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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2007, 02:49:40 pm
First Created: Jun 21, 2006, 08:10:20 pm
File version: 0.2.2
For M&B version: .808
Downloads: 58,786 Size: 7.24 MB
Views: 62,957 Type: EXE
Rating (10 votes): 4.1 / 5.0
_A Shield Lying on the Water_ (_ASLOW_), in its current and no-story-implemented-yet form, is a re-imaginining of Mount&Blade with the character beginning in the role of a prince rather than a wandering adventurer. Towns collect taxes, produce military parties, train garrisons, and can be fought over; the PC can conquor territory, make and break alliances, and so on.

  • City-conflict system, with internal economies, party and garrison production, and attacking and conquest of towns
  • Limited diplomatic system, incorporating a generous number of factions
  • Complete new unit collection, setting, etc.
  • New/revamped weapon system, with a broader range of uses for most weaponry, particularly spears/lances -- although there are significantly fewer types, in a more CRPG-ish hierarchy (which is a fault)...
  • Town-morale system.
  • And, hopefully, the beginning of considerably more than this.

File History
Small set of fixes and re-balancings from the original.

Thu, Jun-22-2006

Town treasuries and rates of income increased, to allow more parties to be purchased and put into the field.

Player ability to get money from towns dramatically reduced, and prices for hiring soldiers from stewards increased. (Use the taverns! Credit Yoshiboy.)

Giving away towns significantly harder to do accidentally, and impossible for Baheisir. (Credit HHUK)

Incorporated Chel's horses, at his suggestion.

Cruciform swords are no longer produced by Honseli cultural influence, and two-handed swords are less common in Soltalline cities.

Sat, Jun-24-2006

Last references to Swadia and Vaegirandom (the deserter parties) removed. (Whoops.)

Tutorial messages removed, as well as Zendar and all things related to it. (Module_dialogs looks empty now...)

*Probably* fixed the problem with factions turning friendly after one of their cities was taken -- I haven't observed this myself, but I certainly believe that it could have happened.

If the PC learns to use a family of weapons (in initial chargen), he starts with appropriate equipment.

I had thought that the heavy armor of the game wasn't actually a problem, but was mostly just a function of placeholder graphics.
I hadn't fought in Sivas.
Ick. (Sivaic troops should be less tank-like now...)

Broader variety of textures for shields (I think).

Cities should produce fewer parties now.

Morale system. Attacking a city decreases morale, as do the operations of recruiters and defensive foragers; morale increases with successful raiding parties and the passage of time. Low morale leads to the appearance of bandit parties, rebels, loyalist revolutionaries, and so on.

In this version, morale is hyper-sensitive, just to demonstrate that it's there and it works; future versions will have more reasonable values -- particularly once I've figured out more-often-encountered ways of decreasing it.

Mon, Jun-26-2006

Cuirass-kantis reduced to strength level of cuirass-kasja; extravagant variety removed. Galine plate armors weakened; the main differences in varieties are now in weight and strength requirements. Feminine iron through extravagant (and ancient) armors removed.

Morale now on a significantly narrower range than the previously-planned percentile scale. Cities significantly less volatile nonetheless.

The broader varieties of appearances for horses and shields should be working now.

Rebel peasants have a broader range of armors.

Map smoothed and river crossings considerably improved.

Borcha, Four Ways Inn, and the two castles removed. (By the way, did NPC parties ever attack the castles? If so,
what happened when and if the castles ran out of troops?)

Kukri can no longer be used to stab. (Bet you didn't notice...)

Mon, Jun-26-2006

Fix of a single bug, but an epochal one. Discovered that scripts don't preserve register state -- if you've used the Official Module System, you'll comprehend why not knowing that could lead to serious trouble; if you aren't, all you really *need* to know is that it was extremely bad.

Town restocking no longer produces a deluge of error messages (driving everything off the screen indefinitely), nor does it run nearly as slowly now. Other areas of the mod, likewise, are significantly more stable.

Thu, Jun-29-2006

Comprehensive rebalancing of the internal economy and party templates. The game is now playable without cheating, and moreover, we no longer have storms of a hundred parties at a time on the map.

The map will look disconcertingly empty for the first day or two; give it time. The various border cities *will* mutually inflame each other into a state of wild panic, producing relatively large numbers of stacks, but they can't do it instantly. :)

A few other little things have been addressed, too -- see the forums for details.

Sun, Jul-02-2006

Bandits and deserters now appear, to a certain extent, regardless of morale. Also, conversations with deserters work now.

Merchants now sell food reliably.

Some new graphics incorporated -- view credits.txt.

The chest in Baheisir now works.

Wife faces improved.

Thu, Jul-13-2006

"Invasion Forces" finally function as intended, and actually attack towns! (It's ai_bhvr_track_party, by the way.) Towns can now be conquored -- but the feature isn't much balanced yet...

A few NPC allies have been implemented for the player.

Much better faces, especially for Honseli men.

NPC allies now get bonuses on victory in battle, in the manner of _The Island_ and Janus' script.

Somewhat more story and characterization in the opening game menus.

Incorporation of the Weapons Expansion (the one with the huge variety of Valentine Armories-style swords).

Tue, Jan-16-2007

Port to .808 -- my first port, and I hope I don't need to do that too terribly often...

Much better opening menus.

A few new items, and much more thorough helmets.

Some miscellaneous bugs fixed -- the player no longer disappears from time to time, for ex. -- although I seem to have introduced one with deserters. Don't try to make a treaty with them... :P

Sat, Jan-27-2007

Joining battles with cities in them no longer crashes the game.

Several cities renamed (though the kingdom of Sivas is still in need of renaming, as is Baheisir).

Recruitment of troops from stewards now limited by population concerns of a sort.

A more varied set of terrains on the map.

Many shaders improved.

A rare but massive bug in the cost for peace treaties has been fixed.
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 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water (1st engine release)  » posted by ex_ottoyuhr on Jun 21, 2006, 08:26:56 pm
Whoops... By "no new maps," I meant "no new city or location maps" -- there certainly is a new world map. Dang it.
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 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water (1st engine release)  » posted by Razorsedge1911 on Jun 22, 2006, 08:39:09 pm
Wow, is what I first said when trying out this mod for M&B When I first read the title I honestly thought this mod was another blow off, BOY was I wrong. It's not compelete and has a few bugs (Mostly missing text information , IE names sometimes still say Valiger_Patrol on World map, and old Tutorial text still appears when you enter a tavern or the castle) The new capture city system, the way they make you feel like an actual king(prince) at start up is very "feeling" experiance, This adds just that much more flavor to M&B to make me wanna play it for hours at a time. The Economic/Alliance/war system is a new concept which was brought up poorly at first by the game and a few other mod spin offs, but this Mod DEFINATELY pulls it off. With a bit of tweaking and polish, I can see this mod being a very very nice improvement over the original and may very well be a good mod in the end. I look forward to hearing from this team again!

Thanks for a Great Preview of you're work, it's simple, yet does the job well. From attacking cities to ruling your own town(s), and the tax system. Just makes the game THAT much more fun! :-D
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 Nice rules!  » posted by Eother on Jun 28, 2006, 07:22:30 pm
Wow. This mod rules. :) I have noticed an odd bug, I think. Sometimes, when I go to help my allies in a fight, they just greet me like nothing is happening. Which makes it so I can't help. Huh. Odd. Oh well. This is still an awesome mod, can't wait to see the finished version. Work faster, man!
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by Hutkija on Jul 03, 2006, 01:25:59 am
This is the kind of mod i have been waiting for. Diplomatics, government, creating and ruling an empire...(yes i play civilization games :-):-) ) What this misses is internal politics within the empire, declaring independence of the mother faction, influencing other factions relations to other factions and more ways to gain money for cities. Also, take a hint from 1066-mod. I think it is the best at the moment because the cities in it aren't copied from native. So in city attacks the enemies are really on the walls. A lot more realism.
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 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by manchu_medic on Sep 04, 2006, 10:54:05 pm
Everytime I try to run this mod the screen turns white and Mount and Blade stops responding. Any help on fixing the problem would be appreciated
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 Way To GO !  » posted by ElessarElendil on Jan 21, 2007, 10:44:13 am
Great Job !!

This is the kind of gameplay I exected out of M&B in the first place.
Can't wait for that storyline to come out.

Keep up the Excelent job.
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by Haunt on Jan 21, 2007, 09:16:57 pm
great work!! finally a descent mod worth playing
i just wanted to let you know that there is a bug.
when you are trying to join a seige you can't it just shows the army content and doesn't allow you to join nor quit out
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by KiruTheCutter on Jan 28, 2007, 10:54:28 pm
The best mod for MB... at least the best currently working for .808.

One thing I'd like to see though is some more varied swords, maybe some legendary items or something. Also, the whole tax system is cool but it's kind of difficult to see the effects of what your collectors are doing. Also, maybe some Last Days style orders to your troops would be nice... being able to ask one of your armies to follow you or attack a town would be cool.

Still, great improvements being made all the time with this mod. Keep it up.
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by xedmann on Jan 30, 2007, 09:50:05 am
Great mod for M & B.. I think the AI has improved a lot.
I just miss one really cool thing from af previous mod called story mod.
There you had a lot of different choises when you entered the arena in Zendar. It was a superp arena!!

Any chance you might be able to do the author of story mod after?? That is if you know it. :-)
I'd like to give you all the details i remember if you are interested.
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by Mithril on Dec 19, 2007, 08:01:39 pm
dude great mod how bout porting it to 0.903
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by Mithril on Dec 30, 2007, 07:14:38 pm
Prince Caspian :hammer:
IP: logged
 Re: A Shield Lying on the Water  » posted by Mightywolve on Sep 01, 2008, 11:41:15 am
why 8.0

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