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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2011, 05:31:15 pm
First Created: Dec 23, 2010, 10:27:37 am
File version: v1.31
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
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Battle Time! v1.31
by Egbert
For Mount and Blade Warband v1.143

This version includes the Warband Script Enhancer v2.2 by cmpxchg8b:,151194.0.html

- Play your campaign in singleplayer and your battles in multiplayer.
- When you fight a battle, siege, or attack a village, host a multiplayer game so your friends can help you win the fight.
- Anyone that joins the MP battle can choose to be the player, a companion in the player's SP party, any lord from either team, or a random regular soldier.
- Take command of a troop division or all the troops from your chosen party.
- The main party inventory is available during the MP battle by choosing "Access Inventory" from the Esc menu before spawning or using the box at your spawn point.
- The multiplayer battle will have the correct scene, troops (weapons and skills), banners, and weather.
- After the battle, load your saved game and apply the results from the multiplayer battle.
- Great for LAN play or online with voice chat and screen sharing software.
- Should be compatible with native savegames.

#Directions for hosting a CO-OP battle.
When you encounter a battle:
1. Choose "Charge the enemy" to start the battle in singlplayer mode.
2. Choose "Setup multiplayer battle" if you plan to play the battle in multiplayer mode. This will prepare the multiplayer admin panel with the settings for the current battle.
3. Choose "Give me time to save" if you did not save the game IMMEDIATELY before the battle.

4. Choose "Quit game (will not save)" when you are ready to continue to the battle in multiplayer mode.
5. Go to multiplayer mode.
6. Choose "Host a game".
7. Choose "Start Map" to begin the battle. Admin settings will be saved when you return to singleplayer.

8. Choose a faction and choose a hero troop (or skip choosing a hero if you want to spawn as a regular soldier).
9. Select which groups of troops you want to command.
10. Players can change equipment with the main party inventory before the battle starts or equip weapons from the chest after spawning.
11. After the host and all clients have joined, the host can click "Start battle".
12. When one team has been defeated, use the menu option to "End Battle" to save results.

After the battle:
1. Load the saved game that you saved right before the battle.
2. Encounter the same party that you did when you started the battle. IF you saved before the first encounter, this second repeated encounter is the only one that is actually used.
3. Choose "Use multiplayer results" this will inflict casualties to your party and any parties that were in the battle.
4. Continue with after battle menus.

1. Download and extract the Battle Time zip to your Warband modules folder: "Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Battle_Time"
2. Download WSE v1.8xx and extract it to the "\Battle_Time\WSE" folder, (you don't need the "WSESDK" folder)
3. Start Warband by running WSELoader.exe located in the folder: "Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Battle_Time\WSE"

If you get the error: "Could not find mb_warband.exe or mb_warband_dedicated.exe"
1. Move the files from the \Battle_Time\WSE\ folder to your Mount&Blade Warband folder and run it there.
Or 2. Make a shortcut to WSELoader.exe, right click on the shortcut and open properties, in the target box add at the end of the line the correct path: -p "C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade Warband\mb_warband.exe"

Battle Time includes a new game_variables.txt which removes the gold display in MP, to add it back rename the file: game_variables_native.txt.

To use a native save game:
Copy save file from My Documents\Mount&Blade Warband Savegames\Native to My Documents\Mount&Blade Warband Savegames\Battle Time

Installation For Dedicated Server:
1. Download and install the dedicated server files (works on your own pc or a rented server).
2. Extract the Battle Time zip to your "Mount&Blade Warband Dedicated\Modules\" folder.
3. Move the files from the "\Battle_Time\WSE" folder to the "Mount&Blade Warband Dedicated" folder.
4. In the wse_settings.ini file, set the path to be the same folder used by your singleplayer Warband install: "storage_path = C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband\WSE".
5. Set the admin password in Battle_Time.txt.
6. Start the server by running "Battle_Time_start.bat" located in the "Mount&Blade Warband Dedicated" folder.
7. Once you join the server, go to the admin panel and either pick "Co-op admin panel" if the server is in a Native battle or "Load battle" if it is in co-op mode.

Battle Time v1.31 9/24/11
Fix dedicated server config
Fix siege tower bug

Battle Time v1.3 8/9/11
Custom face codes now used in MP (requires WSE)
Added server option to reduce damage to player by 1/4 (also refills ammo from inventory box)
Added server option to disable inventory access in battle
Check box to command all troops in party is on by default
Xp messages are set to on by default
Inventory item detail detail popup now shows correct imod stats
Fixed bug with dedicated server maplist rotation that couldn't be stopped

Battle Time v1.2 3/20/11
Battle Time now uses the Warband Script Enhancer, adding more features and support for dedicated servers.
Dedicated servers can switch back to native MP battle modes between co-op battles to keep clients occupied while waiting for the next battle

Ally lords are now properly attached to battles
Fixed bug with lords weapons and armor in battles
Lowered team troop ratio for battles with a large advantage, max is now 2:1
Commanding "all in party" now only gives you troops not requested by other players in your party
Villagers can be commanded by their village lord if he is in the battle
Skip admin panel is now disabled, it was messy and didn't make battle setup faster
Battles can be ended manually to allow extra time to gather loot by disabling "Skip menu buttons"
Siege rounds wait longer for players to rejoin, but can be started manually from the menu
Using the end battle option from the Esc menu before the battle is finished now results in a retreat
Bug workaround for issues with carrying thrown weapons and bows or crossbows (If you spawn with this loadout, your weapons will lose item modifiers only)

Battle Time v1 2/2/11
Thanks to rubik for his python script to get item difficulties:,60099.0.html

Added bandit lair battles, village train peasants to fight bandits, encounter lord during village raid.
Main party inventory is now available during the MP battle
Items can be traded before spawning, weapons can be added or removed during battle.
Item details popups do not show stats from item modifiers, although the modifiers are saved by the server and displayed
Use party button (P) to toggle xp messages.
Heroes gain weapon proficiency for kills
Main party custom troop divisions
Troops are no long killed in SP for suicide
Battle advantage is used to adjust team ratios
Map size adjusts to battle size
Admin panel settings are saved when host returns to SP
Many other bugfixes

BT v0.91 patch 1/1/11
bug fixes for host, compatible with v0.9 clients
Fix siege battles with 0 troops
Fix regular troops earn xp from kills

BT v0.9
First release 12/22/10
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 Battle Time v0.9 (v v0.9)  » posted by Demon LTU on Dec 23, 2010, 01:04:33 pm
wow this is steep forward in warband co-op ! dude keep this up! ;-)
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 Battle Time v1.0 (v v1.0)  » posted by Futurebot on Feb 04, 2011, 10:26:13 am
This is just pure fucking genius. Good job.

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