same as Ruben in Vaegir. Ivan with the bandit archers from Vaegir also assisted with the archers of the Ruben Troops, Raining Arrow Khudan. Ivan also conquered the castles nearby.

Rhodok Mountains, a boy named Buffort inspired by the conquest Suno by Ruben. Buffort also gather formidable mountain bandits and Rhodok Desertion. Then, Buffort led troops disguised as a slave trader and his troops as a slave.
In Middle of Veluca, the slaves were raged and slain the guards with their swords and spears.
Then they destroy everything in front of them. One Week later, Buffort also attacked Culmarr Castle.

Wercheg, Land of the Nord. Invasion with a spectacular tactics at the hands of Sea Raiders. The invasion was led by Bjorn.
The Sea Raiders gathered near Wercheg. Wercheg has a high wall, the Guardians are also quiet until they Jarl ordered all of his troops to attack the Sea Raiders that block trade routes.
When all of Wercheg troops headed for Sea Raiders Camp, Wercheg was empty. in Wercheg Port, 30 strange ship start to showering Wercheg with arrows. That 30 ship is owned by Bjorn, and docked when the city is empty.
The city that they conquered with ease, then were divided two forces, first forces to keep Wercheg and second forces Helping Sea Raiders who will be attacked by Jarl.
Jarl troops surprised by Bjorn Reinforcements, the defeat in front of the eye.
Invasion by Bjorn very successful.

Khergit steppe, Takujin led his troops to attack Ichamur. Ichamur bombarded by Steppe Bandit Javelins. With so many bandits, Khergit troops can not fight and surrender, The Prisoner at the boil in a large steel vat that is burned. It was better to die than boiled.

In Barriye, Desert Bandits that was leaded by Abdjil give their demands to Emir Atis for give a lands for live of Desert Bandits. If the demands is ignore, Abdjil with his men will attack Barriye. Atis Emir refused to give up and instead put all troops out of Barriye to quell the Desert Bandit. But Desert Bandit troops more strong than Emir Atis. Emir Atis was forced to leave in threats Bariyye Abdjil.

Since 1260, Every Bandit expands their territory.
Polished Native Graphic
Custom Commander
12 Factions, 6 Kingdom and 6 Bandits Faction

sozoo12 for his great models
kebumikan for UV Mapping sozoo12 models
ltgeneralstore for Idea of this mod
Seek N Destroy for his SnD's Polished Native as my basic

1. Download this File
2. After download this, Run The Installer and Install
3. Play and Test this Beta Version ;-)
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 RoB (BETA Version) (v Beta)  » posted by DatrixTSW on Jan 07, 2012, 10:48:34 pm
Will this be upgraded at any point in time? I would love to see this finished. Is it still in Beta stages? If so is there any way to finish off this so we know what to expect? This file takes about 7minutes for me to download
comment last edited by DatrixTSW on Jan 07, 2012, 10:50:12 pm
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