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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2011, 10:58:50 am
File version: Unspecified
For M&B version: Warband 1.134
Downloads: 1,952 Size: 521.3 KB
Views: 7,318 Type: RAR
Rating (2 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Brief description:
I made some changes to the original 1257ad map (0.95 pre 10 version) with Thorgrim's map editor. I worked on it about 15-18 hours so do not expect anything epic, but it's something at least. All hail Thorgrim for his editor by the way. Tho it's sometimes very irritating to use. And all credits goes to the original creators of 1257ad for their awesome map. This is my very first modification of mount and blade so if something goes wrong, don't hang me (or at least not like the king on the loading screen).


1. Make a backup of the following files in your warband/modules/1257ad folder:
2. Unrar the downloaded file. It contains the above mentioned text files.
3. Copy these 3 new text files into your warband/modules/1257ad folder. Overwrite the original ones if you didn't remove/rename them by now.
4. These 3 text files contains the new map so start a new game and have fun.
5. Report bugs if you encounter with such a bug that didn't occur with the original map.

I think it's not save compatible due to the changed locations of towns/castles/villages/bandit lairs but didn't test it with a saved character. So who knows. In new game it works with my warband (patch 1.134) 1257ad mod (0.95 pre 10). I think it should work with any patch from 1.131 or above.


Kingdom of Hungary related changes (since I'm hungarian in real life, I started refining this):

- Bridge between Buda and Pest. It was the first thing I made because it took incredible amount of time to reach one from the other. You even had to leave the whole country for it.

- Changed the Carpathians from happy little grassy hills to formidable defensive mountain ranges like it is in real life. It now obstructs movement and have only a few passes.

- Names of many hungarian castles and villages changed to more important names and hopefully they are in their correct places now (more or less).

- Kingdom of Hungary minor topography changes (for example lake of Balaton is present now).

Other changes:

- Even distribution of bandit lairs through the whole map. There were virtually no bandits in the following countries/regions: Hungary, Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Balkans, Nicea, Il-Khanate, because none of the bandit lairs could spawn here. On the other hand there were insane amount of bandits in France, Denmark, HRE, Teutonic Order.

- Locations and names of 3 villages changed to populate the 3 bigger islands: there is a village on Corsica, Sardinia and Crete. They have their names changed of course to the appropriate ones (Ajaccio, Cagliari, Candia). Candia on Crete is Athenai's village, Ajaccio on Corsica is Genoa's village and Cagliari on Sardinia belongs to Napoli. A bit more motive to travel (and control?) the sea.

- The Balkans and the Iberian Peninsula are more mountainous. Holy Roman Empire is more hilly.

- Anatolia (today's Turkey) is heavily mountainous.

- Region of Athenai have more bays.

- There is the village named Sparta, it's the other village of Athenai. No historical game is complete without Sparta because during it's defense you can yell: THIS IS SPARTAAA. Moreover you can even use THAT kick in this game.

- Gallipoli is on a peninsula like in real life.

- In HRE a village named Eger (in German) got it's name changed to Hof in order to avoid confusion with the new hungarian village "Egervar".

- Minor changes in locations of towns, castles, villages all over the map in order not be on or close to impassable terrain like rivers, oceans and mountains. This should eliminate those crashes that occur when a party is created for whatever reason close to a town on such terrain.

- Minor changes in locations of fjords (the darker shore where you can dock/disembark). For example the one near Verona was in useless position, it couldn't be used due to the river blocking it. Note: Unfortunately I couldn't select and move the ships which don't do anything just mark these places. So the ships are in the original position.

Known bugs:

- I accidentally changed the icon of the bridge between Poland and the Teutonic Order so it now displays a ship. I can't reverse it but it don't affect the game anyways.

PS: Do anyone still play this mod?
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 Improved map for the mod 1257ad (0. (v )  » posted by VOIEVODUL on Apr 27, 2011, 11:02:40 am
Yes, and thx.
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 Improved map for the mod 1257ad (0. (v )  » posted by TB124 on Jun 25, 2013, 06:57:52 am
Yes I play it!
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