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Last Updated: Nov 10, 2010, 01:26:57 pm
File version: 0.30.0000 beta
For M&B version: Warband 1.131
Downloads: 29,642 Size: 219 MB
Views: 77,006 Type: RAR
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Rating (9 votes): 4.7 / 5.0

Hello Everyone!
I want to introduce to you my modification for Mount & Blade - Warband - Shogun Mod.
This mod is about Sengoku Period in Japan - one of the biggest civil war in this country.
So that`s all for now. Now what`s new in my mod (for now):
[*] all old kingdoms has been renamed to clans (clans/family: Imagawa, Hojo, Oda, Mori, Takeda, Shimazu)
[*] added two new factions: Monk-Fanatics and New World (Portugals and Spanish) - non-playable
[*] a lot of new weapons: katana, no-dachi, odachi, wakizashi, tanto, yari, naginata, nagamaki and many, many more
[*] new beautiful samurai and ashigaru armors and helmets (kabuto)
[*] new sounds (More Metal Sounds Mod), music (from Shogun - Total War)
[*] Diplomacy Mod v3.0 (English and Polish version available)
[*] almost every lord`s name are changed to random Japanese name
Update 07.11.2010
[*]New city - Tokyo, done from scratch, with beautiful temple, huge castle and arena. Not finished yet, but now you can see, how it will be look in next release :)
[*]New arena interior in Tokyo, done from scratch
[*]Many new kimonos for civilians, Daymios, arena fighters and others
[*]New weapons like Otsuchi - giant sledgehammer, Kanabo and Legendary Odachi and many more
[*]3 new maps for multiplayer (only for Hojo and Imagawa clans) and 2 new maps for quick battles!
[*]Ninja attack script now working very, very good! (Thanks to Daedalus)
[*] and many more...

Some screenshots:

Some model renders:
My kabuto collection:

I`ve made new kimonos for arena and for civilians/taisho/daimyo
Some screens:

One more thing, masks for ANBU Squads (manhunters):

and ANBU armor

Update 07.11.2010



[*]woyo-sensei - project leader, modeler
[*]make_my_day - modeler
[*]Kolba - unofficial scripter

Special thanks to
[*]Kolba for scripts
[*]Alkhadias for great Kabuto`s models
[*]Daedalus for scripts
[*] - Polish community of M&B
[*]Jeff van Dyck for wonderful music :)

If you want to join my team, PM me. Whom I need now?
[*] scripters, more scripters
[*] architecture modelers
[*] scene creators
I really need your help! :)

Enjoy! ^^

Some simple rules:
[*]Don't use this mod/objects/textures in other projects/mods without my permission.
[*]Don't modify models or textures from this mod without my permission.
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Comments (Page 4 of 4)
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 Re: Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by dannux49 on Feb 05, 2011, 05:11:01 am
woyo-sensei wrote:
Sisain wrote:
Question about this mod. I accidentally fired a chamberlain and was wondering how do I get him back?

Also the headgear for the Shinobi outfit is Completely wrong in terms of where it should be. Unless Shinobi that have big black muzzles is what we all go for :D
This is not just the outfit that the player can wear but also the Oda-Shinobi etc.... Pretty much all and anything related to Shinobi :D

ALSO another question. Does this support 1.134 !? Every so often I get crashes which are blamed C++ runtime errors

Well, it`s not completely compatible with v1.134. I know about that and I fixed it but for more results you have to wait for next release. Also I had to remove Polished Landscape. I don`t know why but this terrain-mod make more compatible issues. Maybe the newest version will fix it.

What else...
brummiebiker wrote:
dannux49 wrote:
I played this mod about 120 days now(in the game of course)

-always same starting mission
+ Hole new combat moving! (impressive work)
+lots of new armours and weapns(makes mod always exiting)
-landscapes and buildings not changed(exept just some but not enough to look like real samurai age...)
-same old boring map
+Very mcuh thanks abaut the hole idea of mod
+The blood effects are great
-cant keep interest anymore over 70game days.

Hope u enjoyed my comment :green:
[/quotei agreed
really good mod , one of the best, just
1) u have to change enemy lords clothes
2) ninja (something oda elite warriors ) the have something strange on head/face , was normal in previous version
3) samurai swords are less sharp then ....f.e. nord swords
4) on the north still same medieval bandits /pirates/vikings doesnt matter how we can call them , sorry i dont remember
5) some armors too shiny , some of them look no good
6) too much medieval stuff in the shops

Please, stop telling me what I have to change, because I perfectly know what I want in MY mod.
- new map of Japan is ready and is in the game right now, but I have to place cities and villages in correct places.
- shinobi masks/headgear are fixed
- all lords clothes are changed to Japanese armors
- I`ve made Hall of Fame :D
- samurai weapons now are more balanced, I removed all Native stuff as well
- and many many more...

As I said you have to wait for new release, and belive me, this time will be worth of waiting :)

OK! thanks for reply, but when you say that you gonna make better release may i ask when is it finished? (i woud be great if u could tell me) is it abaut 1month ,2 maybe 3? or year O_O plz tell if u can.
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by brummiebiker on Feb 07, 2011, 07:30:12 pm
when can we expect new version of your mod ?
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by Zender19 on Feb 14, 2011, 09:04:34 pm
do you just reinstall for the new updates? :-|
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by Buddha322 on Mar 03, 2011, 01:04:44 pm
is this mod dead? because if it is then i am rly :cry: >:( :shock:
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by Conquest351 on Mar 12, 2011, 03:53:58 pm
Dude, digging the mod!!! Very VERY cool!! I'd like to play with it a little though, only for myself. Would you happen to share the Source Code with me? I promise, it'll only be for me to play with it.


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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by vorador1980 on Mar 13, 2011, 10:01:40 am
This is truly amazing work. I`ve played for a month and I like it very much. Each faction have different units but all of them have proper Japanese armors and weapons. Some of the choises at the start alos gave much benefits - expensive weapons for example. Very, very well done.
I`ve played with 1.134 versioin and the game crush very oftern. Is it possible to be fixed or I must return to 1.132?
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by JustNitro on Mar 18, 2011, 01:59:45 pm
works with v1.134?
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by Conquest351 on Mar 20, 2011, 03:55:31 pm
Works with 1.134 pretty well. I've been experiencing some pretty frequent crashes as of late though. May have to put this mod on hold until it's updated. It's friggin awesome though!!
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by billgreen13 on Apr 03, 2011, 07:07:10 pm
;P Epic Mod :-D One Thing Tho For An Update (If You Do One) When You Go To A Casttle The Flags On The Wall Are The Native One's And Maby A Few Less Native Wepons :-P But Apart From That Nothing Elce Iv Encounterd That Wasent Awsome :!: ;P

-Mind The Spelling ;P-
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 Shogun Mod v0.30.0000 (v 0.30.0000 beta)  » posted by Lulzarz on May 11, 2012, 11:18:04 am
Downloading right now :D, to bad that the downloads from the repositroy is really slow!
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