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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2010, 09:18:58 am
First Created: Oct 14, 2010, 01:12:24 pm
File version: 1,06
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 1,354 (1,438) Size: 545.3 KB
Views: 5,352 (5,634) Type: TXT
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Just a few changes to the troops equipment to bring them back to my original vision for what the troops should look like (fx now the Swadian lancers all have gothic armor)

also, added two units (actually, 4 new units, 2 mercneary and 2 faction) but i wont tell you what they are :P

Just put this file in the Modules/floris mod folder and overwrite the old one (dont forget to backup the original one just in case you dont like my changes)

I still havent gone through all the units, i think i have the majority of the Rhodoks and Vaegirs left.

ps. also fixes a few minor bugs.

1.01: Heavy Gasmuli Crossbowmen now have chest armour. (thanx TheKommisar for pointing this out)
1.03: Removed all Nordic War Axes from inventory of troops since its bugged. Went over the sarranid troops again giving them more in-depth treatment (like ive done with Nords and Swadians already) using the expanded coloured armours.
1.06: Reworked all the mercenaries to give them more cultural flavor (horse archers being more eastern and so on).
Also added 2 new top-tier mercenary troops to stop all mercenary troops from coming together in just 2 top tier units.
Added a whole new "viking" line of mercenaries eminating from the sea raiders (now called vikings).
Renamed the top tier mercenary units to fit better with their new roles (also i was tired of having whole armies of "mercenary captains")
Changed Sword Sister into Shield Maiden (basing her equipment and style more on the norse style)
Added "Town Militia" and "Town Archers" to all factions (this in particular will screw with your savegames as the only way to do this was to turn some of the standard troops into town militia and town archers).
Various changes to the equipment of the different factions (as in adding more coloured variations of their armours)
Also, ive renamed Vaegir Viking Mercenaries to Vaegir Verengir Mercenaries and Nord Viking Raiders are now called Nord Drengir, to distinguish them from the new Mercenary Viking line of troops.
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