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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2012, 04:23:45 am
First Created: Apr 09, 2011, 09:38:02 am
File version: 1.6
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 827 (996) Size: 201.3 KB
Views: 4,281 (5,147) Type: ZIP
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This siege map was based on warkworth castle, northumbria, england. It features an irregular outer wall, a defensible inner palisade wall, a trio of tall archer towers in the centre and a hidden cave entrance.

v1.1 changelog
Moved the attacker spawns closer to the wall
Moved the siege tower closer to the wall and attacker spawns
Added a way to jump down to street level midway along the wall on both sides
Added a walkway along the houses on the right side
Added random junk littering some of the streets
Removed the spikes facing the sally doors on either side of the castle
Fixed a hole in barriers along the back of the castle
General polishing
Minor terrain adjustments

v1.2 changelog
Fixed all broken/unraisable ladders
Changed the starting position for one of the ladders so that it doesn't get in the way as much
Fixed a terrain bug in the hidden tunnel
Changed training dummies to indestructible ones to avoid chat spam

v1.3 changelog
Added stairs leading to the outer wall near the tunnel entrance on the right side of the castle.
Moved the raisable ladder near the right side tunnel to the bottom of the newly added stairs.
Moved one of the right side raisable ladders a little closer to the gatehouse.
Moved defender spawns around so that defenders cover more of the walls.
Fixed the defender spawns so that players will not spawn in the immediate area around the flag.
Moved attacker spawns closer to the outer wall.
Moved the raisable ladder near the left side sally doors to be raisable from both the outer wall and from the walkway leading to the flag area.
Moved the siege tower further along the wall from the gatehouse but closer to the raisable ladder leading to the flag area.
Moved the Jump-to-street-level section on the left side outer wall towards the flag.
Moved the destroyed wall section towards the siege tower.
Moved the attacker siege defences nearer to the outer wall.
Changed the wooden palisades into castle walls connected to the flag area and central tower stairs.
Changed the walls immediately around the flag into castle battlements
Removed two raisable ladders from the left side castles outer wall.
Removed a few objects all over the map to help lower end machines.
Fixed some of the ground textures inside the inner wall.
Removed a fair amount of ground textures around the areas players never go.
Added water to the horse troughs near the right side inner wall.

v1.4 changelog
Moved the gatehouse closer to the flag
Moved the siege tower to the right side of the castle
Moved broken wall section to the right side of the castle
Moved attacker spawns closer again
Moved defender spawns away from the flag and more onto walls/streets
Moved inside right raisable ladder so it can be raised from both the outer and inner walls
Moved light sources around so that the castle looks better at night
Made the gatehouse shorter
Changed secret tunnel gates into a single sally door
Changed left side house behind gate into the same as the right
Changed the layout of the attackers siege camp to look better
Added stairs to the left side of the castle
Added another raisable ladder on the left side of the castle
Removed many plant/tree props to help lower end machines
Removed several smoke effects to help lower end machines
Removed ground textures in places players never go to help lower end machines
Removed most of the rocks in the riverbed to help lower end machines
Removed the spikes along the inner wall to help lower end machines and prevent players getting stuck
Fixed a hole in the barriers
Cleaned up the wall inside the castle, hiding overlapping textures etc from players

v1.5 changelog
Fixed hole in barriers allowing atatckers to climb onto the walls
Moved several defender spawns
Moved flag slightly closer to attackers

v1.6 changelog
Fixed place where you could become stuck (thanks Camaris)
Minor terrain editing to make the map a bit less artificial

Screenshots (updated);

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 Siege map - Warkworth castle (v 1.0)  » posted by prosper020 on Apr 12, 2011, 09:55:06 am
What did you use to me this epic castle? I've been looking for info on how to make castles for warband but all I ever find is how to capture a castle in game.

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